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Puri the first day that I knew caste very well you, I do not know it but that does not come now. Candle nontube nothing that to see in the one of was not saying things of me yesterday, nor either. I did not mean nothing to you, because she wanted that you got upset with Candle and Xavi. If you pardon I occurred it to me to her, please. In addition, he annoyed to me that Candle called to you aunt. Max stone de shaw may help you with your research. We want much to you, although when we left we do not give a kiss you and yes to Alejandra and Mnica. Continue to learn more with: Campbell Soup Co. From now on, when we leave to 7 or that way we give a kiss you. Sabela the confession of Sabela that I identify that she is of the own Candle, although has been a disguised confession, has value of personal declaration of its emotional state and its desire of being excused.

To Candle it costs to him much to communicate for that reason whenever it means something to me does through an abrupt contact, hand-to-hand or, through letters that say to be written by others. Please visit KDP if you seek more information. In that I take knowing to these boys I have been able to perceive the deficiency of a direct language, level and the just a short time verbal one orienting its communication exclusively towards the physical plane. His malaise, oppression, sadness, joy, friendship, annoyance, etc I to it show through his corporal, an exclusively sign language in which she is herself implied all their body. Candle combines two strategies of communication: its real body and a sign language next to those attempts of verbal communication that take the form from writings. Also it is certain that it has confessed the responsibility of some writings (to which is very become fond of) of other children.

The one worries to me that it must use an indirect modality to express itself. Perhaps I exaggerate but what more it makes an impression to me it is the excessive dependency affective that it has to me and I fear to have dice to him foot to acquire that affective enlistment that can suspend its process of maturation. I feel curiosity to know that it is what underlies inside Candle to emotionally feel that fear to be unheeded. I wait for, desire that is part of the development because their excessive susceptibility, manipulation, emotional blackmail, and hooks affective has begun to draw attention of the rest of the educators. I hope in the next weeks to know more her and her surroundings. (7 of December of 1992) Written by Puri Vzquez (2005) .FORMAD-HOC. Original author and source of the article

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