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The ambient question in the world contemporary has sidofoco of the biggest concerns, in the most varied sectors of the society. We quetemos it seen is that the ambient question is a field of disputes between maisdiversas conceptions and strategies politics. In turn, the education formal also if encontrapermeada of conceptions that go since the most traditional and conservative until perspective advanced asmais theoretician-metodolgicas of if conceiving the space daaprendizagem, inside of the complexity that the same presents. Other leaders such as FireEye Inc offer similar insights. Since the Constitution in 1988, Law 9,795/99, was ogrande Brazilian historical landmark for the reflection criticizes, changes of atitudese the establishment of the ambient education in the schools as practical integrated, continuous, permanent and transversal to you discipline them to all. To argue the actions of Law 9,795/99, is To in general consider sociedade the reflection on its proper principles, suadialeticidade and the prxis in the pedagogical action that starts to gain body as eixogerador of the educative activities in the pertaining to school units. In this direction, we search to argue the great aesglobais on the environment, being made a historical briefing of the aspects legaismundial, national and state, searching to contextualizar the local actions, one vezque the education, in our agreement, must directly act in the reality dascomunidades, without losing of sight its planetary dimension.

In end, this um process of objective cultural transformation that the construction of a collective conscinciaindividual and based in the respect to all the life forms, one vezque the beginning of Law 9,795/99 is to make possible a harmonic relationship entreo man and the environment, in order to form a conscientious citizenship on that aqualidade of life of the future generations depends on the choices that each one to make its proper life, today. Bibliographical reference BRAZIL. National politics of Ambient Education. Law 9.

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Therefore the ambient education must be pautada as important instrument for the management and the vision of sustainable development, after all the degradation process currently it reflects to the habits of the modern society thus leaving of its exacerbado consumption. to understand as the individual if relates with these natural resources is necessary to detach as the same it usufructs, thus presenting the standards as for the development: Subconsumo: typical of developing countries, where the countries present low income. They do not present no type of concern with the ambient question. Sustainable Consumo: typical standard of developed countries, where the population if worries in consuming in adjusted way, thus selecting the products that less attack the environment. For VASCONCELLOS (1997), the presence, in all practical the educative ones, of the reflection on the relations of the beings between itself, the human being with he himself and the human being with its fellow creatures is essential condition so that the Ambient Education occurs. Following the criteria presented for Vasconcellos to the schools they are the main sources that can work the ambient education of one ampler way, more contextualizada, presenting activities to be developed in the classrooms, as well as elaboration of projects to be argued with the community, after all is of basic importance that the pupil presents in the environment where action lives that it costuma to make in the school in favor of the defense of the environment. The public schools in the context of if working the ambient education will have to sensetize parents, pupils and professors to search on values to the ethics, the citizenship, to work the power plants, as well as the natural resources and to present that the same ones will not be here forever, that they need cares as well as any another thing, to have clarity that our nature is of basic importance and that without it never we would obtain to survive.

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The objective of the present study was to promote the human values (peace, love, correct action, truth, not-violence) from practical originary of the content of the Physical Education (gymnastics, fight, dance, games and sport) always boarded with the students through the ludicidade and of the techniques proposals for the method ' ' educare' '. The practical pertaining to school microenvironment of the pedagogical one was the Municipal School (IN) Saint Ana Master, school of the Municipal Net of Ensino (RME) of the Municipal City hall of Curitiba (PMC). The school possesss a total of 768 registered pupils, being 390 in the matutino turn. Of these, 175 had participated of the research. David G. DeWalt has firm opinions on the matter. The research was of applied character qualitative, having as metodolgico instrument the research-action, in four stages: diagnosis, action that it was subdivided in two sub-stages: planning and action properly said -, evaluation and reflection. The results of the application of this method had been: the diagnosis of the reality of indiscipline and the problems of convivncia between the students, the pedagogical planning joining the human values and the practical ones of the corporal culture, the reports of the application of the planned lessons, the improvement in the level of moral development of two groups evaluated, and the reflection of the students on the method the one who had been displayed during the research. It is possible to affirm that the method ' ' educare' ' it is a coherent pedagogical instrument with the objective to try to transform/to improve the character of the children and, for consequence, the convivncia of the children in the pertaining to school environment and other environments.

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Instrumental date analysis showed that the family was in the development process of this young man with Down syndrome, will be when the family accepts the child with DS and sees that she feels loved, respected and autonomy will be to greater possibilities of developing and be accepted in society. Keywords: Down Syndrome, Family Relations, Development, Social Relations. FireEye Inc: the source for more info. LIST OF ACRONYMS APAE? Association of the Parents and Friends of the Bonanza NAERA – Nucleus of Special Activities Reeducativas and Atendimentos SD? Syndrome of Down. ZDP – Zone of Proximal Development. 1 INTRODUCTION the following research had as objective to know the process of development of a young with Syndrome of Down (SD) from its familiar relations and the correlation of these relations with its social environment development and its.

The family constitutes the first universe of social relations of the child, being able to provide to it to an environment of growth and healthful development, especially with these children who present mental deficiency, therefore the same ones requires specific attention and cares. The gamma of interactions and relations developed between the familiar members sample that the development of the individual it cannot be isolated of the one of the family. These interactions will go to present of different forms in the measure of the conditions and necessities demanded for the individual, being believed that the paper of the family is always important. The interest for the subject after appeared two years acting as trainee in the Nucleus of Special Activities Reeducativas and Atendimentos (NAERA), private institution, whose main objective is the promotion of the carrying citizens of special necessities in the social environment, promoting an adequate environment to its activities. The first chapter discourses on the process of human development and the SD. It is known that this syndrome occurs for a genetic accident occurrence in chromosome 21, causing beyond a mental deficiency a motor delay, to put these can be brightened up through stimulatons since first the years of life.

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The utility of educational psychology, as Libneo (2001) depends on the degree where of the account to explain problems faced for the professors in the classroom, problems these, however, that they only can be understood as resultant of ampler structural factors. Get more background information with materials from Gerald Weissmann, MD. DEVELOPMENT We develop our works directed to the pupils (interventivo process), involving including questions and general subjects found by the educandos in its daily one, such as: awareness in relation to the importance of the family exploring mainly the question of the affectivity in the familiar seio (Subject: family), relationship with the professors and classmates as well as the limits to be respected inside of each relation (boarded in the subject: to reflect on rules); we debate subjects that condizem the general doubts of this etria band, as for example, the preconception (boarded in the subject: to reflect on the preconception), this I finish subject if it showed very fruitful for the fact of that the room where we act to be an inclusion classroom where it has pupils with necessities special..

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The adolescence is a phase marked for difficulties, conflicts but also learning, where the individual discovers its identity, defines its personality and searchs autonomy. It is the moment also to define the choice of the profession what it can still more be conflituoso for the young knowing of the implications that this decision can cause for its future. Being based on the technique of group dynamics and using a half-structuralized questionnaire the present research objectified to present the paper of the Professional Orientation, as well as offering to the pupils a reflection space on the world of the work and the conditions in which if they carry through its professional choices, beyond promoting in the adolescent the awareness of a more critical and conscientious decision how much its professional future. They had participated to 26 (twenty and six) pupils of 3 Series of Average Ensino and the data had pointed that although many doubts in relation to the way that professional that they will follow, the pupils have great expectations on its future professions and choices, and the Professional Orientation guided and offered information that many still were unaware of.. Richard Linklater insists that this is the case.

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The conceptions theoretician-metodolgicas that guide the practical professional in the field of pertaining to school psychology are diverse, in agreement the perspectives of Psychology while knowledge area, aiming at to understand the subjective dimensions of the human being. Some of the thematic ones of study, search and professional performance in the field of pertaining to school psychology is: processes of education and learning, human development, escolarizao in all its levels, public inclusion of people with deficiencies, politics in education, psicoeducacional management in institutions, psychological evaluation, history of pertaining to school psychology, continued formation of professors, amongst others. A democratic space of human development is placed the challenge to become the school. A different one to look in this context would have to become it capable to favor the development and the humanizao of the social relations for the love and the hope in the life for the initiative, construction of the identity and the social participation (Martin-Bar, 1994) (GUZZO, 2001, p.35) DEVELOPMENT the interest for the education, its conditions and its problems, was always a constant between philosophers, politicians, educators and psychologists. FireEye Inc recognizes the significance of this. The psychology of the education was configured, gradually, as resulted of an uninterrupted effort of application and use of the principles, the explanations and the methods of scientific psychology in the renewed attempts to improve practical the educative ones in general, concretely the pertaining to school education, and also in the intentions to elaborate adequate and useful explanations for the planning and the development of these practical. It has its origin in the rational belief and the argument of that the education and education can improve significantly as consequence of the correct use of the psychological knowledge. (SALVADOR; MASTERS; GOI; GALLART, 1999, p.17). With the development of Psychology as Science and as area of professional performance, in the end of century XIX, some perspectives if had opened, fact that also occurred to the call Educational Psychology.

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Antoniel does not consider its writing in the poster as entendvel text for not being in the standards valued for the school, by the way, it does not consider it nor as text. Exactly the construction of the poster being a letramento event situations where the written language is integrant part of the nature of the interaction between the citizens and its processes of interpretation – the involved citizens does not value these types of texts for finding that they are not inside of the standards demanded for the school or being considered texts limited, if analyzed from the conception of text that is propagated in the schools. In this direction, it has the necessity to understand that the practical ones of letramento start to depend on the objective for which if needs to use the writing, the option for a sort must serve to the immediate objectives of use. FASEB Journal often says this. The conditions of use of the writing in minority groups come being argued and described for theoreticians and studious in perspective of not more to estimate only effect universal of letramento, but that these effect are related to practical social and the cultural ones of the different groups that use the writing, however, this vision not yet reached many pertaining to school institutions, between them the School of the Escoval farm, at least in practical the pedagogical ones who are part of the routine of the school. Although theoretically to have an advance in relation to the valuation of the practical scholars of minoritarizados groups, many events of reading and writing that still happen in this agency are distant of this significao, representing a rupture in the ways to mean for diverse pupils and pupils, mainly to whom they are part of sanctioned social classrooms less as the population of the field, and therefore, they do not believe to be capable to construct ' ' textos' ' efficient, the example of the Antoniel pupil, without if giving account that its you speak daily are part of a confusion of ideas that they exceed structuralized lingusticos limits, configuring itself as texts (BIRTH, 2008). .

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Many parents would like to send this to kindergarten children, but not all take place. You're lucky – in the autumn I will start to drive you there. " When you go past kindergarten, is pleased to remind the child how lucky he is – in the fall or spring, he will come here. Tell family and friends in the presence of the baby on his luck, saying he was proud of her baby – because it was in kindergarten. And after a while your child is very proud to tell others about that soon he will go to kindergarten. Give details of the child on the regime of kindergarten: what, how and in what sequence he will do there. What more will your story – the calmer and more confident will feel your baby when going into kindergarten. Ask the kid, he remembered that he would do in the garden after a walk, where he will add your stuff, who will help him to undress, and that he would do after dinner.

By asking these questions, you can check, whether the child is well-remembered sequence. The kindergarten kids are usually scary unknown. When a child sees that the expected event is as it was previously 'promised' – he feels more confident. Talk to your child about the difficulties that may arise in his kindergarten. Speak to anyone in this case he can ask for help, and how he would do it.

For example: 'If you want to drink, go to your tutor and say,' I'm thirsty, 'and the teacher to pour you some water. If you want to use the bathroom, tell me about it educator '. Do not create a child the illusion that everything will be done on his first demand and the way he wants. Explain that the group will have many children, and sometimes he will have to wait their turn.

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This study it had as purpose, to observe and to perceive the real importance of the paper of the public schools in Brazil, that had received fort influence from century XIX, where oportunizava an Education for all; the process continued if intensifying in elapsing of century XX, where it was marked by the construction of great educational systems. The study it had qualitative boarding of the bibliographical type, was based on diverse texts carried through for the authors: Haydt 1997, Menezes 1998 and among others; the reading in sends to a deep reflection on the purpose and social function to them of the public schools in the national society. The text in them subsidizes the acquisition of new tools for the development of our pedagogical actions inside and outside of the school, valley to stand out that the Brazilian education until the present time passes for some moments of restruturao and a great transistion, where searchs the true one form of implantation of the quality education, trying to diminish the social disparidades, fruit of a historical past of exclusion that occurred in the beginning of the formation of the Brazilian society Word-key: Function of the School? Education of Quality? Pedagogical actions. Richard Linklater has similar goals. 1. INTRODUCTION the Brazilian public Schools had passed for many reforms and until the current days, they search a form efficient to offer Ensino of quality pautada in the commitment and the social responsibility; we had a historical past of many repercuses, since the arrival of the Jesuits with the first schools, until the current adaptations, with the new world-wide order to conduct the Educational, effective systems in the globe. Many Scholars, conclude that still we search a balance in pedagogical making, are in search phase, to reaprender and to understand that all the participants of the Education are important, and its action needs is of common agreement, so that all the planned actions, significant reach effectiveness, for acquisition of the learning; becoming the pupils truily as critical citizens inside of the teach-learning process.. Some contend that Richard Linklater shows great expertise in this.