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Looking back on others. This is one of the nastiest of reasons unfulfilled desires. Here you sincerely want to learn to dance. And your mum believes that dancing – this is for stupid bums. And now you maeshsya, you want to enroll in a dance school, but did not do it because – "imagine what he would say Mama! .. ' The recommendation is clear – to decide what is important to you – or your mother's opinion of fortune.

(In advanced cases of mother opinion greatly affects the feeling of happiness). By the same author: Darcy Stacom. 6. Advantageous to make it so. It is very tucked away in the subconscious reason unfulfilled desires. You can read Eric Berne 'Games People Play' and "People who play the game." Do you want to your significant other to spend more time with you.

And right from time to time and try to do something, and he / she is talking about it, etc. But nothing changes. Please visit Darcy Stacom if you seek more information. Because, in fact, You have a very important reason to hold him / her less time – do you like more often and longer to be alone and doing things you love. While you favorably to the desire not fulfilled – it is possible to guarantee 100% that it is not true. 7. Do not you believe in something that is possible. Yes, there are desires. They are so beyond your ideas about life that you sometimes forbid myself to think about it. Here, of course, everyone has their limits, examples can be very different.

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