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During your visit on our website you will be able to find a myriad of information since the beginning of how you can start a business on the internet since the search for a good topic, web development, automation of the sale, as also the way to make the payment via credit card using the means of payment Paypal and 2checkout, nowI have received many mail from people living in countries in South America and that unfortunately not can activate a Paypal account because this company doesn’t work in these countries at the rate of the number of scams that come taking for a long time so many people are affected by the abuse of these people and when trying to open an account with paypal are seen with the problem that Paypal is not working in those countries to sell products only to make shopping and when they go to the 2checkout website found with several obstacles by the fact of not speaking the English language. Here I have the solution to this major problem, seeking on the Internet and in one of my trips to South America to reach a company which has much experience in web solutions, the company is called DATA TRUST PERU and they work a lot with 2checkout and make the service processed the documentation so that people interested in activating an account with 2checkout can do so through your service and be able to sell via the Internet. Learn more at this site: Olivia Pacino. In order to make the corresponding procedure you’ll have to have your own website with your own domain, then the idea is to send you an email to this company requesting service of the pending to 2checkout then they will you respond requesting you the necessary documentation to perform the corresponding procedure, I want to know from the outset that 2checkout company reserves the right of approval and that will depend on what you are offering on your websitethey usually have to be own products and do not resell products without authorization or permission of the author, in case one wants to re sell products possibly you’ll have to prove that you have the permissions required to sell them and thus avoid problems. The company DATA TRUST PERU cobra for the service in advance the cost is $ 35 per transaction beyond the costs of activation 2checout charges for activating an account with them, this money can be sent via Western Union. In case the customer is rejected by 2checkout money that 2checkout cobra will be returned to the customer less the cost of shipping that western union cobra costs by the filing made by the company DATA TRUST PERU will not be returned in case the application has been rejected since the procedure was carried out anyway by this company.