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Feeding prefer, DSP-terminal energetically supported the forces of the microcosm of self-organization, calling to life the deep pulse of the primary will to health. The most that neither is clear and simple way to this desire for a healthy life support – and a microcosm of proceeds to samotvoreniyu body. Sensory effects act directly on the brain, and the system bioenergokanalov, so these effects can be assume that the information the most powerful therapeutic factors! So through the distribution of the DSP can be arranged flow-line reproduction of healthy organisms through careful targeted activation of their own internal resources! In each of the clients themselves reveal stored in the bowels of the body gifts orderliness and harmony. So the rainbow tells people promised them deliverance from sickness and weaknesses! Man is malosimpatichny a conglomerate of separated and mis-matched sub-personalities, constantly fighting with each other and do not give the owner no rest day or night. Man is not able to find their own identity and put it at the head of government small 'I'. Identity generated by the system integrity purposes, but just with the objectives and ways to implement them among his contemporaries there is a maximum problem. To ensure that every step of life was a true original, an individual must take the path of gaining perfection, and for this he needs to get used to regularly clean the "Augean stables' own body from the poisons of fear, painful memories and illusory hopes that means using technology 'Tsvetopsihosomatika'. .

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Children who attend the wedding, embody innocence and sinless start – what could be better for the wedding party? If you do not know what to do with babies, preschoolers at the wedding, so they are not confused by feet in adults, and at the same time, so that they too were interested in this event, listen to a few simple tips. You can give pleasure to someone else's wedding to children that they are at an early age to understand how this joyous occasion! 1. Ask the parents of children invited in advance to learn a poem or fable, which they can talk to all the guests, thus congratulate the newlyweds. Not necessarily to teach a long and tedious poem, because preschoolers can not remember the difficult texts: the main thing that verse was friendly, read with intonation and did not require too much time reading. Do not forget that the focus should still be newly married, and not your child, how would you not want to. 2. Encourage adults to learn a simple room with children of different genres of art: to sing a song, perform a dance or at least turn over notes of the musician.

Kids feel its value and be proud of. 3. The girl invited to participate in the redemption of the bride. The boy could steal the bride's shoe. Best for these missions will suit children aged 7-12 years. Too little can do something wrong, confused, and children over that age may already be shy to climb under the table and engage in other mischief. 4.

"Hiring" older children (8-14 years) as a junior bridesmaid and junior groomsmen. It will be interesting to them, and you will receive additional helpers. 5. Several children carry charge guests the wedding cake. 6. Allow children to take part in decorating the wedding car as well – throwing rose petals the bride's feet and feasibly help other wedding decorations.