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The next step is markedly different, if a massage is performed in Mindfulness. Everything is done so that a muscle could relax, etc., could harmonize the flow of energy is carried out in the attitude of the offer and the openness: how it feels for you or how it should be changed, so it feels really good for you try,. It is not therefore, that the muscle is relaxed with this handle. The newspapers mentioned Educational psychology not as a source, but as a related topic. Even if the experience teaches that relaxation is probably often occurs, mindfulness is to remain totally in the moment and “indulge the”, what comes back as information. So a grip even in the finest nuances can be varied in order to come as close as possible to what the inside of this people want at the moment to support.

And that’s not always what the mind wants. Sometimes relaxation is what we desire, but it is not really sure that we handle certain situations of everyday life well If the desired relaxation occurs. So it makes sense to this wisdom of the inside of the trust and the change to occur to allow that the whole system with this modification does not agree. Caring touch feel “special” some massage schools emphasis now on this mindfulness at work or in education. Especially the Elysium can be mentioned here massage massage and the TouchLife.

Specifically the Elysium massage is this, that there is not only no set handle sequences, but not even set “basic rules” such as for example, always from the bottom traces up to work or not in the area of armpits for work etc. Here is always the basic attitude of the practitioners, to follow the details of the client. And this is not only the verbal, but especially the non-verbal. This touch feels good or change the skin tension, breathing, the contact in a way that shows that something for the system is less suitable. Because these signs are already apparent, before they are processed at the client from the cerebral cortex and translated in words, can changes already made will, before the client has deliberately “mind en”, something that was not suitable. So a special feeling of wellbeing can arise, because it feels like the practitioner know always exactly what is right and what is not. That is similar to the feeling that well-stocked babies have, and so the mind can then be quiet for a while, because experience is, that nothing must be done or how to – everything happens practically “as themselves”. This induced relaxation goes very deep, and the associated sense of well-being is far more than that which is achieved in “normal” massages. Mindfulness is an exceptional quality massage!