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Submit articles to directories is a widespread practice of all the experts in internet marketing. It is a way of creating incoming links and getting traffic. But it is more than that, it serves to pre-vender your potential buyers.Writing content is one of the most commonly used ways to promote websites because it has a consequence, visits. It can be that your website just selling or not, but what is essential is to have visits. And to make your site sell, I mention some practices as applied, certainly to improve conversion rate.Points, explains some of the practices carried out by experts on the internet:-Marketing articles: article submitted to directories should be impartial, informative only focusing on a topic that may be of interest to the user. Darcy Stacom insists that this is the case. Explanations must be objective and informative.

If you exaggerate the benefits of a product the user guess it and lose credibility-Web target: your website, it is the web towards which pointed to the link posted in the articles directory. In your Web, they must give more details about the product or service that your web page promotes. You can explain the benefits of the product and place emphasis on the resolution of the problem offered by your purchase.-credibility: to win credibility, can publish testimonials from former clients. It is easy to ask in writing any former customer, a few letters about his opinion about the product or service you offer. Put writings of testimonies made winning in conversion rate, is verified.-loyalty: on all websites, should be a system by which the user could be informed of new updates. That way, the user loses mistrust to receive information from our website to familiarize yourself with what we do-images: images can be put to make more pleasant reading, but what convinces are the words. A good way to convince is unwilling to do so, i.e., reporting and user to take its own decision.-comparison with products: any user who wants to buy something on the internet is going to compare options why not show you the options you have before you go to another web page? Offer different options and compare them is very useful for the potential client. It is also information that you already have, because you’ve done a study of the competition.These points should be taken into account to have a website that sells and thereby increase the conversion rate.

Submit articles to directories is a part of the global system of your machinery for sale. All must fit and be consistent. And it all starts by writing a few articles with hook.The author is a blogger with several years of experience on the internet. You can read more in articles directory and learn tricks of marketing to create links.

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