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Every newborn human being must deny the struggle for survival at the end of his life. This battle is so a precise battle who will tolerate no mistake at all. An instantaneous error can cost the man his life or longer confront different problems and mess up his life. A wrong step can lead him to the abyss and mess up his life. That’s why we have to be careful and our environment understood our missions correctly, select correctly so that we can carry out this struggle for survival ever successfully. Everyone must be self aware, what he is doing and would like to make in the future.

because poetical friends who live unconsciously and negative energies to have and use us for their own purposes bzw.missbrauchen, make us only here on the Earth life and remember not even know what a they us harm. Many people are now wondering what they specifically need to fight, so that they can experience happiness in their lives.Now, the first fight We do against the ignorance in us.We need to make us well. We need to be able to know what we really want in life.We must learn to think, not only write and read, but think. This is the first fight we have to win in our lives.Without education and without the ability to think, we are lost in this world.It must be clear to everyone. Later, we can then start the next battle for our lives. This is the old fight against the evil in us, constantly trying to gain the supremacy over our soul.Only with education and skills we can defeat evil also that getting to know and it in us. We need the ultimate victory over evil in us, belief in God and trust in God.

Only when we develop us these two properties, the evil in us is finally defeated. And we can achieve these two properties, such as faith and trust in God, just with education and skills. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So is the fight against ignorance and ignorance in us not in vain, because it is the beginning of a happy life. Remember this adage: “starts with thinking and questions the Leben.Ohne of these two properties the life ends.” onder Demir

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What can you really believe how work reputable provider? Beyond contacts, media lives consulting and channeling: For many people, it is important to know that they can contact their families even after her death in contact. Richard Linklater is open to suggestions. Media are able to produce such afterlife contacts. But most of the media can do other things. Often they advise seeking advice in many areas of life and their consulting activities refers to different areas such as health, partnership, relationship, family environment and also personal development skeptics could argue of course that the media lives consulting with security cannot work, because it contradicts the laws of nature. But there is still a relatively simple explanation: because all our deeds, words and thoughts as energy fields in other dimensions are stored, media can rely on this information. So-called media messages can help their findings, that seeking advice of their current situation and their interactions better understand. This better understanding there is also the possibility that they will more easily accept the situation can often a first step towards improving the own quality of life. Because through the knowledge’s own life can be often better managed and therefore positive change. Conclusion: Media lives consulting and production of beyond contacts are certainly not for everyone. However, can these things cause much, if they are used properly.