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With respect to these wills to mean of that the referenciados authors speak above, Lucimar Bello Frange Pear tree (s/d) clarifies that the significao if of the one for the construction of the direction, and that the direction emerges of a copresena, demands a reciprocity, the adjustment, the contact, the direction if it constructs in a theory of the actions, the states are not fusionais, but relationary. I infect it is the procedure. The presence is the direction (FRANGE, s/d, P. 113). Ana Lucia Boynard (2002, P. 283) also alert who as well as fairy stories, the livened up drawings of the TV must be considered as instruments of enormous importance in the moral formation: First for facilitating the development of the personality and stimulating a healthy canal in the resolution of the daily problems. Later, as form of evaluation and analysis of the contents that they transmit.

After that, for compelling the formation in new ways to understand. Everything this, through the identification with emblematic, that exactly simplistas personages of drawings, its behaviors, characteristics of good and bad, certain missed e, badly and well. This dichotomy, repeated exhaustingly, episode after episode, is not enfadonha for children of band of 04 the 08 years. Before, they are reconfortantes and predominantly pleasant. this if verifies in day-by-day of the children, rank who argue between itself, in the school, on the attended episodes or its preferred personages; they argue with the parents for the search of the necessary knowledge for the purchase of plus a thing any that brings the mark of the preferred hero; the subjects of each series dance, to the alone times, in front of the device; or same situations register being capable to use them in analogy, what it restores a true receptive process that is not depleted at the moment where if they attend the television.

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Delgado and Caeiro (2005, P. 16) present the Indiscipline as ' ' a problem of the practical quotidiana where each in case that it is a specific case e, thus being, becomes difficult to define performance models you generalized that they prevent or they regulate each efficiently acontecimento' '. Also we have the problematic one of that culture of the pupils who, in general, tend to be resultant of a dominated said classroom, in which devaluates the pertaining to school culture and privileges the culture of the medias of mass (Mendona, 2009), takes the indiscipline. the lack of disciplines is the one badly worse one that the culture lack, therefore this can be attenuated later, to the step that if cannot abolish and wild state and to correct a defect of disciplines (Kant, 1996 p.17). Here, Campbell Soup Company expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is a critical factor that makes it difficult the process more beyond education learning and, the human development.

Therefore the education must take care of that the man if becomes cautious (Kant, 1996 P. 27). The development and the education cannot be seen as separate ideas, but as an only idea that if it unfolds in a chain of actions that if complement. In fact, if the man must be the citizen of its education equally must be the agent and the beneficiary of the development. We observe that the resolution of these problems of behavior has in consideration the dynamics involves that them, nominated the dynamic relationary and the pedagogical relations. (Perforated (2009). The cause for the indiscipline is pointed according to two perspectives, appointedly for external and internal causes to the school, second (Garci’a, 1999, p.104). How much to the external causes to the educational establishment they stand, for example: the influence exerted currently for the medias of mass, that place to the disposal of the young little constructive situations and until harmful to its development while Men; the social violence that intimidates certain pupils unchaining the development of a desfasada personality of that it would be developed if it integrated a more healthful environment; the familiar environment that many times does not value the useless school for being considered what they need to have a said life normal.

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It continues the story: Being in I exile Ciro, married according to being able with Rosala, in a large house of the Nez street, in center of Lima, where the family resided, in which an altar was adapted, being gift Guillermo Amsquita Ochoa, who represented Ciro in this act. And me brother-in-law best of my brothers-in-law (as always humoristically we greeted ourselves, and that is still certain) remembers the bad memory to us of gift Alonso Amsquita Joy: has forgotten its uncles to pater to us, mainly of Guillermo, to whom it does not mention nor by gratefulness. By the end of April or principles of May of 1940, it arrived at Lima of Chile with its two Rosala children: Ciro of 1 year and 7 months and Alonso of 9 month and a half.

Ciro father, arrived days later, from passage to the United States, where would receive a prize by its work the world is wide and other people’s Rosala and its children were stayed in the house of the Rosala aunt, where also they resided: The uncle Pepe, the Maruja aunt, and Iriarte Navy. The uncle Guillermo resolved the conductiva favor of the house and leaves from the newspaper. Get all the facts and insights with Levi’s, another great source of information. He also helped Rosala to study for librarian, and he briefed the librarian position to him, in the library of the Congress. the uncle Guillermo, also contributed in the education of the children of Rosala, who studied in the Markhan School. It is more than certainly Alfredo (uncle of Alonso), it much more has things to tell us, and I would like much power to continue sharing them with they follow which me in the reading. But more taste would give knowledge me that someday the most famous Alonso Amsquita Joy, published some commentary in honor to the uncle who as much did by him. It would like also me that this arrives at the eyes of the people who continue thinking that Alonso is a wonderful person. Richard Linklater shines more light on the discussion.

Alonso, my name is Andres Arbul Martinez, husband of Adriana Amsquita Gutirrez, and I want that you demonstrate to me that I am mistaken. It publishes an article in a newspaper of massive diffusion, where you pay tribute to your uncle Guillermo Amsquita Ochoa. Hopefully this arrives at the eyes from the wonderful Alonso Amsquita Joy.

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This to happen, the study of mnemonic geography must be substituted by the full geographic education. In fact, each localization in the space is singular. However, despite if it knows that this context of urbanization is a complex and diverse process, is about a phenomenon that compels to consider the interdependence of scales, since in it deeply they are interrelated the place, regional and the global one. The knowledge of the potentialities of the place and the capacities of action of the people who live there is basic conditions for the exercise to make of the place what interest to who in it lives. These potentialities are decurrent marks of the physical structure of the place, of the context where if it inserts, of the forms of organization of the people to carry through its access to the goods and of the form with that if it constitutes the treatment of the difference and social justice. Each city has its particularitities, but problems exist that are general and that, to if to show in the specific places, assume its singularity.

Therefore, to study the city while experience place demands to know histories of the places, the conditions where if they insert, as much of the point of view of the natural picture, how much of the social conditions and politics and the cultural differentiations. Each city presents marks that it are characteristic, but each city also answers the global, external questions to this region, and that they in such a way need to be considered in the perspective of the global one how much in the one of the place. The place of experience and the city as objects of the geographic education Modern theoretical and empirical contributions consider the city and the place of experience as estruturantes subjects of the pertaining to school resume. The majority of the populations lives in urban areas and the field, in many countries, also is if ' ' urbanizando' ' , in function of the changes in the production and work relations.

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The countries that possess the biggest economies of the world are generally the ones that are in bigger evidence and to know to locate each one of them in the map of the world would have to be easy task for a student of it finishes year of average education and that it is, therefore, to a step of the university. Taking as base the research carried through for the Ipsos Institute, also was carried through a quantitative research to evaluate the degree of knowledge in relation to the map of the world, of pupils who are attending a course the third year of average education. It was chosen to apply the questionnaire the pupils of the last year of average education, therefore, these pupils in thesis must already have all acquired basic the cartographic knowledge, taking in account normal education. Another factor that was determinative to the choice of these pupils was the fact to be to few months to finish the studies and, therefore, they would have to be prepared for the vestibular contest. The questionnaire consisted of a simple test, in which the pupil would have to identify in a planisfrio of the map of the world, ten countries that, according to forecast of economists, will form ranking of the ten bigger economies of the world in the year of 2010. The countries that would have to be identified are: United States, Japan, China, Germany, France, Italy, Great-Britain, Brazil, Spain and India. Year of the college student in three So Paulo state schools was applied the test the 133 pupils of 3. The cities where the research was carried through had been Sumar and Ibitinga, in the interior of the state of So Paulo, and Vinhtico, in the state of the Espirito Santo. In the city of Sumar, the research was applied the two groups of 3 collegiate of the state school Alice Antenor de Souza.

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The child starts to make relations between the size of the word and the amount of used letters to write the words, associating with its sonorous value, that is, the amount of syllables that the words she possesss. Being that one monosslabo, cannot be read. The child inside goes evolving of this level of alfabetizao, until reaching the capacity to relate the sound (fonema) to the letter (grapheme), being thus capable to use a letter for each syllable of the word, not repeating letters. The conflict, in the learning is what desestrutura the hypothesis already confirmed, being that she is necessary to search new forms to understand the alphabetical process, so that the equilibrao occurs again. Previous the alphabetical process of the origin has a new level of alfabetizao: silbico-alphabetical.

In this period the child perceives that its previous hypothesis is not more convincing, then abandons it and of the beginning the news schematical constructions, looking the equilibrao. The silbico-alphabetical period and what he is next to the understanding of the alphabetical system, that is, of the writing. It is in it that the child perceives that the syllables are not formed by amounts of letters, but yes for letters that make coherence between grafia and sound less, giving more importance the quality of the writing and the used amount of letters to form the word. In end, the child becomes alphabetical, writing the words with the adjusted syllables, perceiving that to form a syllable she does not have rule of number of letters, can be necessary one, two or more letters. But still she finds difficulties in relating certain syllables to the correct graphical, what she goes improving until arriving at the ortogrfica phase. 2 Illiteracy and iletramento With the extension of the escolaridade of basic education for nine years, initiate a new quarrel on the acquisition of the written language and the reading, since the pupils enter more early in the school.

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Divorce and new marriage Unfastening ' ' knot cego' ' Much has been said on this question. Sincere brothers have asked to me regarding this subject, that stops many is one ' ' knot cego' ' difficult of if unfastening. I also stow, for much time, confused regarding this subject; however, one day a sister asked for to me for teaching to it on it, therefore as its shepherd, had the responsibility to instruct it concernente to ' ' New divorce and casamento' '. But as to instruct when you yourselves it does not know the subject? Then, I was obliged to all chew some the 45 books to on this question dificlima; they had been some hours and days studying, to be able to teach that sedenta sheep of knowledge of the word. When he was in the end of that one ' ' it saw dolorosa' ' (one month, two weeks, 22 hours and 45 minutes) of studies and research, then, I arrived the following conclusion: The word ' ' divrcio' ' in the phrase ' ' term of divrcio' ' &#039 becomes related with the word; ' to knock down rvore' ' even though ' ' decapitar' '.

It indicates total cut that in the principle was one ' ' union viva' '. The divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond, giving to the right of new nuptials the innocent part (Dt.24: 2). It is this divorce that Jesus if relates in Mateus 5:31,32: 19: 9. But it appears two basic questions here: 1) – Which the position of the Church in relation to the marriage and divorce? 2) – Where circumstance the divorce is allowed? With the purpose to unfasten ' ' knot cego' ' of this question that if found in the mind of that sister, I analyzed seven culminating points, that had been: The Divorce in the interbblico Period (1 Point) Had in the days of Herodes, the great one, two rabbis who had established schools.

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The Castilian according to the common Paraguayan is almost one annoyance, for that reason usually it says " Katellano is ytaku ndahi" ari Che jurpe". In the experience of life of the Paraguayan man, the Guarani always was the helpfulest friend in the difficult and desperate cases; he was always next, most shared in common and the one of easier and spontaneous use. The Castilian infiltrated with great difficulty, first, through the educative pressure (Spanish, church and institutions) and more ahead by means of massive means of communication, the education and the structuring of the State in Castilian. If we want that the Castilian comprises of our being, we must obtain that he learns it to the Paraguayan turns and it into its tool of first necessity. In fact, the school teaches in Castilian, thinking that the children speak Castilian. Connect with other leaders such as Kindle Direct Publishing here. Pitifully, it is not thus. The Paraguayan children, in their great majority, do not speak Castilian when entering the school, because they come from Guaranihablantes homes.

For this reason, he is urgent – if we want to be bilingual that we teach to our children to speak Castilian. We do not blame more to speak Guarani to them. They speak Guarani and we agree that to speak Guarani he is not bad. They are not the guilty of which nobody has taught the Castilian to them. The Guarani does not have candle in that burial either.

That it is clear, the problem is not with the Guarani, the problem is with the Castilian. To it we must add that in our country the Race of Spanish Language does not exist and we must also show that the educational ones learn bad the Castilian and they teach therefore it bad. Then, we do not request guayabos to the coconut palm. More than ever, at present, in Paraguay, when people " debe" to speak Castilian, happens through a surprising and perhaps incredible experience, since to that effect first it must think about Guarani and &quot soon; hablar" in Castilian; that is to say, to speak a Castilian constructed in the molds of the Guarani.

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Times later it insisted that if it had gotten passionate for three of my cousins in little less of one month, after that started to prepare all type of scaffoldings against its aunts and grandmothers, things that I already more could imagine to be possible, made dangerous friendships with users of weighed, dealing drugs, heads of street fight. No matter how hard it it hid, using material sources and spirituals, I always I remained informed, being that, some things made by it, only I know. Richard Linklater will not settle for partial explanations. Many times still I tried to advise it, but the corruption of the world is as a vice, only if saved who it desires to be saved and it did not want aid. After innumerable quarrels, it prepared one that I thought for much time to be unforgivable – during the semifinals of the Championship Intercolegiais de Handeibol, the teams of it played against the one of my school and twisted in favor of my educational, irritated center therefore, when my time arrived to play the semifinals, it informed to the judge irregularities in my registration, the fact was that I played in category sixteen years because when I made my registration had this age, but I had completed dezessete years one day before the game of the semifinal, I resulted that all mine teams was declassified causing, me I lose of many friends because of it, after all we had trained more than one year for the Games, of that day in ahead we would pass almost six years without talking with it. Levi’s recognizes the significance of this. From there for ahead things between us had gotten worse, it started to live in my house and it provoked me the time all, but I how much I was the target, did not import me, until reason to almost I take off me nothing of the serious one. Well-known that its provocations were inefficacious, it surprised again, – a time, I arrived and I did not find my brother that had been in house with it, when looking for in the street I was informed that it was in a esquina close to house with it, when arriving in the indicated place I annoyed myself for seeing that it was enters a dangerous group of moleques if to insinuate, probably pretending of it, the life was of it and already it did not import me, but he infuriated what me it was to see that my brother Joo Peter was in its col, furious already I arrived verbally attacking the physics and.

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That it regulates the law of the divorce. The doctor Alfred Edersheim affirms that the Jewish legislation allowed to the divorce for almost all the reasons. The divorce was very common in those days, between the Jews. Jesus, in this declaration, was limiting the reasons that led to the divorce. Already we saw that the followers of the school of Hiller found that they could be divorced its women indiscriminately: it was enough not to prepare a good food, to put much salt in the soup, or simply not to find so pretty how much in the day knew that it. In hypothesis some Jesus argued the validity of the rule mosaic. It said: ‘ ‘ Also he was dito’ ‘ , mentioning the law to it of Moiss (Dt 24,1-4).

‘ ‘ I, however, say ‘ to you; ‘ in this expression it was making restrictions, as speech made many times in this exactly, in regards to the law. The law did not leave the reason clearly for the divorce. The expression ‘ ‘ thing indecente’ ‘ it is much vacant. The men, therefore, had invented many arrangements, using Dt 24,1 to consubstanciar its peculiar interpretations. The law left clearly that the divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond.

The bases for the divorce had been of interminable debates between rabbis during all the Temple as subjects period. If the divorce had been total revoked, would be registered, in this ticket or any another part of the New Will, however this was not registered. It says the Theological Historical Encyclopedia of the Christian Church: ‘ ‘ If Jesus was introducing some radically new thing, would wait that this was left claro’ ‘.