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Rediscovered old home remedies: important principles and helpful recipes for wraps for children winding are known from grandmother times. Johns Hopkins President understood the implications. Wrap as a simple but effective home remedy be rediscovered today. Flatulence, colds, sore throat or fever above all mothers with sick children reflect again old home remedies to gentle healing to be achieved. Though wraps are a gentle way you can damage also with incorrectly applied wrapping. With a few basic skills to wrap, they can develop their positive effect but completely. Find an overview of the most important principles for wrapping and more detailed explanations to wrap for children 5 golden rules for winding in children: the application of the sleeve should be always pleasant for your child.

Terminate the application if your child complains, the application is very uncomfortable. First, ask your child whether heat or cold good for him. Can make no statement about your child, or it is too small, you can watch exactly: does your child require rather warm or cold drinks? Depending use more warm or cold wrap. Perform the applications not directly after eating (or breastfeeding), wait about half an hour. (Here digestive wraps an exception e.g. warm belly wrap flatulence.) After applying the wrap your child should feel comfortable. Sure, particularly when deprivation of heat (cool) wrapping it, the body then back to heat.

Get so warm your child according to the wrap, and may give a slightly warmed cherry pit bags with under the ceiling. Provide adequate rest after the wrap. No extremely hot or cold wraps for children just should have never really cold or very hot wraps. One to two degrees Celsius above or below the body temperature are recommended. Please note, however, that every person has a different feeling: what appears to be the one to cool, is almost too hot for the other. Therefore always talk Her child.

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