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And again also, when Pete arrived at night he noticed it. He knew and loved his wife too so that these changes of character, pass you unnoticed. So he spent time, repeating these scenes two times a year when arrived the postcards. Sophie not finished processing their grief. Always wondered how her life with Alex would have been. And this, without that she could fix it, away it Pete. That also produced him great sadness, because it affected not only his life but that of Pete, who didn’t deserve this to happen. Click FASEB Journal for additional related pages.

Sophie had received that day postcard from Joey that Alex had sent him for his ninth birthday. Had already finished tell whole story, so now you just wrote him to tell him about her feelings, and things that succeeded him. You had about Samanta and Hannah and was accompanied by a photo of them, with each postcard. Dear Joey: Your ninth birthday is coming. I can’t believe how time has passed! But that I am glad, because every day that passes is one less that I need to be able to hug you.

You do not imagine with how much anxiety I hope your parents tell me that already they think we can do it. I told your mother that do very well in College, but that lately these very fighter. I don’t want to make an apology for this, but I was also pretty fighter at your age. Dear son, fights if necessary, but remember that you must only do so to defend yourself to yourself, or someone who needs it. It’s not never start the fight. It is good to know defend themselves or defend someone in disadvantage with respect to their attacker, but it is not good to fight by fight. Things in life do not they are achieved by force but with the effort.