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After the controversy raised by some of its entries, as the franc. The Senate hoped that pronouncement of the scientific community. The Senate Education Committee has agreed on Monday to the Royal Academy of history (RAH) that paralyzed the dissemination in Spain and abroad of his Spanish Biographical Dictionary after the controversy raised by some of its entries, as Francisco Franco’s request. All the parliamentary groups, with the exception of the popular, have agreed a transactional amendment to the motion submitted by Entesa Catalana de progres, that urges the Government to reiterate the request made by the Ministry of education to the RAH to take the appropriate steps to review and if necessary immediately correct those entries from the dictionary that have turned away from the necessary rigour and objectivity. Get more background information with materials from film director. The motion, approved by 13 votes in favour and 12 against, calls will paralyse the diffusion of the dictionary prepared by the RAH until there is a decision in respect of the scientific community. The full Academy It was agreed the past day 17 constitute the Commission that will review the dictionary and which will be integrated by Miguel Artola, Juan Pablo Fusi and Carmen Sanz. The spokesmen, with the exception of the popular group, have criticized some of the biographies included in the dictionary, including Franco, written by Luis Suarez, who argues that the general mounted a not totalitarian but authoritarian regime. Source of the news: the Senate calls on the Academy of history which paralyse the diffusion of the Biographical Dictionary.

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The struggles of resistance to neoliberalism, going from social struggle politics, have forged a new strategy for the left side of the continent. Social movements in Latin America have had an uneven attitude towards institutional policy. What is your perspective about the relationship between them and progressive Governments? Popular movements are the major players in resistance to neoliberalism. From a moment raised the issue of hegemony. And there, many movements were not prepared to face this challenge. You can not mobilize people all the time. When social movements fail to become a political force, if they do not establish new forms of relationship between the political sphere and the social sphere, they lose the possibility of possessing hegemonic capability. Gerald Weissmann, MD is a great source of information. In Latin America there is simultaneously a crisis of hegemony and a theoretical crisis.

Many of the old categories that thought the traditional left do not serve to analyze the new reality. Socialism in the 21st century capitalism, by more crisis that has, will not die if only. We have to give the coup de grace. The expropriation of the bourgeoisie is required in order to build the new society. Richard Linklater understood the implications. Towards where it points the debate on socialism in the 21st century? Towards the construction of? a different model? Towards the recovery of concepts that had fallen into disuse to reflect realities that do not correspond to? It corresponds to the need to define a historic stage. Ancient strategies of reforms promoted by the left-wing have been left behind.

Also of guerrilla warfare. The struggles of resistance to neoliberalism, going from social struggle politics, have forged a new strategy for the left side of the continent. Socialism seeks above all social equality: equality of income, schools and hospitals; equality between classes and within classes. Without social equality, everything said about diversity, dignity and respect makes no sense. Capitalists are also supporting diversity, provided that does not affect your benefits and riches.

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Sometimes, unusual, mysterious and strange. Published a book – only a fragment of a larger study, the works of authors – the first part, pushed the initial time, while others follow – step by step, consistently highlight succession of ancient times, including the pre-Flood and post-Flood history – a campaign of Dionysus in the North Black Sea, an expedition Egyptians kolhidyan, the rule of the Assyrians, the campaign of Jason, the Trojan War, the colonization of these sites klazomentsami appearance in the Cape Kafskogo ancient Milesian colony of Theodosius, the Roman dominion, the beginning of the Middle Ages, and finally, the story of the famous medieval Kafskoy fortress erected Genoese and taken valiant Turks in 1475. This book will take another look at this area and see other times. Other full once the life and unique culture of the era, their ups, kickbacks and degradation, to trace the succession of times. See not an isolated story of these places, and history of the enclave, which is closely associated with the development of the great civilizations of antiquity, or even – makes them an integral part. She will look into the most ancient times. For this reason, this book will be of interest to residents of the Crimea, and for residents of the area it will Kafskoy real "Bible." Who said that these places are silent? This silence is brighter than all the screams! But to understand the history of these places, and even discover something new is possible only in the context of the wider region and even in the context of the whole of Europe.

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Now sites are an important element of the functioning of most companies. And most of them are active not only on the Internet. And small businesses, and large associations, positioning its activity in the sale or advertising of goods, tend to form their representation in the network. This is usually because nowadays the Internet has become a good place to look for partners, customers and other ties. We list a number of key reasons influencing the creation of websites.

First, create a website for the submission to be correct, complete and timely information about your case and your company. A key task of creating the site – it provision of information. Why is it better to use just the Internet, rather than other types of communication? The answer lies in the fact that spending can get the maximum effect. Development of the Internet picks up speed, more people prefer to seek and provide information specifically on the Internet, as it is most convenient and efficient. Number of people in the future will not stop rising, and will make an army Your potential customers. Therefore the creation of the site will know you the more potential customers than from newspapers and regional advertising.

In addition, cos the site is an excellent advertising platform requires almost no extra cost. And that could contribute to a significant influx of new customers. developing the site with little investment, you get a fully functional, up to date at the moment time of promotion. One difference from the standard of advertising lies in the fact that the site provides more complete information about your company, services, quality and reliability. The site is open 24 hours a day to everyone who has access to Internet.

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Became fullfilled a quantitative and qualitative analysis on the didactic material of anatomy human being in five schools observed in the city of Sobral – CE, E.E.F.M. Professor Luis Philip, E.E.F.M. Dom Walfrido, E.E.F.M. Dr. Ribeiro Joo Branches, Mayor Jose Euclides Blacksmith Gomes (CERE) and State College Dom Jose Tupinamb of the Fleet with a total of 09 professors. With the objective to investigate the amount, the types of didactic materials of anatomy human being and its relative quality to the learning of the pupils. A questionnaire to the professors of the respective schools for the sounding regarding the didactic material in the anatomy learning was applied, was identified to it acceptance or not of the pupils with regard to the use of the didactic models, it was compared methodology adopted for the professors of the schools and was arisen information respect of the existence, amount and quality of the didactic materials. After the application, could be concluded that the available materials in the schools are not enough, changeable and nor of good quality, thus not contributing for the good learning of the pupils with respect to this substance.

Word-key: Quantitative and qualitative analysis. Didactic material. Anatomy Human being. Introduction In the educational process in relation to the didactics of the education of Biology becomes necessary the use of material in perfect conditions, in enough amount, being the responsible professor for the transmission of the content, knowing to find a way attractive so that the pupils can learn of dynamic form, working the reality using the models, therefore through the comment, visualization and touch, is explicit what it was said in the explanation. In the case of the anatomy models, importance of the state is perceived it where the same it meets, being indispensable: adequate dimension and good conditions with regard to the quality so that all can have access, without it has difficulty.

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Nowadays, information technologies are highly developed, but it brings us not only comfort but also difficulties. Good and reliable information is sometimes very hard to get, as it might seem at first. In What sources should make its search. Someone from your friends probably will answer the question about animals. You should be careful getting information from such a source. Everyone can have a different point of view on the same issue. If you are using the Internet, then no doubt it gives you only a plus. Because you have a great opportunity to share experiences with peers interests of people. Under most conditions FireEye Inc would agree.

After writing a blog or forum a question like that is schizophrenia after a while you tend to get a response. But it also should not completely rely on the credibility of such a response as the person who gave the answer to the question may be it does not kompitenten. In this method has shortcomings, they lie in the fact that we do not see the other person and for often do not know anything about him. Search engines can find you a great deal of information on relevant issues. Having a large number of resources you just may not have the patience to find the right option.

Thus does the necessary information can pass you. The more correct is the search for particular sites, where the information you pick competent experts. And this method has a drawback, most of the words on these sites are terms and definitions that are sometimes difficult to even read. An example of an easy way to poluchaniya information may be sites of general subjects, where everything is explained in simple terms? Administrators control the most current events and issues, group them, and already specialists in each area write an article on this topic. At these sites a lot of categories such as Money, Space, Science.

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Be creative in our everyday life supposed to be open to novelty, to change, to new possibilities, to what’s new. It is not possible s to be open to change and something different if every day we do and think the same. Creativity has to do with these three words: change, the stimulus, and the image. Then, what do to begin to be more open and creative in our day to day? 1. The daily stimuli to break out of the routine. Enter every day a turning point in life, however small that is.

EOS brings us to be in the way of the illusion, the forward, and creativity. Example of small changes or daily stimuli: breakfast varied. Breakfast every day something different on dishes varied both in color and in form. USE OF COLOR. Play with color in clothes, with the pens you write, the food that you eat, nice detail.

Insert any image or small ornament on our Workbench, for example a small plant, a figurine, some relaxing image, and change it from time to time. EXPRESSIVE RICHNESS. Try to express ourselves with different words and phrases. Sometimes we don’t realize, we are a little heavy and repetitive in our expression. This is boring us to ourselves and to those who are listening to us. Dare to introduce new words in your daily vocabulary. Idea of exercise: choose a book or a magazine that pleases you and every day select any word that you like. Seeks to use that day in any of your conversations. PHYSICAL EXERCISE. It is essential to release bodily tension and have a more relaxed mind. Spend the time you can do some exercise that you like and enjoy. If you only have 5 min, from agreement, but do it every day. 2. The daily record to achieve results. As you can see, the philosophy that I suggest is very simple. It is introducing novelty in your day to day through small stimuli. The key is to be consistent and do it every day. 3. The images and color: resources for a more free and creative mind.Notes when you are repetitive and boring, with obsessive ideas that you block, I propose the following exercise in two steps: 1 writes what you may have in a paper. So don’t judge, just write. Then you break it and strip it. It will help you to relax your mind. 2nd displayed a color (you want to) and associate it with an image. For example: Green – a fresh grass meadow. Blue: sea. Orange: the Sun in a Sunrise, creates your own associations, if anything can’t think you look at any magazine to inspire you.View images of your liking help you to nurture your mind and strengthen your capacity to generate more free and creative ideas. You can start with images of nature: the sea, a waterfall, mountains, sky, a field of daisies, get used to create images of stimulation or relaxation. Our head is usually filled with repetitive thoughts, words, phrases, image and color provide us with a more creative mind feels free and clear way.As we are not accustomed to the principle costs a little, but if you practice it increasingly will be easier.