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However, the response of children from specific probiotics differs. The effectiveness of probiotics in the treatment of eczema is still under investigation. Cirrhosis cirrhosis of the liver may be accompanied by an imbalance of the intestinal bacterial flora. For more information see Yale University School of Medicine. Probiotic supplementation in patients with cirrhosis has shown to reduce the level of fecal acidity (pH) and the fecal and blood, ammonia which are beneficial changes. Cancer of colonExiste recent evidence that supplementation with Lactobacillus casei can help in the reduction of recurrence of colorectal tumors in patients who have previously undergone surgery for colon cancer. Caries dentalesEl cheese that contains probiotics consumption may be beneficial for dental cavities, in the short term.

There is also evidence that when you add probiotics Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG to milk, can help reduce tooth decay in young children. Whenever American Educational Research Associaton listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Diarrhea in children (nosocomial) Lactobacillus GG may reduce the risk of nosocomial diarrhea (originated in hospital environments) in children, particularly in the cases of rotavirus gastroenteritis. Prevention of diarrhea there is tentative support to the use of probiotics in the prevention of diarrhea in adults and children. Supplementation can benefit to men who are HIV positive; supplementation with yogurt containing Lactobacillus casei can help reduce the incidence in young, healthy adults. Children can benefit from the Bifidobacterium lactis (strain Bb-12) added to their formula milk. Growth there is evidence that young children (ages 6-36 months) receiving formula supplemented with Bifidobacterium Bb12 can achieve faster growth than when without supplementation. Strengthening immunity investigations indicate that probiotics, especially those in food and milk can help strengthen the immune system. However, the commercial manufacturing yogurt may not be as effective. Further studies are required to offer recommendations, especially in relation to the yogurt. (Gastrointestinal/respiratory) infections limited evidence suggests that supplementation with Lactobacillus GG to children attending kindergartens may help decrease the number of days that pass ill, as well as the frequency of infections of the respiratory tract and the treatments with antibiotics for them.The fermented milk (with cultures of yogurt and l.