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Inasmuch as to that of beforehand knew, it predestined also them to be in agreement to the image of its Son, so that it is the first-born between many brothers. to that it predestined, to these also justified, these also glorified. ' ' The Holy Writs teach that God, since the eternity, decided to save definitive people, becoming them to object of Its favor, giving them it Its Son in an union divine effected by the regenerative favour of Its Esprito.&#039 Saint; ' God predestined what of beforehand he knew, this indicates the prescincia of God, in which sample that already had a previous knowledge of all the ones that went to be safe. In these versicles he is since it predestined the ones that had been called by its decree, this implies in an election. God chose beforehand of those that would be safe for its favour.

But appears a question and the others had been elect for the hell? (, Therefore to the will of God he is not that all arrive at the repentance, II Peter 3:9). But as he can God have chosen some to be safe and exactly thus to want that all arrive at the repentance? It will be that the Word of God if contradicts? , To the will of God it is not really that all are saved, but it does not violate the will of the man, and what he is seen he is that the election is subjects the prescincia. I Peter 1:2, ' ' elect according to prescincia of Deus' ' , (Efsios 1:3,4). Soon if the man is elect according to prescincia of God; this implies that the election is based on the fact of that It already wise person of beforehand the ones whom they went to accept the Christ and to these chose. Soon the ones that are not safe had not been elect for the hell, but for its proper choice they had rejected, and God already wise person of this decision.

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The Human Brain simultaneously processes a surprising amount of information. Its brain catches all the colors and objects that you see, the temperature to its redor, the pressure of its feet against the soil, the sounds to its redor, the dryness of its mouth, even though the texture of this article in its hands. Beyond all the sensria information, its brain recognizes emotional answers, ideas and memory. Its also monitorial brain the continuous functions of its body as its standard of breath, movement of eyelids, hunger and movement of the muscles in its hands. The human brain more than processes a million of messages for second. Happily, its brain evaluates the importance of all these data and filters relatively of small account. This function of filtering of the brain is what it makes possible to the man its concentration and capacity to act efficiently in its world. A brain that more than deals with an information piece million all seconds, at the same time evaluating its importance and allowing that you act established in the information most pertinent.

It will be that we can say perhaps that the mere one mounted a so amazing agency? When NASA launches a mission of space bus, subentende that it was not a monkey that the plan wrote, but intelligent and instructed minds. How it is possible to explain the existence of the human brain? One has only lain more intelligent and instructed of what the humanity could create a human brain. In this concise study we mention only some necessary complexities of our world: the position of the Land in relation to the sun, some properties of the water and an agency of the human body. It will be that any one of these things could have by chance occurred? Distinct astronomer Frederick Hoyle showed in its exhausting studies as even though the accidental combination of amino acids in a cell human being is mathematically absurd. Regarding our lives, Hoyle illustrated the franqueza of ‘ ‘ acaso’ ‘ with the following one analogy: ‘ ‘ Which are the possibilities of a Tornado to pass for an iron-old one that it contains all the parts of a Boeing 747 e, accidentally, to gather them all of perfect form, leaving a ready airplane for departure? The possibilities are so small that they are until worthless same that a Tornado was to pass for as many iron-old ones that they fulled the universe all! ‘ ‘ (Littler, ‘ ‘ Know Why You Believe’ ‘).

In everything in the life we see a law logical of cause and effect. All effect had a cause. When people consider the complexities of our life and universe, is reasonable to think that a wise and intelligent Creator to provide everything that we need for the life. Aleluia! Praised either the El Dot, the God of the sabedorias! Pr. Ronaldo Oak, Bachelor in Theology for the College of Theology and Science of Religion?

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phase of the second coming of Christ, that is, before the seventieth week of Daniel = the Great Tribulao. Let us see the education appeared of the Bible on the subject: (i)? Enoque transferred before the annihilating dilvio (Gen. 5:24 and Hb. 11:5) is a figure of the Church arrebatada before the judgment on the world, in the return of Jesus in glory. (II)? Elias arrebatado before the conquest of Israel for its enemies (II Rs. 2:11) is a figure Dos Santos that will be transferred in the ravishment. The Journal of Educational Research oftentimes addresses this issue.

They will not prove the death. (III) L ranks the saved one before God subverter the mpias cities of Sodoma and Gomorra. Jesus said that thus It will be when to come (Luc. 17:29,30). (IV)? Jose had for itself a gentlica wife before the catastrophe of the hunger on Egypt and the too much nations (Gn. 41). (v)? Jose showed its brothers to it when it was solo with them (Gn.

45:1). Later it only is that the strangers had taken knowledge of this its revelation its brothers (Gn. 45:16). (VI)? ' ' Star of manh' ' of Apocalypse 22:16, and ' ' Sun of the Justia' ' of Malaquias 4:2. The Star of the morning, as we know, always precedes the sun. Jesus, as the Star of the Morning, is come to the church (1. phase of its Second coming). But, as the Sun of justice, its coming is for Israel and the too much nations (2. phase of its coming = parousia). * It has diverse divine promises of that the church, the fianc of Christ, will not pass for the Great Tribulao (Luc. 21:34 – 36; I Tss. 5:9; Apc. 3:10). However, the church is white of the favour of God and not of its judgments! Pr. Ronaldo Oak

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Moral Discipline-Theology Subject Conscience and Sin Date 2.1-Conscience – it is freedom next to the ethical structure of the behavior and the Biblical concepts, being that the conscience if points out between the basic option and the concrete decisions, as much that if can ahead observe in at and the NT a valuation of the conscience of the choices. But still thus this can be subjects the influences to the determinative times as genetic, biological, familiar factors educational, partner economic politicians and who can compromise the perfect judgment, as well as can be victim of manipulations and aimings suffered for intermediary from outrem. In general scope, conscience means thinking with, understanding with. Colorado State University does not necessarily agree. Inside of the moral theory, conscience is a function that allows the human being to distinguish between what it is good and what is badly. The conscience, gift in the soul of the person, is a judgment of the reason, that, at the opportune moment, commands the man who practises the good and prevents badly. Thanks to it, the person human being perceives the moral quality of an act to carry through or already carried through, allowing it to assume the responsibility.

When listening moral conscience, the cautious man can hear the voice of God who speaks to it. 2,2 Conscience as ' ' the center most private of the man, the sanctuary where it is alone with God and where Its voice if makes ouvir' ' By the allegiance to the voice of the conscience, the Christians are joined to the too much men in the duty to search the truth and by means of it to decide social problems that appear in the individual and social life. These expressions private center and sanctuary are where the conscience includes the perception of the principles of the morality, its application to the circunsctncias in question, the discernment.

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Divorce and new marriage Unfastening ' ' knot cego' ' Much has been said on this question. Sincere brothers have asked to me regarding this subject, that stops many is one ' ' knot cego' ' difficult of if unfastening. I also stow, for much time, confused regarding this subject; however, one day a sister asked for to me for teaching to it on it, therefore as its shepherd, had the responsibility to instruct it concernente to ' ' New divorce and casamento' '. But as to instruct when you yourselves it does not know the subject? Then, I was obliged to all chew some the 45 books to on this question dificlima; they had been some hours and days studying, to be able to teach that sedenta sheep of knowledge of the word. When he was in the end of that one ' ' it saw dolorosa' ' (one month, two weeks, 22 hours and 45 minutes) of studies and research, then, I arrived the following conclusion: The word ' ' divrcio' ' in the phrase ' ' term of divrcio' ' &#039 becomes related with the word; ' to knock down rvore' ' even though ' ' decapitar' '.

It indicates total cut that in the principle was one ' ' union viva' '. The divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond, giving to the right of new nuptials the innocent part (Dt.24: 2). It is this divorce that Jesus if relates in Mateus 5:31,32: 19: 9. But it appears two basic questions here: 1) – Which the position of the Church in relation to the marriage and divorce? 2) – Where circumstance the divorce is allowed? With the purpose to unfasten ' ' knot cego' ' of this question that if found in the mind of that sister, I analyzed seven culminating points, that had been: The Divorce in the interbblico Period (1 Point) Had in the days of Herodes, the great one, two rabbis who had established schools.

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That it regulates the law of the divorce. The doctor Alfred Edersheim affirms that the Jewish legislation allowed to the divorce for almost all the reasons. The divorce was very common in those days, between the Jews. Jesus, in this declaration, was limiting the reasons that led to the divorce. Already we saw that the followers of the school of Hiller found that they could be divorced its women indiscriminately: it was enough not to prepare a good food, to put much salt in the soup, or simply not to find so pretty how much in the day knew that it. In hypothesis some Jesus argued the validity of the rule mosaic. It said: ‘ ‘ Also he was dito’ ‘ , mentioning the law to it of Moiss (Dt 24,1-4).

‘ ‘ I, however, say ‘ to you; ‘ in this expression it was making restrictions, as speech made many times in this exactly, in regards to the law. The law did not leave the reason clearly for the divorce. The expression ‘ ‘ thing indecente’ ‘ it is much vacant. The men, therefore, had invented many arrangements, using Dt 24,1 to consubstanciar its peculiar interpretations. The law left clearly that the divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond.

The bases for the divorce had been of interminable debates between rabbis during all the Temple as subjects period. If the divorce had been total revoked, would be registered, in this ticket or any another part of the New Will, however this was not registered. It says the Theological Historical Encyclopedia of the Christian Church: ‘ ‘ If Jesus was introducing some radically new thing, would wait that this was left claro’ ‘.

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The reality of the process of education and learning of the schools multisseriadas is structuralized in a classroom, where it has the junction of some series in one alone space (between them the infantile education), having a time of four daily hours to supply inherent the curricular demands to each series. This configuration practises directs it pedagogical of the educator to carry through some planejamentos of education that do not make compatible with the hour/lesson, resulting in an overload of work for this professor. According to Hage (2004; p.27) sends that: The multisseriadas schools are spaces marked predominantly for the heterogeneidade that congregate groups with differences serial, of sex, age, interest, of domain knowledge, of exploitation levels. This inherent heterogeneidade to the effective educative process that if in multissrie, articulated to many other particularitities. In this perspective the multisseriadas schools of the field possess a set of pedagogical joints that unchain processes of resistncias of the professors, between them, the teaching works and the proper relation school-community that happens of the most diverse forms, despite little expressive. In this direction, the multisseriada school of the field has the mission of awaking in educating this ampler vision of the way where it lives searching from its knowledge systemize, that were offered to it, for the systems of education and the educators that it instructed to it, this will give more possibility of improvement of life in its social conviviality. This process of learning in the school field tends to contribute to rescue the values, the customs, the dialects and the local history of the place. For in such a way, the school if has worried very about the losses of the values, and tries to rescue giving it to a new life something that already met forgotten by the new generations, this in them only strengthens each time more than the learning process is capable to develop the education of the field. .