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In order for your child to confidently navigate the outside world, he should be able to distinguish objects on various grounds, including on the form. From early childhood, surrounded by a lot of baby items. Some of them are the same shape, the other – different. To read more click here: Gerald Weissmann, MD. In each age period the perception of children forms the subject has its own characteristics. Up to three years, children associated with a specific form attribute object. At the same kids perceive geometric figures as ordinary objects and give them the names of familiar objects for which these figures are similar. For example, a triangular prism are called roof house.

Up to three years, children are able to distinguish the sample only contrasting form of geometric shapes. At this age, children should be given the opportunity to perform different actions with the objects according to their form. It is necessary to offer kids a variety of games and exercises: “Rent a ball,” “Build a tower,” “Show me the same figure,” “Wonderful bag,” “Every figure – in his house.” Useful and fun for kids are playing with the details of construction and geometric design mosaic. In all these games, the child explores the geometric shapes tactile-motor way, building towers out of shape or to ride them, puts the figure at one another, put beside compares. Thus the child slowly learns the characteristics of geometric shapes. Children start wondering what the name of one or another figure.

Therefore, the adults in the course of these games should gently be called “names” of geometric shapes. To this end, the first stage should be used as usual for the children the names of objects (eg, “egg”) and common geometric terms (“ovaloid”). Moreover, the usual name must be “invented” by the child rather than imposed upon him adults. Children do not need to repeat the geometric terms for adults.

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We were in process of redemocratizao of Brazil when I entered myself the law school. The year was 1985 and had assumed the presidency of the republic vice Jose Sarney, in reason of the death of Tancredo Snows, that the indirect election in the National Congress wins, defeating the candidate of the military dictatorship Pablo Maluf. The fight to frequentar the college was hard. The road between Mantenpolis and Pancas age of soil and bus of the Pretti Means of transportation taken up to three hours to cover the stretch. In as the year, 1986, the road was tarred, improving a little the situation. Gerald Weissmann, MD is actively involved in the matter. The city of Mantenpolis gave to an aid supplying a Kombi stops carrying in them to Colatina. The capacity capacity is of 10 people. For the old FADIC they followed the Ione pupils Keys, Elizabete de Paula, Edmar Dos Reis, Gilson Vilaa and I.

The students who frequentavam facultieses FAFIC/FACEC were Sueli Benisio, Silvia Amaral, Meirilene Arantes and Vnia de Souza. Although the fatigue the trips were very glad, with cantorias for all the taste. At the time music sertaneja was in the crest of the wave. Chitaozinho and Xororo, Mining and Martian Joo, Hard Stop Trio, Milionrio and Rich Jose more than vendiam a million of album per year. The young can not believe plus who vendia LP was Loved Baptist, losing only for Roberto Carlos. This, called king, lost breath in recent years, but they is esteem that already it vendeu about 100.000.000 of records.

The sung songs more in the Kombi of the students were wire of hair, dumb telephone, still yesterday cried of homesickness, details, emotions, etc. We vibrate with the crossed plan and we frustramos in them when the inflation came back galopante. The subjects related to the constitucional laws were recurrent.

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How to prepare your child for a foreign school? If you choose a school in Europe, North America or Oceania, rest assured that your child will receive sought after worldwide education and quality of which does not cause censures. Surely this decision was not easy to you – because you'll have to part with the child of a rather long period of time. Believe me, he, too, can be difficult. If your son or daughter for the first time going abroad to study, then they must be as should prepare for this. What measures should be taken? 1. it is desirable to send the child for long training programs abroad, write it on the short-term language courses. Well, if the courses will be held in the same country where he will learn in school.

Firstly, because it can markedly 'pull' language and pre overcome the language barrier. Continue to learn more with: film director. Secondly, he met with the country, will learn to monitor themselves and their belongings. Location, people and even the food become accustomed to it and will avoid 'culture shock' during high school. 2. try to prepare the child psychologically. Talk to him 'a heart to heart' and explain that even if he will face any difficulties in school (in training or in everyday life), he should not have to overcome them alone. The school has a special people, which are designed to help foreign students adjust.

Provide the child with all necessary phones (School management, trustees, friends in another country, if any), and try to rehearse with him, in what situation, and to whom he will call. 3. separation benefit. Explain that separation from parents it will only favor. He will become an autonomous and largely independent from mom and dad (because it certainly seems that you have it too 'control' house). Also, show him pictures, videos, films about the country, where his school. When arises curiosity and interest, all the fears evaporate immediately. 4. You can also call to the school, teachers, while still at home. After the conversation, usually recent fears (if any) are.

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The education system in Ireland is considered one of the best in Europe and is recognized by the MEC and therefore the recognition of studies is no problem. If this is combined with the character of the Irishmen like ours and proximity (there are plenty of flights and last just over two hours), Ireland becomes the ideal destination for ESO and Bachillerato study in Ireland. Students can choose to boarding or day schools as mixed or girls only or boys, private or public, religious or secular. At the end of this course is validated by. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gerald Weissmann, MD. All schools have an excellent school program, with which the student is able to encourage the practice of language at a time that serves as entertainment (sports, drama, musicaa .) At school there is a tutor help you with everything you need.

In addition, our local coordinator maintains close contact with students and will always be available. a l will also oversee your school integration and performance. Staying in an Irish family, Irish families are very hospitable and are very used to getting students into their homes. DATES September to June. Learn more about this with Gerald Weissmann, MD. You can make 1, 2 or 3 quarters. Validation The education system is recognized by the MEC. In the following table we present the equivalence between the Spanish education system and the Irish. 1U ESO – 1st year (Junior Cycle) ESO 2U – 2U years (Junior Cycle) 3U ESO – 3rd year (Junior Cycle) Junior Certificate ESO 4U – 4U years (Transition) / 5U year (Senior Cycle) 1U High School – 5U year / 6U year (Senior Cycle) 2U High School – 6U year (Senior Cycle) Leaving Certificate

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Due to the large distance between Saturn and the Sun, the solar panels were not sufficient to provide electricity to the ship on arrival at their destination. Save money on your energy bills with an alternative energy supplier. To achieve this should have been too big and heavy. Thus, Cassini is powered by three RTG (radioisotope thermoelectric generators), which generate electricity from the natural decay of plutonium. At the end of his period of service (eleven years) will con edison be even capable of generating 628 watts of energy. This has generated protests from advocacy groups for the environment, some physical (the most notable M. Kaku) and even former members of NASA, despite claims by the American Space Agency that the risk of nuc

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Our life is always hectic. More rapidly, we must always achieve more overtime in the company, traffic jam on the way home, after that the budget or even a second job. Always according to the principle, faster, better, more efficient! Because our health is inevitably on the track. But why should we not the same principle applied to our home Why should not we improve our homes so that we can recover the best there Our home can be a place to sleep, or feel a habitat in which we find ourselves. It’s not so hard, just get it done. We can live with our environment or against them. Both will probably work, but living with it is much easier and better for our health. These are perhaps less important, again like our ancestors living in wooden huts or caves, because that is natural. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David G. DeWalt. Much more important is to combine our modern urban life with our natural needs. Thus, we can create an environment that maximum naturalness witha maximum of comfort. We achieved either by “trial and error” method, by transforming until we do our home. Even at the risk that we will never reach the optimum throw a lot of money out the window and enable our partners in times of stress. Or let it go to a professional and use a method that belongs in Asia or the U.S. for a long time to normal life, ie Feng Shui. The Munich-based Feng Shui consultant Gerhard Zirkel said: “Usually there are only a few trifles that transform a room into a living space.” The best way to incorporate Feng Shui is the same in the planning of a house with. For a home has the right structure and can best implement the energy of the environment, you can not do this anymore with the creation of many mistakes. But already inhabited houses or apartments can usually be optimized with a few small measures. And without Asian Dekogegenstnde, smoking or esoteric. Feng shui works with any body style and is not limitedon the distribution of magical objects or the setting up of as many lights. More on this, call direkt.de or blog.eu Gerhard-shui compass, feng shui consultant for the classical

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Leather interior – the dream of many car owners. (As opposed to David G. DeWalt). Leather interior gives solidity to the vehicle, picking up and the car itself, and its owner to a higher level of prestige and comfort. But what if the car comes with tissue compartment, or standard factory interior does not suit my shape or color, or favorite sitting room and there were cracks? In this case, you need hauling salon skin, and this should apply to avtoatele. Virtually everyone, except the fans, first and foremost, interested in price: leather interior – is a leather shop, and putting bottles of beer here is not enough. But despite this, avtoatele have ample opportunities for to reduce cost without compromising the quality of the leather interior. One of these features – production casing seat is not completely out of the skin, and partly from the automotive leather substitute. Of course, if the customer wants used as material 100% leather, this is exactly what the studio and do it.

And in avtoatele do it better than the factory. The quality of leather is very uneven: there are all sorts of "bit", crinkle, inguinal area, and if the factory automation chop everything, then avtoatele each piece of skin will be sorted out, and the most prominent place of the seat will go to the best skin, but on the side and rear sections will be used the rest of the skin. That's it on the back and side parts, to save car owners money, and use leatherette. The quantity of leather can be reduced by up to 30% when the leather is used only at the central seat inserts. Therefore, only by varying the leather in the seat can be substantially reduced its cost. Incidentally, it is necessary to digress about a leather substitute.

In Currently, automotive leather substitute has nothing to do with the cold and dereveneyuschim lipnuschim to the body in the heat rough leatherette. Modern leather substitute a very high quality, it is difficult to distinguish from leather, and many owners of bmw X5 and the audi Q7 ride on seats made of artificial leather. Therefore, if you have the desire to make a good leather shop, and money, as always "slightly" is not enough, you may use leather substitute will just be exiting. Another possibility – is to use a different skin. Of course, you can go to the proven way – to choose imported European leather, for example imola. And you can use skin Russian manufacturers, manufactured in the maquiladoras, which are often superior to widely promoted brand, and is significantly cheaper. But what kind of skin you should use, and what a couple of years, lose shape and color – are known in avtoatele. So put yourself leather interior – it's more than real.

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For example, for cars, travel to the eu, the price policy for 15 days will be 1,288 rubles, a year – 11,7 million rubles. Previously, to enter, for example, in Scandinavia, prices were as follows: 722 rubles for 15 days and 6 thousand rubles a year. High cost insurers explain that they were not allowed to beat prices for Europe, depending on the loss. There are pluses and – in case of accident. Ceychas amount of 240,000 is available for each victim at harming the lives and health. Option to ‘green card’ is to receive a much higher amount of compensation. So far, the amount payments determined in each country, but after a year of minimum compensation to foreigners and our catch up and will be 1 million euros for one person, injured in a traffic accident, or eur 5 million for any number of participants. And more: for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova have developed separate, lower rates.

Fleet of vehicles in these three countries is much cheaper than in Europe. Price 15-day stay in these countries is only 440 rubles, and Annual – 2826. Previously, entering, for example, in Ukraine for 15 days, car owner had to buy at the border policy for 1000. New policies should be on sale during the period from 15-20 December and beginning of the year will be sold simultaneously with the old. As a result, those traveling to Europe is now cheaper to buy a foreign policy that its action begins in the year.

Insurers in connection with the introduction of ‘Green Card’ expect the problem: not yet printed form of agreement of a new sample. Plus possible interruptions due to ‘long weekend’. For example, five years ago, when injected osago, motorists are faced with queues and the lack of stickers. By the way, insurers are still not yet know how to act in case of an accident in a foreign territory, that is what will be the system of payments between countries. Crisis and reform, as experts fear, will not survive a number of small insurers, as well as – those are too focused on car insurance. What to do if you suspect that your insurer is on the verge of ” can act as: rent a car with registration and sell it yourself (it’s legal), – said the lawyer, Alexander Sazonov. – And then formalize policies osago and casco insurance company that you feel more secure. ” What innovations are waiting for the insured cmtpl from March 1, ‘the simplification of the accident. ‘Unwarranted’ design is possible if Participants crash (there should be no more than two), agree that the damages do not exceed 25 thousand rubles. And, of course, if no one was hurt. In this case, the traffic police inspector at the scene of the accident can not be invoked. To receive money on insurance require notice of an accident – a certificate from the traffic police you do not ask. Direct damages. Insured citizens will apply for payment to that company that bought the policy. ‘Own’ the insurer will pay damages to the client and only then will charge money from colleagues who blame hedge accident.

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Who is our frantic pace of life allowing you to spend time training in a driving school? A couple of months long training, followed by inevitable meeting with the representative of sai. And it is not the fact that this meeting will end in your advantage: the first time managed to pass the exam is not for everyone. The prospect of so-so, agree? But what if you're good to drive, but no driver's license so far? Because many of the fathers taught us to treat even when the machine we were small, seating to his knees and giving a 'steer'. As soon as we grew up dad transplanted to a nearby chair, and we kept trying to drive somewhere on remote police post sections of the road or in the field. Therefore, having a car to perfection, you can not have official confirmation of this. In this case, the solution will be a wonderful option to buy a driver's license. Fortunately, these days make it easy: formalize 'their relationship' with your favorite car can be just one week. It is curious that the cost to buy the rights you will be much cheaper to learn in school: the average price – 30 thousand rubles (note: do not bribe included!), while the purchase cost of the document somewhere in the 20 000.

It is worth emphasizing that you will save not only finances but also time, which in our times is expensive. After two or three months on the gatherings 'for party' in School future motorists or give the documents for registration and a week later to get a driver's license – you decide. It must be stressed that these days it is easy to not only get a driver's license, but restore the existing ones. Reasons why you can lose them – a lot (thanks to a set of rules, which in recent times are so fond of 'perfect' representatives in our legislature). But even though it is, you know – you can always return them. Acquiring a driver's license issued to you following a series of documents: 1.

Driver's license 2. Certificate driving school 3. Driver card. With regard to all possible categories (A, B, C, D), then there is no problem – today it is possible in a short order to obtain a permit for any of them. So you've decided to go attend a driving school or for a week and less money to get right? If you make the best solution, then you will need to submit the following documents: 1. Photograph of the main pivot of the passport 2. Photo page of passport with residence permit 3. Color photograph, 4. A sample of your signature. It is worth emphasizing that This option is not required to spend time on the passage of honey. Commission to gather all the necessary documents for your mental sanity and physical health. Today you can get right, not only in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but also in many other Russian cities. The service seemed to only large cities, has acquired the rapid spread and reached the cities with low and average population. So if you are a resident of one of these places, then you have a great opportunity to acquire a driver's license for a few days! Good luck on the road!

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Getting a job is not only about their performance in an interview. The interview after track of what we do has a critical role in a successful job hunt. Here's how to do it effectively. On the day of the interview or at most the next day, send a thank you note to each interviewer. Besides that he is willing to accept the job, mention two or three of your strengths or skills that are directly relevant to the position.

During the interview, you should know what time you plan to have a person in his place. Ask: "What time do you expect to make a decision?" That will give you an idea about how much time is involved. Schedule your follow-up based on this information. If the interviewer says he will make a decision within two to three months, does not make sense to monitor daily or weekly. Keep in mind common sense. If you were the interviewer, you would like to receive three calls a day from a candidate? Surely it will not. On the other hand, do not go overboard and not followed for any month.

Follow up with the right person. That means, talk to the decision-making. If you are following someone who has little influence on the hiring decision, you're wasting your time. Think about the type of work and the organization of orientation. "The aggression of the demand for employment and enterprise? If so, it may actually be necessary to monitor persistent way before I am extended a job offer. Never sound passive or disinterested in following up. Do not say: "I'm calling to see if they have taken a decision" Draft proactive by asking something like "I'd like to let you know that I am very interested in the job. Is there anything I can do to help with your decision? "After a while, step back and see if the track is going to the point of absurdity. If you have continued for months without results, it may be time to cut loose and move on to other opportunities. Consider faxing polite but firm, saying it must have an answer either way so you can pursue other opportunities. And you appreciate an email or phone call to let you know what your position. If you have been rejected, make a conscious effort not to take it personally. Hiring someone for a job that involves many variables and can not control them. Instead, consider doing this. If you have developed a good relationship with an interview, call and ask if he or she would be willing to share the reasons that were not selected. I do not always tell. But sometimes, are willing to give the real reasons. And the feedback can be useful for you in your job search. Learn from them and move on. Mary Brent is an expert on job interviews and careers. His numerous articles provide value, ways of writing effective and much more.