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Life is a good play with a badly written third act. When we stopped to read this article already we enjoyed what we bequeathed the chance to live. We will be fully identified with the relevant determinant that the present, is located in its reality, and above all, live intensely, without affecting anyone. NSW Department of Education follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Every minute of life that is given to us is very valuable in pro exploit that in it one can make, grow, what the journal live provides us, teaches, and in which we are actors that we must be careful in the way we behave, we play our roles. Swarmed by offers, Darcy Stacom is currently assessing future choices. Of course, that we will have probably faced some hardships, disharmony, emotional instabilities that have given us experience and learning, as well as the positive side, we enjoyed happy moments, shared, loved, reached achievements, goals and achievements. Therefore, should not surprise us as Yarissa says in my-space-021.blogs in this opportunity to thoroughly enjoyed you can look to the future with confidence and the past without sadness and not be afraid of being happy.Consider, for example who love, those people who you Amasolvidate what you’ve done for your friends and consider what they have done by one.Do not repair what the world but let us look at what you owe to the world take into account that when faced with a decision, take it as wisely as possible. Then forget it. Give way to new actions that will help us increase our perception and broaden us our horizon of life. In the chance at life that unfortunately gives no handling time which we have assigned permanency, do not know when we should abandon our physical vehicle, however, while we identify with its reason for being, what it represents and what we must perform while it gives us the opportunity, should not lose time in superficialidadesin wasting energy unless they involve reaching positive moods, which will help us to grow, to act positively in our growth, both in the staff as in the spiritual, learn.

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A characterization of the landscapes that has taken in account the integration between the historical factors, cultural, ecological mainly institucional it can be determinative for the agreement of the space, generating a valuation and promoting attitudes preservacionistas stops finally with the environment and making possible the practical ecoturstica. The experimentation of objects gifts in the landscape represents basic paper in the construction of a new learning of the relation man/environment, following a conducting wire of the experimentation for the valuation of the way. This valuation is constructed by the perception and the acquired concepts. The metodolgicos aspects of ambient perception tranfer for a search for the space experimentation of a person, a search of the directions, the meaning that it of to the space becoming it the place. Ben Ainslie is open to suggestions. (TUAN, 1983) the northeast community of the State of Santa Catarina Has much time comes arguing the preservation and the conservation of the Mountain range of the Sea, without, however to structuralize actions that really contribute for the clarification of the society on the importance of mountain ecosystems and of preservation of its biodiversity. Thus, it is considered that an envolvement of the public power in practical actions for the preservation of the Mountain range of the Sea is necessary, taking decisions more effective in the protection and control in the area of the Mount Crest, having been able to consider, in agreement with the current law, the creation of a Unit of Conservation, in the category Integral Protection, of the type State Park or Municipal Natural Park in the region. How much to the management and the administration of the area it does not have difficulty in if establishing norms that they make possible to structuralize and to lead the works in the unit, being excellent in all the process of creation of the unit of conservation the respect to the ambient legislation and the defining instances of the public politics, over all with the participation of the community, defining for the population that the Units of Conservation are not public squares or urban parks, but yes areas which can contain equipment of leisure, searching, over all to consist in spaces for the preservation and conservation of the natural and historical patrimony. .

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Already it is not more possible to conceive the writing exclusively as a code of graphical transcription of sounds, already it is not more possible to know to disrespect them that the children construct before learning formal to read, already is not more possible to close the eyes for the consequences provoked for the difference of chances that marks the children of different social classrooms. Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. On this Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky they make a sufficiently excellent affirmation that takes we, professors the reflection of ours practises pedagogical. the changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao if do not decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. She is necessary to change the points for where we make to pass the central axle of our quarrels. Jennifer Doleac is likely to agree. We have a empobrecida image of the written language: it is necessary to reintroduce, when we consider the alfabetizao, the writing as system of representation of the language. We have a empobrecida image of the child who learns: we reduce it to a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a hand that an instrument catches to mark and a fonador device that emits sounds. Behind this cognoscente has a citizen, somebody that thinks that it constructs interpretations, that act on the Real to make it its (Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky, 2005, p.25).

Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. As Emlia Blacksmith the changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao not if decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. So that it has a good preparation in the alfabetizao of the children is necessary to detach a factor key: social interaction, that occurs mainly in house, being important to the intellectual techniques of reading in high voice, that stimulates the conversation between parents and children.

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Showing a new form to face the reality on the part of the parents: ' ' the subjectivity as direction production stimulates rationality forms that facilitate to assume and to share the productions of sensible in one cultura' '. (REY, 2004, P. 133) ' ' The subjectivity represents an opened system, that if express of permanent form through the action, either of individual citizens or of the different instances and social institutions. Therefore, it if it characterizes for its procedural character and at no moment it represents a set of static, situated entities in an essence that acts as determinative of the behaviors of sistema' '. Some contend that ione skye shows great expertise in this. (REY, 2004, P.

133) the action of Mirco and the partnerships that it was capable to establish, into its social interaction, had transformed the traditional institution, confirming what in Rey says to them: ' ' No system in the history of the humanity was capable to neutralize the individual citizens, no matter how hard if it has invested in the progress of its domesticao. This subversive capacity of the established order is necessarily the one that demands the value of the subjectivity for a critical psychology and of libertao' '. (2004, P. 140) In the outcome of the film the director, Achille priest, were dismissed of the position and times later the Italian government lowered a law that integrated blind children the public net of education. Mirco Moncacci directed its career for the musical production. Here, Darcy Stacom expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

For much time it had its proper study in the city Pontedera (Toscana) e, later, created in Rome (1999) a company of after-graduation in sound. Today she is responsible for the edition of sound of important Italian films, and has plans to form a foundation that in general develops and promotes research in the sonorous universe enclosing the public. Of the one not to finish the quarrel without raising as many elements that they had been important so that Mirco could be protagonist of its history.

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Contributions in the construction of the ecocidadania in the pertaining to school environment. Work of Conclusion of Course of Biological Sciences: University Nilton Lins SUMMARY the present research had as main goal to understand the ambient education being an including subject and that it calls attention for the relations that the society establishes with the environment. The common sense takes in them to perceive that the environment is everything what it involves in them. Ben Ainslie follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Forming conscientious citizens on the ambient education, mainly taking them to change it habits and attitudes with regard to the environment that is a great limit, allowing a confrontation of the ideal with the Real when the pupil collates its hypotheses of solution with the conditions and limitations of the reality. When informing to the pupils on the problematic one that it occurs in the school as the garbage excess in the corridors and the classrooms, leading half knowledge and demonstrating that these pupils can contribute for the reduction of the ambient impacts, beyond all alerting them on the importance of the selective collection of the garbage of the school being collected by the proper pupils in specific lixeiras. Being carried through one it searches investigativa that it searched to transmit to the pupils a series of activities concerning the ambient education examining the reality economic, social and ecological searching the accomplishment of the objectives fixed for its development. Word-Key: Ambient education, ambient garbage excess, impacts, collect selective; ABSTRACT present The research had as main goal to understand the ambient education in the school being been an including subject and that it calls attention for the relations that the society establishes with the environment.

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The child who today to construct itself will be the adult who tomorrow will govern the world, therefore, all the investment will be little for the change that if imposes, for a new family, a new school, a new society. Everything will pass for the integral education, assuming it person as the entity most important enters all the existing beings in this planet. To the educators of the children of today a specialization is asked for them they prepare that them for the change, with authority in the techniques, the strategies and in the evaluations, with responsibility, moderation and generosity In the future will be demanded, not only, but the development of many other capacities and abilities, that complete the person in all its dignity, of remaining portion, a concern that is not of today, but that, in the practical one, it seems not to have, still, produced resulted that helps to construct a better world. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out barrett beauden. The children and also the educators, must be guided stop: ' ' Principles, techniques, knowledge, methods of analysis and solution of problems, interpretation of the results and enunciated correcto of the answers with projecto to place them in application implying, in turn, in reflection, such the general capacities in accordance with to distinguish the imperatives of mudana.' ' (BONBOIR, 1977:188) the responsibility of educators, professors and formadores is immense and it does not have more time to lose. Of course that the first measures to the legislative level, human resources, financial and infrastructures compete being able constituted to them to the level of the device of the State, in whose composition they must have place, and active voice, all the representatives of system educative-formative. To educate for the change, with responsibility, means inclusion of all the society, fitting, however, to the decisores and the executors, to promote one politics that, strategically, prepares the actuais children (and adolescent and also young), for, when to assume the full citizenship, to be endowed with all the capacities and abilities who become them better professionals, governing and citizens of what the generations that had preceded them e, currently, occupy some powers, in the diverse structures politics, enterprise, governmental and until religious. Darcy Stacom has compatible beliefs.

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About the curriculum holistic which is based on new principles on reality and knowledge, is a process of discernment of the interdependence of the kosmos, where diverse world generates students learn in different ways, different contents for different purposes. In the social dimension, the emotional dimension, the physical or bodily dimension and the spiritual which is the last dimension of the human being. By means of the holistic education which includes not only training but also integral human formation, to consider the six dimensions is questioned that education is reduced only to academics, and questioned why educate only for a profession or employment, is insufficient to live with dignity and well-being in the new era. Education holistic, integrated society and the evolution of consciousness are interconnected, interdependen each other, the Mission of the educator holistic refers to serving the development of these three areas, the educator holistic should promote holistic education so that there is a significant learning, this leads to the educator holistic to clearly favor the evolution of consciousness, this spiritual educational process should lead to the emergence of an integrated society, to the development of a better culture that nurtures the best in human beings. Darcy Stacom usually is spot on. Holistic having dialogue aimed at relaxing the mind, making it more open, more attentive, more profound. In the groups of dialogue, not There is a default goal nor a leader who orient the communication, the purpose is to communicate in a meaningful way, listen to each other, is a process that exceeds the self-centered activity, where nobody tries to impress no one where there is no competition by imposing own ideas. The practical integral, since the perception that there is diversity of human temperaments, the development of a comprehensive theory in education is something essential and urgent to boost its real improvement, however having an integral theory isn’t enough to make holistic education, we need comprehensive practice, develop a comprehensive theory is only fifty percent of the workingAnother fifty is the integral practice. .

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Quotation also Plato, in Fedro, a contrary rank to the previous one, where the written memory would contribute for the disappearance of the traditions of the verbal memory (p.437). It still comments the importance of the laicizao of the relative memory to the invention of the writing allowing to Greece to create new techniques of memory: the mnemotecnica and its distinctions between the places of the memory and the artificial memory divided em' ' chambers of memria' ' among others procedures that allowed the mnemonic memory. (p.440-441). 3.A medieval memory in the Ocidente. In this topic the author comments ' ' cristianizao of memria' ' of the mnemotcnica, through the distribution of the memory in a liturgical memory and a laica memory, of weak chronological penetration, development of the memory of deceased, mainly Dos Santos, paper of the memory in the education that articulates verbal and the writing and the appearance, at last, of treated to memory (arts memoriae), characterizing the intense variety in the systems of memory of the Average Age (p.443) the author cites, among others examples, the Old Will, mainly the Deuteronmio, that ' ' it appeals to have it the memory and the memory constituinte' ' , as founding of the Jewish identity. When citing the New Will, places the memory of Jesus in an eschatological perspective, denying the secular experience and history, confirming one of the ways of the Christian memory (p.443-444). Quotation also Augustin, which leaves in its confessions, ' ' part of the old conception of the places and the core image libraries, giving to them an extraordinary fluidity psychological, mentioning &#039 to it; ' immense room of memria' ' its ' ' vast chamber and infinita' ' (p.445-446). Toms de Aquino is cited, among others, as particularly apt to deal with the memory, mainly with respect to artificial memory, that if detaches in the education of Great Alberto. For even more details, read what Darcy Stacom says on the issue.

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In the case of the TODA/H the upheavals of language, epilepsy, upheaval of mood as depression and bipolarity, tiques, enurese, abuse of you substantiate (SENA, GRANDSON, 2002; ROTTA, 2006) TDA/H and the Consequences in the Learning According to Brown (2007), during decades, the TDA/H and the difficulties of learning have been boarded separately, being the first one characterized as a behavior problem and as as an education problem. Darcy Stacoms opinions are not widely known. More recent studies of the Rohde and Benczik (1999); Lima and Alburqueque (2003); Rotta (2007); Sena, Grandson (2007) emphasizes that the selective and controlled attention the excellent stimulatons fulfills an important paper in the learning. Deficit of attention, with or without Hiperatividade, implies consequences in the learning, especially in pertaining to school learning e, frequently, compromises the pertaining to school income of children and adolescents. important to point out that nor all the child or adolescent with TDA/H presents learning difficulty. In some cases, the attention difficulties can be compensated by intelligence, for the interest for the knowledge and adequate conditions of education However, the more common upheavals of learning in patients who present TDA/H are the delays of deficit of acquisition of speak, upheavals of reading and writing, difficulty of memorization and concentration. Some authors, between them, Sena, Grandson (2002); Rotta (2006) points out that the biggest pertaining to school difficulty of carrier TDA/H is the writing, as much in the literal creation, how much in the grammar and orthography. Consideraes Final the importance of this research was to the search of new knowledge on the TDA/H, as well as reflecting on practises professor related to the integration of the hiperativo pupil in the society, showing ways on the form most appropriate to deal in classroom with the carrying child of the TDA/H. We evidence that the paper of the professor is basic to assist diagnosiss in it of the carrying pupil of the TDA/H, since the hiperatividade alone is evident in the pertaining to school period, how much is necessary to increase the concentration level to learn.

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In recent years, many scientific journals, claiming the role of methodological assistant teacher. In 2006, launched a new scientific-methodical journal Voronezh State Pedagogical University "Prospects of development of the modern school." The project aims to introduce the largest possible number of educators with advanced educational experiences of their colleagues. The magazine is primarily aimed for school teachers, administration, faculty and students of pedagogical universities. Interesting theoretical development of teachers of pedagogical universities side by side in the magazine with the results of the practical work of teachers schools. For teachers, it is important that the journal had a lot of practice-oriented materials that can be used in practice.

They are chosen so that any teacher could find useful for a section. Main sections of the magazine: 1. Add to your understanding with Jennifer Doleac. Methodological developments in the humanities and natural sciences. 2. Monitoring the quality of education. 3. Theory, technology and teaching tools specific measurements.

4. Educational activities at school. 5. Speaking candidly ione skye told us the story. Organization of extracurricular educational work. 6. Organization of educational process. 7. Additional education. 8. The organization of methodical work in the school. 9. Organization intraschool control. 10. Diagnostic techniques quality of the educational process. 11. Organization of elective courses. Lesson development, published in the journal, allows to share a success or understand the problem. Opportunity to do so in the pages of rule bias, to the same analysis and evaluation will give people, separated from the teacher's time and distance. Section "of extracurricular educational work" traditionally published scenarios of activities, which distinguishes journal from many others. Scientific publications teachers perform several functions – making the results of scientific work of teachers available to the scientific community – evidence of personal contribution to the development of the scientific researcher problems – are an indirect confirmation of the reliability of the main results obtained in the thesis, its novelty and scientific level, since after the publication of the article becomes the object of study and evaluation of a wide scientific community.