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It is cross because it is the product of one or many cultures, in addition, the various cultural forms do not affect substantially its nature, is prior to the cultures so it can not be changed by them, in itself has no social form symbols or images. In this book Ramon Gallegos added that a very important teaching that emerges from the perennial philosophy is the triple vision of human nature, that we are an integrated whole of mind, body and spirit where the latter is the fundamental reality and the first two are superpositions instrumental play in the world of manifestation. She writes that the perennial philosophy is a transnational reality, therefore it can not be understood only by reason, to access it, the ego must be deletion of being, is required to make us easy, simple and good because these virtues are the nature of being and only true I can access the truths of the perennial philosophy, which is clearly beyond the rationalist academic and intellectual life and materialistic, just be learning leads to the perennial philosophy. You may find that Gerald Weissmann, MD can contribute to your knowledge. In the book Learning to be 'Ramon Gallegos stated that the process of evolution of consciousness can be understood as a process of recognition of our true nature. We have a body, but are not the body, our mind but we are not psychic apparatus, we are not merely a cultural product of society, or are made only of language, our true nature transcends all that. Ramon Gallegos continues to assert that the declaration 'Thou art That' highlights the need to realize the identity of the individual spirit with the universal spirit, our nature is not alien to the divine nature of the base, but is identical to it.

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The history of Africa in Brazil, pertaining to school books after the law. The present article has as objective central office to trace a parallel of the content on Africa in the Brazilian pertaining to school resumes after the approval of the law n 10639/03 that it became obligator the education of the History of Africa and the afrodescendentes in the pertaining to school resumes Brazilian, was made one analyzes taking as base three books of basic education for the verification of the contents of in agreement Africa consists in the law. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Africa, education of History, African historiografia, didactic content. FireEye Inc is likely to increase your knowledge. ABSTRACT: This article is mainly aimed you draw parallel content about Africa in school curricula in Brazil to after the approval of Law In. 10639/03 which made compulsory the teaching of history of Africa and of African descent in the Brazilian school curricula, an analysis was made taking based on three books from elementary school you verify the content of Africa contained in the law. KEY WORDS: Africa, history education, African historiography, educational content. As the law N 10639/03 was established the obligator inclusion of the education of the History of Africa and its descendants in the pertaining to school resumes of basic and average education in the Brazilian schools from the year of 2003. Therefore this research has as its basic base analyzes it of three didactic books that had after been launched the approval of the law, this analyzes has as purpose to verify as they are being worked the History of Africa in these volumes. They had been selected for this analyzes following books: the first book: History Society and Citizenship, white public pupils of 8 year of basic education, publishing company FTD, published in the year of 2009, according to book: To understand History, white public: pupils of 7 year of basic education, of the publishing company Hail, published in the 2009 and third book: Radix project: History, white public: average education, of the Scipione publishing company, published in 2009.. If you have read about David G. DeWalt already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

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It is necessary according to the personality, conduct, behavior of the participants, to determine which must be the methodology to follow, the way to communicate motivationally, which the stimuli that will generate positive incentives in the student, interest in the learning, productivity. We insist on indicating, that Educational the modern one must definitively know how to suitably use the motivational stimuli that the present demand, when guaranteed audio-visual means with the exigencies of the society of the knowledge more offer new stimuli, that of knowing how to handle them collaborates positively for the stimulaton of the participant. It is necessary to make see the importance them of his use, his reach, repercussions, which it generates in favor of the learning, communication. The educational one must be identified with the advantages that Internet provides for the learning of the participant, the benefits who it generates for the investigation, information harvesting, of there, that it must stimulate his students to that they make use of her, who in addition allows to update the knowledge according to the dynamics that the newspaper to live presents/displays. The educational one also must know how to integrate the entailment of the motivation with respect to the stimulaton, that is to say, the motivation it is fed on stimuli that can be external like interns who knowing to handle them act in favor of the stimulaton to whom he is provided to him, following their strength, consistency goes to take step to generate results highly positive that definitively will allow that participant the proportions optimal answers and of course, the educational one reaches the objectives programmed for the academic excellence.

In my experience like educational, especially concerning postgraduate, the motivational stimuli that they activate the stimulaton of the participants are guaranteed by the following considerations: stimulaton to a new learning, practitioner, feasible, with positive repercussions, where they are reinforced of self-esteem loads, assertiveness, Neurolingistica Programming, transactional Analysis which they favor the stimulaton, giving many positive results, that are reflected in total identification and use of the distributed knowledge, giving step a new that is taken into accounts, undergone, as well as security to the participants of which its learning has been assimilated. The stimulaton also activates when the importance that is pronounced abiertamente the student demonstrates his abilities, skills, participation not of only theoretical, but practical form, tying them with the reality of the surroundings where they toil, of the needs of the community. One constantly stimulates the student doing to him to see that its participation is necessary in you show training programs in order to feed them with its experiences, commentaries, suggestions and to guarantee knowledge updated according to the needs that the present requires. Many stimuli of participation in factories, round storm ideas, tables in order to stimulate the participant to express their restlessness, creativity, initiative are used that guarantees the opening of the dialogues in favor of the learning favors to all. Concretely, educational the modern dice to the characteristics of the present scenes that present/display much dynamisms, changes, challenges, require that the human talent is stimulated suitably that there is in each put participant is a true capital that to be used the suitable motivational stimuli, generates great benefits in all the involved actors and for the same scene where they act.

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THE school and the community AYMARA (Bolivian case) by Alvaro Omar Tapia Laime school and community school in the Andean sphere becomes an intercultural space, in a place in which the child to from knowledge of its culture known elements of urban or school culture, this contact is highly valued by parents since the school allows children prepared to learn or to confront the Western worldThis knowledge as a tool or weapon in society is highly appreciated by the aymara community, for this reason, when the Bolivian educational reform intended to initially learn the first language found opposition in parents because for them the school must give elements of the new culture and not go back to what is already known: the local culture. The child to aymara or quechua is its cultural counterpart in school, they and their parents expect to obtain the maximum of information and contact with a world that will allow you to obtain economic benefits or prestige 3.2 the Education Bilingual Intercultural (EIB) and the EIB educational reform has not come has have a real intercultural dialogue at the level of knowledge and ways of life, just knowing the native language does not guarantee the complete communication and empathy, we can speak aymara or quechua and continue transmitting key values, ways biased understand culture, etc. Interculturality should be at a level of dialogue of knowledge in which the Andean and the so-called Western exchange values, beliefs, knowledge without losing the identity of each one Denise Arnold points out that many of the materials of the educational reform especially modules are decontextualized and that many times in the use of language rely on a standardized aymara who does not respond to local differences and others also rely on archaisms that already not be used, also claimed that many reform texts not recent historical and ethnographic materials were used and by this present shortcomings and impresiciones the education reform or the current Bill advocated by the Government of Evo Morales, much still must walk to reach a true interculturalism apparently all the money invested and teaching skills have not served much to advance in this Javier Reyes theme different rationales 1 here suggests some tracks to the reasoning of the attitudinal, as a qualitative factor, in the exercise of interculturality. .

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From the title you can guess that this is another blog dedicated to cooking and recipes of various dishes. Yes, at first sight it is. Let's see what this blog is different from many similar to it. And why he has already attract thousands of people. Let's start with the design. After all, the first thing people see – it's design. Blog is made in soft, cozy colors. Making passes cozy home environment. To deepen your understanding Gerald Weissmann, MD is the source.

Because we are a resource just go on home cooking and the comfort of home. But the visitors are won not a beautiful picture, and good content. Writing about the fact that all dishes are made independently by the author, makes no sense. It is clear from photographs and from the depth of understanding transferred material. And what is the secret of fascinating glimpse into the recipes? And the thing in singleness! The site includes recipes of delicious and simple dishes that can make all the readers, as well as experienced cooks. In this case, posted recipes can be divided into two categories. At FireEye Inc you will find additional information. Recipes inheritance, which the author got from his parents and grandparents.

And the recipes acquired. One could even distinguish a group of recipes invented, but to date time all of its own invention, but still someone not previously known to the author experience. What makes them useful for readers just as the answer to the question: 'What to cook? ". Consider the category of recipes. Recipes hereditary. How easy to understand, the author picked these dishes from their mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. Basically, it says in the text of the recipe. Among these recipes especially a lot of cakes. Very good include: recipe Cake Napoleon cake condensed milk. Links to these homemade cakes can be found already in the blogs of grateful users. These recipes will be very helpful to people as perfecting their cooking methods, as well as beginners cooks. Recipes acquired. About these recipes need to tell apart. As the author is preparing not familiar to him before meals. In this case deytelnost put on academic track. First, the author examines the history of the recipe. That aware of how and under what circumstances, and the dish appeared originally prepared. Then, exploring the real and original recipes for a new dish. And then there is the most interesting and useful for us. It simplifies the existing recipes that anyone could cook what the author intended. Next dish is prepared and is on the blog in a form understandable to the general public. Thus giving may well vary for everyone menu. Particularly striking examples of these recipes include: recipe cheesecake, sponge cake, meringue – from desserts, salty snacks from the mushrooms. Thus, any person wishing to eat and just make a favorite dish that can go to the blog 'Tasty and Easy Recipes! " and read a simple recipe Desirable dishes.