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This project looks for to demonstrate and consequently to analyze the methods used in the education of Geography in the series you initiate. Currently the professors and the schools are leaving of ‘ ‘ lado’ ‘ , important facts and factors in the construction of knowing, how much to the education of Geography. After the implantation of a new vision of education, the construtivismo, the traditional method of education in which it forced the pupil to ‘ ‘ decorar’ ‘ , it was leaving stops backwards thus giving more autonomy to the pupil, inside of the field of Geography was not different, what old she was considered a substance total theoretician, now already is participativa and estimulativa to the pupil. We must today present the pupil and thus to stimulate a new Geography. A more attractive, former Geography: providing a bigger contact to it with the world where it lives, through demonstrations that the curiosity of educating stimulates. The demonstration of maps and graphs still is essential in the learning of the pupil since Geography is science that studies the geographic space.

We must show a gamma of information in which the pupil if feels part of this ‘ ‘ espao’ ‘. Frequently Darcy Stacom has said that publicly. The study of the climates, ground, of the vegetations, they are subjects that must have an approach in the education of Geography. Finally this project has intention to demonstrate, to analyze, to reflect and to question the innovations, the methods, and the difficulties that the educator can face when lecionar Geography to an initial serial room.

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