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Marlene Ribeiro, when telling on the characterization of the Brazilian campesinato, standes out on the relation between agriculture and industrialization, in view of the changes in the relations of work proceeding from such process, thus appearing a heterogeneidade of historical citizens inside of the agricultural areas as: wage-earning workers, diligent temporary wage-earners, integrated leaseholders, sharecroppers, producers the agroindstria and familiar producers that start to live with great agricultural companies, in way whom we cannot, to the speech of the peasant, or the agricultural worker, or of the worker of the land, to have lain a homogeneous situation (RIBEIRO, 2010). In fact, at this historical moment, the agricultural way will go to count on a plurality of forms and of relations of works, however, the fight for the access the land is a common factor to all these new forms of work relations. The question is that such changes introduced to the field, had inside modified the bases of production of the agricultural areas of Brazil, without modifying at no moment the present agrarian structure. For the opposite, the history of the land concentration increases each time more, if consolidating as an effective problem politician, salient in the constitutional conventional of 1946, in what it says respect to the concept of the social use of the land for production, defended link senator Luis Carlos You even give of the PCB. The implementation of the first plants and the devices central offices (pertaining properties the companies) that they bought the production of other supplying devices for the posterior production of the sugar goes to become serious a social problem, mainly had the expropriations (direct and indirect) of lands, parallel the exploration of the work, mainly in the northeast region. Exactly the rules constitutional that would bring the debate on the social use of the land do not go to occasion concrete effect for the agricultural workers and the poor peasants.

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When you want to translate from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and many other languages, you can find plenty of professionals who are trained and which award diplomas inyazy. In the numerical proportions of the situation from time to time varies, but the needs of the translation of this niche lacking in abundance. In this case, experts at prevailing translation into English and German. And there are languages that are not included in the list. Specialists and interpreters for such languages are always in demand, primarily because of its small quantity.

And interestingly, it is not rare or lesser used languages, and quite often used. Their number is around 10, with This especially would like to pay attention to two – Portuguese and niderlandskomu. Why are our inyazy they are neglected, we can only guess. Portuguese – the fourth most important European language. In the Romance language family, he general second just behind the Spanish. A number of communicating to the people in the world, he stands in sixth place. In addition to Portugal, he comes to the official language in Brazil and in several countries of Africa. Y Portuguese language a lot in common with Spanish, Italian and French.

A distinctive feature of the same characteristic appears very soft pronunciation, which is not usually found in a given language group. And if compare the dialects of Portuguese language, quite different Brazilian and European, especially in colloquial speech. Quite a large number of Ukrainians go to a specific time in Portugal, often in order to earn money. To facilitate the work and home life in this country, our people must know the language, even conversational, and therefore, they should learn it. It turns out that about 70% of employees who perform jobs translated from the Portuguese – are former employees who have returned to Ukraine. But there is a major pitfall, a larger number of missing higher education and literacy in Russian (Ukrainian – native) language in necessary for the transfer level. This means that the quality of translation into Portuguese will be low. If we choose the ratio of money – the cost of translation, the best solution would be – to apply to the former military translators. It is a pity that such expertise is very small. A graduate and Portuguese speakers in Ukraine in general units. Dutch, including several dialects, including Dutch, Flemish and Surinamese, the writing is a synthesis of German, English and French, but the pronunciation distinguishes it from all European languages. This is the only glitch in his study. And by regularly simplifying grammar and dissolving cases and endings, at the moment the Dutch language can be one of the lightest he called in the study. There's even a word, used by us in everyday life, which are Dutch. For example, stoel – chair and zonnedeck – umbrella. Finding a good translator in Dutch, even worse than finding a specialist in Portuguese. Since crossing the Dutch and Belgian borders are much more complicated than the Portuguese. In addition, very small percentage of people willing to leave the Netherlands of the country to go back to Ukraine. Why learn a language comes through electronic tutorials and similar programs, that is, on its own. There is another way, the truth, he little by then attempted – a language course at the embassy of the country, but all details can be found only on an individual basis by visiting that institution.

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In the reality, Geography, since its origins, treated ambient contents. As Mendona (2001): In this manner, profcua partnership between pertaining to school Geography and the education directed to the environment, demands as starting point: … the election of new paradigms that, at least, are capable not to take Man and Nature as exculpatory polar regions. adhesion to such estimated imposes in them, in result, that refuses in to see them the nature as mere source of limitless resources to the disposal of a Man-center of the world (GONALVES, 2002). The development of these ambient values in the geographic education takes the professor the possibility to transmit to educating geographically reasoning under the socioambiental boarding, from ' ' localization, of the structures, space processes e, mainly, of the causes of these elementos' ' (ALEXANDER; DIOGO, 1997). Differently of the majority of sciences, Geography in common has with the Ambient Education the concern ' ' with the degradation of the ways where the life if passa' ' (DEBESSE-ARVISET, 1974), that is, the answers of the nature to the interference human being and the results of the deep transformations carried through in the environment without previous cares, are part of studies of both (PACHECO; IT WOULD MAKE 1992). 2.2 The ambient education in the world and its repercussions in Brazil In middle of the decade of 60, the partner-ambient problems had started to echo world-wide, mobilizing diverse social groups.

In the year of 1962 the Book ' ' Silenciosa&#039 spring; ' of Rachel Carson – it alerted on the harmful effect of innumerable actions human beings on the environment, as for example, the pesticide use. (MEC, 2009) For 1968 return the Advice for Ambient Education is born, in the United kingdom. In this exactly year, appears first the alert politician, an intitled report ' ' The limits of crescimento' ' (The limits you growth), of the Cube of Rome (1968) led by Dennis L.

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BENEFITS OF CANADA FOR LIFE AND LEARNING In close proximity and similarity of some of the historical stages of economic indicators and the media is often called Canada "the younger brother of United States', although the Canadians are dissatisfied with such a comparison, considering it a European country in the Americas. And indeed, in Canada, unlike the USA, where immigrants from all tend to make Americans, rightfully exists multicultural society. In addition, unlike the United States, Canada – a very quiet country. It does not seek to dominate the world, because of what the terrorists did not molest a country of blue lakes. In Canada, low crime and high living standards and political stability. And that important – quality of life in Canada more homogeneous than the U.S. – there are few very poor and very rich, and flaunt wealth – is not accepted. Ona of the most important components of the welfare of the country is high attention to education.

In Canada, education is spent on average the same amount as in other member states 'big eight'. According to the UN on the development of education in the country of maple syrup is allocated 5.2% of GDP, which is 38.5 thousand dollars per capita. Moreover, well-funded not only receive the prestigious universities of Canada, as is done in many countries, but also ordinary state colleges. Canadian universities are fitted with classrooms and laboratories with the latest technology, equip audiences with the latest projection equipment and smart boards (interactive whiteboards), and offers students advanced research centers, an extensive library, computer classes and unlimited internet.

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Joaquin Arnbio de Andrade, who was the founder of the Missionaries Repairmen of the Heart of Jesus, was also the first director of escola.’ ‘ (P.P.P. College Heart of Jesus) Soon later the philosophy of the school, the values and mission of the school is traced, its positioning pedagogical politician and, who is bedding in the transparency, the dialogue and the respect to the cultural and ideological diversity of all the Pertaining to school Community. ‘ ‘ The pedagogical structure of the College Heart of Jesus is firmed always in the search of new ways to improve to each day the development of the school, that has 40 years, under direction of sisters, plays a good work in city of Sobral, in a continuous partnership between direction, coordination and faculty. Therefore, the involved agents demonstrate to work in favor of a project politician, pedagogical capable to supply the necessities and aspirations of the pupils in the construction of the knowledge in determined context politician, social and economic. The school is always looking for to work the knowledge in intention to transform the society, for this, also depends on the educative custom of the educator, who, in the pedagogical meetings, learns to offer conditions so that educating if becomes independent, critical, conscientious, exempts, responsible with the world, with the individual and social life, although the innumerable difficulties found in each reality in particle.

One of the objectives of the P.D.E of the school if return for the question of the action and reflection of education. In fact, it is observvel in day-by-day of the school the presence of the teaching action of necessary form, providing half of reflections of social, cultural and economic context, contributing for the development of the critical conscience of educating, searching a change in the social reality in development. The Regiment the pertaining to school institution of the period of training favors some constructive aspects for the education of quality, also the approach of the collective work, as articulador of the diverse segments of the pertaining to school community, in order to support the action of the school around the exercise of cidadania.

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It is common, for example, to observe the construction of a wooden gate rectangular square or with a diagonal constraint, inspired in the Theorem of Pitgoras concomitantly with the rigidity of a plain figure so known and present, in roofs, metallic cupolas of churches, structures, the triangle. Tunnels that are below of highways moved for an intense flow of vehicles, inspired by its format ‘ ‘ oval’ ‘ that also they offer to greater resistance. If the mathematics inspires the humanity with the proper natural forms, then because not to understand? The great challenge in this new millenium is as to mediate the mathematical knowledge to the students of basic education until the conclusion of average education. If the creativity of a young student cannot disdain in the learning of so feared and mystified it disciplines.

Thus, when a young student instead of adding an amount of equal parcels readily presents the product of a multiplication, this is reason to disdain its reasoning? One of the great gargalos of a solid learning of the mathematical knowledge can be in the basic formation that involves the elementary operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, involution and radiciao. The concept to add is opposing of the remaining portion, of the parcel is the opposite of the quotient. Then, which the difficulty? The applied external evaluations in the public schools in Brazil come showing the biggest difficulties of the students with the incapacity to correctly interpret the statement of a mathematical question in this modality of education. The reading of a current daily situation many times takes the student to have a cruel doubt of interpretation. I must add or deduct? To multiply or to divide? When one content of the mathematics is considered with a good conceptualization to the construction of the knowledge is facilitated for a good agreement of its application.

Perhaps a trimmed reading of each conjunct or text of a mathematical problem considered by the mediator of the knowledge facilitates to the process, grifando the words keys making with that the pupil perceives some important data in the resolution of the situation and the questioning that is atrelado to this. The act to know to make mechanically a mathematical algorithm does not guarantee an efficient application in the resolution of a problem. Where a student is to the guarantee that whom she knows to decide fifty equations of 2 more than degree in a list of bimonthly exercise and knows to calculate the dimensions of a rectangle of dimensions (x+3) m for (x+2) m with 28 area of m2? The habit of the reading must be developed from the moment where a child all passes to be alfabetizada facilitating in its pertaining to school passage a constant search for the agreement of most complex situations that a simple application requires extending. A great quandary in the mathematical literal understanding clearly is displayed by the habit not to read, the fondness to make mechanically without having the pleasure to more read since an only time the four times or, being necessary the real understanding. The idea to join is paradoxical the idea to complete! Then, where it is the difficulty?