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Are you sure that you’re constipated? O you mean cold? The language variations even within the same language can lead to somewhat problematic situations but sometimes funny if you’re Spanish and you’re visiting Argentina, beware if consultation with a doctor by feel constipated, because it is likely that you prescribe a laxative. In Argentina, constipation means constipated belly and not cold as in Spain. Here are a few examples: arg: the seed kernels have a laxative effect. In Sumatra, pounded seeds, burned with charcoal, are applied around the navel to alleviate the constipation. ESP.: Last week caught a strong cold sore throat and much congestion. I decided to make a sauna and Turkish bath and it has done me very well.If you have time try it, I recommend it. The Real Academia Espanola defines the word constipado as: 1.

general Destemple of the body, caused by perspiration be interrupted.2 Cooling, catarrh. Sentences with the word cold: in Argentina is very common for someone to define as a stomach cold a person unable to keep a secret. Example: Did not miss a cold stomach that began to spread to the four winds the nickname of John. The most common translation for catch a cold or cold is to catch a cold. Example: We went out in the middle of the rain without a coat.

I think we will probably catch a cold. The most common translation for constipation (in the Argentine sense) is constipated. Example: If you ate more fibre you wouldn’t not get constipated. Melina @ silver original author and source of the article words