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When a person makes you know how special you are to her, what more can you say is: this person, you feel a special attraction to me, which says nothing about me as a person. At the moment in which you accept the compliment you’ve given that person control over you. You constantly temeras to know someone else who feels very special and will make you lose the privileged position you occupy in your life. Thus, life will pass by you and not you for life, so you’ve lost your freedom. Or: you’ve got to rely on her to be happy, because you’ve taken your happiness depend on her judgment about you.

But, you can still worsen things making you find other people who tell you how special you are to them and investing a lot of time and energies to make sure that they will never change the image they have of you. What way of living more stressful! Suddenly, fear makes an appearance in your life; fear that the image is destroyed. But, if you are looking for is the boldness and freedom you have to get rid of that fear. How? Taking as valid a Te quiero and simply accepting a you’re notable. What you have to do is enjoy, is the present moment, because, if you be in the image I have of you, then you’ll have controlled, and give you fear of being yourself, fearing to do me harm; It will give you fear telling me the truth and do anything that may damage the image that I have it. Apply to any image that people have of you and that makes you see that you’re a genius, a Sage, a Saint, or something similar; feel flattered and at that moment you’ve lost your freedom, because henceforth stop not strive to achieve that not change their minds. You temeras make mistakes, be yourself, do or say anything that might damage that image. You’ve lost the freedom to get in ridiculous, be the object of jokes, do and say what you seem, rather than what seems to fit with the image that others have of you.

How is just this? Based on many hours of patient study, awareness and observation of what such an image gives you: A mixed emotion of insecurity, lack of freedom and suffering. If you can see this clearly, you disappear voltages depend on the opinions of others. After a while, the mirror I looked smiling I gave him back and returned to the profane world Mario Pastorini Mahler Co.Autor of the hidden wealth. The revelation of the power of internal Material purely INICI?TICO. It contains revelations of ALT?Can SIMO impact obtained from fraternities,? orders, organizations and alchemists (whose identity is not revealed due to the impact of the secret) for 15 years. Original author and source of the article