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UNIVERSITY OF PRAISE TOLIMA What I have to say this look? Hopefully! Some of my colleagues have read the slight criticism that I made some time ago to the Santo Tomas University, the University of La Salle and Universidad Mayor de Cundinamarca. Since the least skilled of thinkers, but perhaps one of the most sincere. Complacency has caused me the hard work of the University of Tolima. Which areas away from the purely capitalist and consumerist, came off the prototype of a garage education. Because as I have repeated several times, most of these universities rely on the basis of a false mission and vision.

As is the case of the universities listed above. Since the purpose is based on enrichment and a broad industry monopoly. The University of Tolima is a first cousin of the National Pedagogical University and the national university. Lavishly After reviewing the academic programs of the University of Tolima, gentlemen believe students should not be inferior to that of first cousins mention the university. Another reason that prompted me to commend the fine work of this beautiful college education.

was the academic level has been my brother John Jairo Melo Naranjo. Which is developing a distance learning program. Distance programs say they are effective and have complied fully with the desire of its founders. At the national university and tell them to continue teaching after their own rights so that the state treats them with dignity and provide them with quality education. And do not handle the invisible threads of social fabric as it passes daily. You who are in the University of Tolima may show that the foregoing is consistent. Most people discredit public universities, because they have no logical reason and to the social cause. Because social cause is what runs this university. Since its academic programs cost a minimum wage. And many marginalized people can be educated. The indifferent gaze of universities that all they care about is profit. But the more you pay for a university private, the greater the re-name. Cosa crippling education and makes elitist. Blessed be the God of Israel. And bless and do not allow public universities to become assets of the tyrants of our land …. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo … … … … ….

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Have you ever forgotten the words of the native language, studying foreign? Research scientists at the University of Oregon in the U.S. indicate that people facing such a phenomenon, showing a mechanism adaptation of the brain to better memorization of new material. Scientists say that forgetting their native language is not connected with the fact that we have less to eat, and that the words of the mother tongue especially 'suppressed' by the brain as distractions in the study new language. Participants in the experiment, during the year to learn Spanish at a high level, asked for an hour to call things in Spanish. The longer the experiment lasted, the more difficult it becomes to the participants switch to his native English team of researchers. Researchers concluded that long-term naming of objects in a foreign language inhibits the rapid reproduction of the names of the same objects in their native language.

Do bilingual participants and those who have long been a good command of both languages, this phenomenon was not observed. Scientists agree that the suppression of existing knowledge in order to expedite the study of the new may look strange. However, they note that this is a very important mechanism in the early stages of language learning, where students have intentionally ignored the words in their native language and try to speak a new language. With increasing levels of proficiency This mechanism gradually turns off. International adoption also sheds some light on this question. Scientists who have studied language acquisition in children adopted by parents in the United States from other countries came to the conclusion that brought older child, quickly are learning a new language family, goes through the same stages as the child learns his native language. According to the researchers, children who are learning their native language, first spoken one word, as a rule – is a noun denoting ordinary objects.

With age, is more complex vocabulary and introduce new grammatical constructions. Scientists who have studied children adopted from China at the age of two to six years, found that they go through the same stages, using first a lot of nouns, but ignoring other grammatical forms. Similarly, at first they were saying a few words and then short monosyllabic sentences. None However, children for whom English was a second language, all these stages were much faster as a result they are easily caught up with their English speaking peers in the level of language development. All of these children as an integral part of the process occurred forgetting their native language. We are with you – not adopted children, so a complete forgetting their native language to us, fortunately, is not threatened. However, if you feel that after an hour of English with difficulty remembering Russian – do not worry – now you know that it's just your brain scrambles to make your task easier and help to learn a foreign language. And now – an interesting resource about the development of Foreign Languages: – Want to watch a video in a foreign language? Come here – video in German, French, Spanish and Italian, as well as exercises after watching. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, Sergei Vasilenko, e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Generic improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively