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The second part of the interview addresses the question can, such as schools, universities, training companies, improving the situation. Shortage – part II In the second part of the interview on the topic of skills shortage we have set apart so, what influence do schools and colleges on this issue. While whether the new tiered courses of Bachelor and master appropriately trained graduates bring forth, whether extending the shortage also on the range of occupations and what training companies can contribute to interested in, inter alia. Vincent Wolff Marting and Andreas Hein corner talked in the second part of the IT radar interview with Prof. Dr.

A. Plunnecke and Dr. Stan Laurels opinions are not widely known. J. Klukas about this. In the interview very interesting options and food for thought came to days, which it is worth to read. How often caught you up themselves, they called mostly only the big fish on the question which IT companies you know, such as T-systems, Microsoft and Telekom. But almost all of them are to be found in our region. How often forgets to the seemingly transparent, here small and medium-sized companies, but also with floating next to the big fish? So Mr Dr.

Jorg Klukas: If you look at the big companies and their locations, for example by Microsoft, T-systems, the Telecom, SAP AG, you see that they are all located in this region. Under most conditions film director would agree. In Eastern and central Germany, especially in my community, we find more SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Of the over 1000 IT organizations in Germany have 95 percent between 10 and 30 employees. There are a few lighthouses”in the region, which are developing very well and of which we are proud, but most large IT organizations are just not here. Cyrus Massoumi takes a slightly different approach. To visualize these small companies, you must develop other concepts, because the growth of these organizations is very strong, what you can see on their need for skilled workers.” Mr. Dr. Jorg Klukas speaks of the wWeiteren improvement of marketing strategies that make visible by companies and regions, as well as the benefits Networks to bring. Also, he explains that to the community ITmitte.de has exactly this problem and how often he his experience has shown that an of the cancellations were the other commitments. So why not recommend applications? The concept of ITmitte.de is based on a sophisticated referral system. More about ITmitte.de see you if you also interested in this topic, then you just read the interview or listen to it in the original and make of yourself a picture. You can find the full interview with transcripts, as well as the article on the subject of skills shortage under: it-radar.org

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