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Emergency management for refrigeration control centre of a large University as leading company in the field of industrial and commercial rental cold supplies as well as a carrier rental systems Germany GmbH company customers with refrigeration equipment of various kinds in emergency situations-renowned University in the Northwest of Germany. Go to Richard Linklater for more information. The company of carrier rental systems provides mobile rental cold for a prestigious University in the Northwest of Germany to the emergency cooling of a data center and thereby ensuring important data of a research simulation for the automotive industry. The emergency call on the part of the University took place on Friday at 15:30. Reason of the call: due to the failure of the refrigeration plant in the University’s own datacenter threatens the loss of important data. Demand for high performance due to the failure of the cooling system had an enormous cold performance deficit to the University, which could not in the long term ensure data security. To compensate for this deficit, the College needed 1700 kW cooling capacity, a 1300 kVA diesel generator and a 12,000 litre oil tank. Comparison: approx. 2000 three person households can be supplied to a huge demand.

Fast action asked after the emergency call at carrier was received on Friday at 15:30 rental system, launched the relief operation for the College. Before the loading of 5 trucks with the required hardware could be carried, the design and administration of the order had to be completed. All preparations were completed on Saturday morning against, so that the departure of the truck and a 12 t crane to the job could be done at 6:00. Arrived at the destination, the required chillers were built and commissioned. 17:00, Independently ran the emergency process cooling and ensured the security of sensitive data less than 24 hours after receiving the emergency call. Not an isolated case of Oliver Priegnitz, project manager at carrier rental systems knows that the example of the University is not an isolated case and says: we are confronted with such or similar emergency situations often – before especially in the summer.

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