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It's just a person's knowledge and my thoughts so that perhaps someone learns something new, but maybe not. Should not be taken too seriously the information that's just my opinion. And as they say the master of kung fu: "All that recognize, verify, even if it means the most respected man in the world! "With the development of human civilization, people learned more and more. There was a lot of terms and explanations, theories and axioms. But as much now remains under the veil of secrecy … neotemny concept was the notion of time. With him, we meet every day, and it has become customary for us.

Every morning we wake up in time, try not to be late for work, the University of or school (Pos. garden?), after we arrive home at the same time as yesterday, and the day before (unless you consider the force majeure events), and go to bed too, at that time which are used to. It is not often a person thinks, as well this time? Writing correct definition of time is difficult, unless you use the word "time". Often, attempts lead to confusing or suggestions for links to the word "clock". In fact, so is time – is that measured in hours. In this case, the responsibility is transferred to the clock. Hours can also be defined as a device that performs perfectly identical cycles and time can be determined, considering how many cycles have passed. In today's hour counters serve themselves clock that shows the result on the display (or, with the arrows).