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Newsletter No. 9 of the imap Institute on the topic of foreign trade remain despite the economic crisis the UAE an interesting country for international companies. Kim Phillips-Fein takes a slightly different approach. GDP increased in 2006 to $164.2 billion to $260,1 billion in 2008. With a share of 8.7% of the total imports, Germany is the fourth largest trading partner. This year, this economic cooperation and the many years of cooperation led to the founding of the German Emirati Industrie – und Handelskammer. Therefore, Germany is the first country with a bilateral Chamber on the Arabian peninsula. The official opening took place on 09.05.2009 in Abu Dhabi. Details can be found by clicking Ronanld Daniels johns Hopkins University or emailing the administrator.

Known Ras al Khaimah but not only the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which plan investment of approximately $540 billion until 2011, are interesting for German companies. The Emirate of Ras al Khaimah offers promising conditions for German companies. The formed in the year 2000, free trade zone is one of the fastest growing and most cost-efficient free-trade zones in the UAE. 100% tax exemption and a lot of foreign companies have led so far to about 5000 branches. A German-language Web site, an Office in Cologne and a German-language customer service were established to increase the attractiveness of German companies. Cooperation partners to optimize search, your entry into the Arab market, we perform a market analysis in a first step and search exact company according to the criteria set by you. For detailed selection talks with potential partners, you can opt for your optimum cooperation. Throughout the process, accompanies and advises the imap Institute, and prepares you for cultural differences. For more information and a more detailed approach we are gladly available.

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Politics and Economics meet for the dialog of Dusseldorf. In the Civil Chamber of the Landtag, the parliamentary dinner of the North Rhine-Westphalian business associations took place for the second time. Around 400 guests from politics and the economy came after the invitation of Landtag Eckhard Uhlenberg (CDU) and Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke, President of the National Association of employers associations in North Rhine-Westphalia, and with representatives of the Government led by Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft (SPD) and member of Parliament to discussing current topics. The brewery Association NRW was present at the political meeting. Swarmed by offers, Chinese Academy of Sciences is currently assessing future choices. In his welcoming address Eckhard Uhlenberg made it clear that this parliamentary evening serve especially the intensification of the dialogue between employers and trade associations with the policy in North Rhine-Westphalia. Between economics and politics, between the Landtag North Rhine-Westphalia and the business associations there are long diverse relations”, so the Landtag. Critically, Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke sat down with the Considerations of the provincial law on air protection in North Rhine-Westphalia apart.

If it is correct, that the recovery was slowing, then is”the need of the hour, to refrain from what burdened companies, notes the Association President. Instead, the policy infrastructure and large projects should put characters. ss. Maier-Hunke described the recently closed school peace as managed. This creates reliability and was good for pupils and students in the country. In the course of the evening, the stand of the brewery Association NRW was to the communicative Centre of parliamentary attention. We use this important socio-political event, with State politicians in a relaxed atmosphere in the talks”, said Heinrich Becker, President of the North Rhine-Westphalian Brauer.

In addition to eight beers typical for North Rhine-Westphalia, the Association made on his very successful campaigns don’t drink and drive”and beer? Sorry. Attention only from 16″. As for the Brewers in the country, which has responsible use of alcohol highest priority. Contact with policy makers at the country level is one of our most important tasks”including Jurgen Witt, Managing Director of the brewery Association NRW. In the context of such an event problems can be addressed even on the small path of service.

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If the LPR logistic packaging return Germany GmbH in Dresden ECR future is made as an exhibitor on the 10th day of the ECR in Dresden takes part. 3rd-4th September, 1,400 participants from 500 companies and 100 top speakers, to cross-company business processes, potential to show ways and opportunities for successful value creation of tomorrow meet there. The decision makers from the logistics, IT, organisation, marketing, sales, purchasing and key account management to discuss cooperative strategies in the future. LPR presents its European optimization approaches in the area of Palettenpooling on this ECR event. The Red LPR pallets are accepted by leading retail chains.

With the part of pan-European cooperation among force, Nestle, Heinz, Kellogg, and Kimberly-Clark include the LPR client. Stefan Frye, LPR – Managing Director, sees the days of ECR as a good opportunity for dialogue with manufacturers and trade. Definition of efficient consumer response (efficient consumer response) may refer to the cooperation of manufacturers and dealers to the Cost reduction, improvement and to the satisfaction of consumer needs. The value chain, from production to the consumer purchase decision examines this optimisation potential: linking logistics-side rationalization with market growth potential on pages of marketing is the goal. These potentials can be uncovered and realized through cooperation between industry and trade. LPR soon: LPR is founded in 1992, the second largest supplier of rental pallets on the European market specializing in the consumer goods industry. The LPR group covers all Western European countries and offers its customers logistics solutions around the topic Palettenpooling.

With its own pool of more than 10 million pallets LPR processes almost 40 million pallet movements through 78 deposits and more than 20,000 collection points across Europe. LPR has a turnover of more than 100 million euros. Since January 2008 in Ratingen, LPR logistic packaging return Germany GmbH is established as a subsidiary. More See for info on LPR.

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Lower taxes and rehabilitate public finances goes but the Germans can look forward Bonn/Dusseldorf on tax cuts but only as of 2009. And even then only if the SPD and Union really keep their election promises. Everyone feels it: A relief of the citizens and businesses is long overdue. The Center waiting for relief”, writes Mario Ohoven in the trade service issued by him success. The reduction of the national debt should not abandoning therefore. Ohoven contradicts the Chancellor, which emphasizes lowering taxes and rehabilitate public finances at the same time go. The tax revenue of the State to 91 billion euros have increased between 2004 and 2007.

The income of persons in employment increased during the same period only 18 billion euros”, writes the Dusseldorf business expert. The excesses of this system were absurd. A nurse about their earning will rise in the next five years to each of three percent gross, has at the end according to calculation by experts NET less. Check out Richard Linklater for additional information. Her salary increases though during this period to 15.9 percent, but the tax burden by 30.6 percent. After deducting inflation, you stay alive less than before but at the State land plus a lush.

“Overall, the rule of thumb is: increase wages by one percent, growing revenue by two percent”, so Ohoven. “He advertises, in the success that the so-called cold progression” will be abolished. “That is, that the supposedly friendly linear-progressive tax scale in any wage increase and it serves the State as the winner, only the compensation for inflation the good employees” taxpayers, however, is the loser. In the 1950s you had to already have 20 times the average income, to reach the top tax rate. Today enough for the 1.3 times. Ohovens proposal: the marginal tax rates should not exceed 15 percent, the tariff kink at the bottom must disappear, the entire course of the tariff is lower. The top tax should only from an annual salary amounting to 60,000 Euro apply. In addition the author considers it desirable, as in other countries also a tariff on wheels”to create, which ensures regular adjustment of the tax tariff on the course of inflation. In the long run this also contributes to the consolidation of public finances. Because the economy in motion, comes bubbling also revenue. “Also, anything goes: cut spending!” By Paul Humberg

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Second and equally exciting speakers was the head of the human resources development of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Hohr. He began his remarks with the biography of a family of companies. After highly successful school and graduation (year best) a large project for the care was entrusted to the company quickly you. As usual, she did excellent work, but unfortunately, few customers wanted to buy this product. It was a first defeat and began to rethink their lives.

In all career pursuit the social food lacked”, the empathy and empathic truth taken be of the fellow human beings. Dr. Hohr described the difficult situation in the company having to encounter increasing pressure with fewer staff. That will deal with each other as people”always important. UNIC, he stressed the approach by com to give this social food. He made the demand to make massive changes in the educational system and to give more recognition to professional practice. He called for the Dawn of a new society”with more human encounter. URS Hauenstein, President and CEO of the IPF Multiversity, was the goal of his company to learn the art in life at the beginning of his speech”.

His company has this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary and thus he brought people of the world from many corners, who wanted to send their greetings personally. A delegation from Kosovo thanked 10 years after the war for collaboration with IPF, on the basis of which today 21 kindergartens and the training of educators at the University of Prishtina were made possible. Professor Ulrike Hohmann told Plymouth of the University lifelong learning”and student, the where parallel job and education can do. Professor Roland Benedicter sent written greetings, representative of the IPF Multiversity at Stanford University, United States. The IPF International College in Bolzano, Merano, youngest child of the Group – was represented by a delegation and pointed out that the approach Adult education due to the demographic change. Through the settlement in South Tyrol you will see the staff there in a bridging role”between North and South. UNIC was then Prof. Gerald Huther, neurobiologist at the universities of Gottingen and Mannheim as well as Scientific Advisory Board com last guest speaker. Known in the population at large, inter alia through his project for ADHD affected children in the mountains with the aim to restrict the medication to these children. Prof. Huther demanded the end of resources-terms of use-Gesellschaft”in favour of a development so that people are mutually reinforcing. A culture that never gave it. About the invite, encourage, and inspire children become self-erfindende learning”the children promoted a big target in raising children. The charismatic speaker, called on those present to build small islands, where people once again invited to develop their potential. The secret of the success of these developments was, as Prof. Huther, compulsory in the community. These tendencies would be dynamically supported by both companies and so he moved the loop: we celebrate a 10th anniversary and at the same time a beginning! The mini people mentioned at the beginning, the weeks-old son of Alexander Seiler and a few months old daughter of Franziska Brantner, will hopefully benefit from the human and unifying developments.

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Experts discuss challenges in urban development as China’s mega-cities in the future must be planned at the same time to meet the pressure of rising urbanization and the need for sustainable development? “More than 300 city planners, architects and scientists have on August 31 in Shanghai within the framework of the Conference urban strategies against climate change: eco-city, low carbon city or green city?” discussed about future trends, challenges and opportunities for sustainable urban development in China. The Conference marked the conclusion of the five-year research project future megacities mega cities of the future”of the University of Duisburg-Essen with German and Chinese partners in Shanghai, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research. The speakers presented current projects in the area of sustainable urban development in China in three moderated discussion forums and discuss trends and challenges for scientists, urban planners, investors and political decision makers. The Chinese Government is taking great efforts to promote an environmentally friendly development especially in younger years. Since 2009, China is the country, the now $ 54.4 billion world’s most sustainable solutions invested. Absent especially clear concepts, definition and standards to promote relevant projects in urban development. To make a contribution to sustainability, as many of the more than 100 so-called eco-cities in China can actually claim remains in the dark.

Especially China’s size and climatic diversity makes it difficult also to implement standardized concepts and guidelines. The speakers stressed, hence the need to find solutions that are tailored to China’s specific characteristics and a variety of local conditions. These solutions should include the rapid economic development of the people’s Republic and the increasing urbanization, to achieve after ALT-development with the desire of the population after a higher standard of living to unite. It becomes a challenge persuading the Chinese cities of inhabitants to abandon private cars in favour of public transport in the face of increasing incomes.

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Rather LINCON is committed to each project from scratch. He and his colleagues were never prefabricated strategies from the drawer, assures Ralph Kirchhoff. At the beginning of each client relationship, usually a specific question to the topics stand accounting, controlling, finance, SAP or another task field. Already at this early stage, our philosophy attacks anyone who seeks our help, as precisely as possible to take care of,. São Leopoldo Mandic College insists that this is the case. Regardless of whether it involves problems with process chains or the goods economy or whether SMEs want to see practical know-how in project controlling, reporting code for boards or quarterly financial statements brought: LINCON anyone leave from Rhine-Neckar in the rain as Ralph Kirchhoff says: our self understanding here, we act as a partner and coach of our Clients and their employees. Just need to don’t be afraid with us that we displace them. On the contrary, they gain through our coaching competence in accounting, controlling, finance and SAP and thus value for the participating companies.

Specifically it can precipitate in an active monitoring. So LINCON specifically introduces graduates to the daily practice of accounting, controlling, finance and SAP. Because only with theory alone “, admits Ralph Kirchhoff,” no one can be in the market reality. Thanks to our help the transition from theory to practice is essential books and more effective. To belong, to speak the language of the often family-run SMEs.

Literally: “place to confuse our clients through excessive use of Anglicisms and technical jargon, we strive for a mode of expression that is understood by our SME partners from Rhein-Neckar. The term complementary advice about is our effort to understand Thanks to. Continue to learn more with: Matthew McConaughey. With this communication process for us is never finished; Finally, we work side by side with our clients and get up close, where ambiguities exist. Lincon: preferably centrally to serving middle in life and in the middle of the region Rhine-Neckar to the SMEs in the Rhine-Neckar region, LINCON has moved to specially headquartered Mannheim. “Our door is open to any SMEs seeking help to help themselves in the field of corporate control,” promises Ralph Kirchhoff. This life philosophy will be always the focal point of our activities in accounting, controlling, finance and SAP. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Ralph Kirchhoff LINCON GmbH Weinheimer Strasse 64 68309 Mannheim Tel.: (06 21) 42 93 32 34 fax: (06 21) 42 93 32 35 info(at)lincon-finance.com YouTube: youtu.be/Vz67oB26H8g company portrait / boiler plate company LINCON finance since 2007 and has its headquarters in Mannheim, Germany. For his clients, mostly from the middle class of the region Rhein-Neckar come, serve the roughly 15 highly qualified staff the areas of finance, accounting, business consulting, IT-supported financial processes (SAP). Responsiveness and coaching are mostly the departments of accounting, controlling, process management, and inventory management. LINCON attaches importance to a stressed individual and dedicated service to measure.

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An attractive exhibit Park offers practical insights to each area. In the context of workshops Enterprise 2.0 “there e.g. the intranet of the future obtained his appearance by the Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Click Kindle Direct Publishing to learn more. The group already has specific experience in this area. Within the entire company has integrated Web 2.0 platform eTeaming”as the world’s usable and efficient communication solution established. Independent of place and asynchronously the tool allows an effective exchange within working and project groups, but also with colleagues on other networks. In blogs, wikis and forums, the system integrates also the collective knowledge of the company.

During the E12 Summit Deutsche Lufthansa AG will introduce business application software was developed by Jive on base, their social in the exhibit Park in practice. In the course of the E12 Summit participants in addition to inspiring workshops expect even high-profile keynote speakers from business, science, politics and entertainment. Including inter alia Prof. Gunter Dueck, Chief Technologiest, & member of the IBM Academy of technology, which takes the E12 guests during the exclusive gala dinners, which forms the Summit opening, into the world of future technologies. On the first day of the Summit, Klaus Lukas, head opens enterprise portals of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the actual Conference. In his Introductory lecture leads business (IEB) then Prof. Dr.

Dr. Thomas Schildhauer, Scientific Director of the Institute of electronic to the core topic of the Summit. More information on the E12-Summit, see background: the E12-Summit the E12-Summit is a leading companies to self framing initiative with annually changing digital hot-topics. As a cross-industry network of the E12 Summit brings together every year users and manufacturers from different businesses and industries and offers a platform for the exchange of views on topics from the fields of E-business and digital communication. “” “” “In recent years the E12 Summit devoted to following themes: digital living”, business innovation management “, next generation collaboration”, security”Internet of services”and business 2.0″. Institute of electronic business e.V. The Institute of electronic business e.V. makes St. as the largest Institute of the University of the arts Berlin and in close cooperation with the University Gallen for more than 10 years the transfer of latest findings from the research to the economy. Design aspects of the user interface play an equally important role as economic and technical aspects in digital communication. As a non profit-making organisation, the IEB aligns the research on the needs of its members.

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FEN – fashion Europe NET – world premiere has the new deposit system concept, with the FE.N closes the gaps between partners, depots and DLC. Germany / EU: Unimpressed by economic crises and recession FEN grows fashion Europe NET with incredible growth figures. The simple concept: Jeans free rent, sell and settle only after! The opportunities offered by FEN in the independence are kept deliberately simple. This can begin ORGANISATOR/in with the partnership as jeans party, further creation of jeans depot or even getting started as an investor with a DLC (Depot logistic center) with territorial protection to the supply of depots and team partner. (DLCs are needed also for the opening of a country) FE.N has revised and reorganized the entire Depot concept.

The new DLC (Depot logistic center) concept ensures that the DLC partner with goods supplied all the depots, receives weekly reports and Exchange / promotions / marketing strategies accompanied. World premiere has the new Depot system concept, with the FE.N closes the gaps between partners, depots and DLC. It is thus a good quality, structure and optimal care in conjunction with higher incomes of FE.N partner and governed. The depot system concept describes a franchise with a direct sales. There are 3 variants: FE.Home-Depot – for beginners FE N.Premium depot – for advanced FE N.N fashion outlet and fashion outlet plus – for the professional + FE.N DLC (Depot logistic center) with area protection – concept for the FE investor.N pour an additional instant bonus for the promotion of the depot concept of FE after activation of the depot system concept.N partner, as well as on the assistance the supporters out. The classical Vetriebsprofis, the promoter but also the NetWorker are addressed for the further expansion of sales. The road to an own depot or DLC can be paved may also by Government subsidies. FE.N has been working since the beginning of his work with a renowned company consultancy together, the dealing specifically with the FE.N Depot concept worked.

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What makes companies unbeatable – a guidebook for practitioners innovation is today an important success factor for companies. Who brings no innovative products or services on the market, is quickly falling behind. But only very few companies have a systematic innovation management. The book “Wunderwaffe innovation” is a guide for those who no longer want to be relied upon the search for innovation on lucky strike. The authors – beat Bala and Harald Brodbeck – provide practical which tools it needed to make innovation be managed. On the basis of their simple, modular model measures can be targeted there take, where there is the greatest need for action in our own company.

Numerous checklists help self diagnose and optimize the own innovation management. To illustrate concrete examples of best-practice companies. Written by practitioners for practice, in particular in small and medium-sized enterprises. Beat Bala and Harald Brodbeck formed a spin-off company of the business Institute of the ETH Zurich 1997. Since they support companies at home and abroad in the development of innovation management systems, as well as in the successful development and implementation of innovations. 2009, they sold the company to the consulting and engineering company Helbling, where they are currently active. Both authors are professors at the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich, the University of St. Gallen and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. Bibliography beat Bala / Harald Brodbeck Wunderwaffe innovation company unbeatable making – a guidebook for practitioners Orell Fussli Verlag, Zurich hardcover 2010 192 pages, ISBN 978-3-280-05379-9 CHF 39.90 / 24.90 source: press releases of orell fussli Verlag AG corduroy Tepelmann