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Imagination is more important than knowledge, because this is limited while imagination is infinite Einstein. Companies denudan in the present managers with coarse knowledge of administrative science, in addition to being a good leader management, proactive, dynamic and above all creative, innovative. The characteristics of current trade scenarios show successful companies who offer products, services, which in addition to comply with international regulations, show great creativity, effectiveness of management. It is necessary, that management Venezuelan case that concerns us, step to the creativity, use is made of this and thus ensure innovations that favour to the company, not only in products, but in all that which administrative step to new systems, management processes, roles, favouring productivity. With regard to the topic Alexis Codina says, creativity specialists emphasize that all the education we received from that We are born, he intends to teach us to think, but in a rational way, i.e., sequential, logical, organized. For that they serve the paradigms, to filter what we receive, to assess what we perceive, to organize our ideas.

According to Khun the paradigm is a model perceived, or built. No matter how much truth is, but how it influences our thinking. When Galileo said that the Earth moved around the Sun, the Church fought it, because if the Earth was not at the Centre, then: neither the church nor King were in the Center. The paradigms are common, that is, recognized by many people, they act as filters, they are useful for solving problems within a limit, the paradigm. It is said that new ideas are generated with creativity, innovation means the practical use of those ideas that, in an organization may represent a new product, a new service, or a new procedure for carrying out certain activities. The school of Education Mental thereon says, that in the last decade, Gardner (1993), renowned scholar of intelligence, has defined creativity as the quality of a person to solve problems regularly, to deliver innovative products that ultimately accepted in their respective culture or ideas.For its part, Romero (1994) recognizes creativity as an original activity that produces more than one solution to a problem.Creativity means, then, original or new behavior, non-conventional, and also with a practical utility.