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Anyone, though you know, can tell you: ‘ Oh, you’re this archetype. Vedic Science, the ancient tradition of wisdom of India, says that while you can not get in contact with that embryo of God or goddess that incubates inside you, while you can not allow birth, your life will always be mundane. However, once that God or goddess is expressed through you, you’ll take great and marvelous works. Wikipedia reminds us, an archetype is a model or example of ideas or knowledge which many others are derived to model the thoughts and attitudes characteristic of each individual, each set, of every society, even of each system. A system of words, ideas, ideals, or thoughts, follows a regular behavior, wrapped in its own paradigm; even Archetypes are used to model their own way, to open field in a middle of abstract ideas and little understood or even intelligible, only guided by their own thoughts and believe. The Mental education school added us that currently, we tend to seek symbolic archetypes in celebrities, but we need to encourage full expressions of the archetypes in us. They are part of what we created.

This is what our dreams are made. This mythologies, the stories told in the heat of the bonfires, legends are made. This is what inspires great films. Star War, Luke Skywalker is the expression of the archetype of the eternal adventurer, who is willing to take risks to explore the unknown. Princess Leia is like Artemis, the Huntress autonomous, the protective.

Yoda is the wise, guardian seer of a powerful knowledge linked with intelligence not circumscribed. These are characters in our collective imagination, ancient archetypes presented with futuristic appearance. The Archetypes are vital to understand and define what we are: individual expressions of a collective consciousness. Mythology is the source of our civilization. One of the consequences of depriving to the people of Mythology is to join street gangs.