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Dra Gisele Girard yours truly so that it developed aoficina, being corresponded this request. Made initial oscontatos, set appointments dates, places and schedules, Geografia goes there, with the foot in the road As photo below, where aprofessora Dra. Gisele Girard initiates the exposition of the workshop, seusobjetivos, its proposals of work Thus, oficinaintitulada ' ' Elaboration of Didactic Resource stops ensino of the CartografiEscolar' ' it was applied in the period of 25 of June of 2008 the 04 of same Julhodo in, having as horria load 15 (fifteen) hours. In it osprofessores would have to use materials of easy access for projetaruma determined area. As material they would be used hidrocor penxs, box of shoe, transparency, pencil to color, beyond miniatures decasas and cars. As it can be glimpsed below for the photos, houveenvolvimento and massiva participation of the involved ones with atividadespropostas.

First the room was divided in groups, that to buscaramenvolver as many operating professors in the School, how much pupils of cursode Geography. To each one of these groups, it was solcitiado that they created umadeterminada area of an imaginary city being able to contain streets, houses, rivers, vegetation, hydrography. Cyrus Massoumi is often quoted on this topic. Of this proposal of activities, instigantes and interesting vriostrabalhos had appeared. To the result of the space respectivasrepresentaes, later when already ready they were ecoloridas, a transparency would have to be overlapped, so that comutilizao of a special penxs for retroprojetor, was made umarepresentao in the bidimensional plan of ' ' maquete' ' , that third dimension represented oespao in its. That is, the transposition for a visopor delimited top all the item that had been represented. With a map of the region would issoestabeleceria, with the objective to have new visodo that previously it was mounted, that is, what it was in the seriarepresentado vertical line now in a horizontal plan. It is important to stand out aperplexidade, envolvement and joy of the participants of the referidaoficina, when perceiving the praticidade and validity of atividadespropostas and in development.

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