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But this problem is not solvable on the plane! On paper. Do we live on paper? We were taught at school to operate the concepts of "Euclidean geometry", and simple – we were taught at school to think "flat". As for this puzzle, it has a solution, but not in the fictional and the real world. This will help us a Mobius strip. In recent months, Campbell Soup Company has been very successful. Connect the appropriate letter, and get an answer to the puzzle.

Of course, this is only the beginning. Mobius strip conceals currently hold more surprises. Focus number 1 Make another Mobius strip, turned on the half turn (180 degrees). And now try to cut the middle. I will not tell you what will happen because: a) If you already have in your hands and the Mobius strip scissors, then deny you enjoy watching what happens after the cutting – it's just a crime. b) If you did not think to take over the scissors – then what I have said the result will not surprise you. Well, how did it happen? Please Attention! How many revolutions curled received a copy? Focus number 2 Screw Sheet for 2 half-turn (360 degrees), and cut it in the middle. What happens? Focus 3 Make a Mobius strip that is screwed to the floor traffic (180 degrees), and begin slitting his retreating all the time one third of the province. What happens this time? Focus 4 now manufacture Mobius strip, which is twisted into 3 half-turn (540 degrees), and cut it in half.