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The Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH, manufacturer of multifunctional dry construction window PLANLINE, uses the network of BIG, to further increase the awareness of the flush glazing system. Cyrus Massoumi will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Stephanskirchen, July 2011 – which exists nationwide Interessengemeinschaft drywall e.V. Since 1998 and according to the idea of its establishment to the central platform of dry construction developed. As the only Association in the industry, the BIG is a network in which companies from the fields of trade, industry and crafts find themselves together. The BIG reasons for the BIG network offers the unique opportunity to develop ideas, to interact with each other as well as to introduce new products. The pulse meetings and the training can for us an important multiplier be. “so Johannes Riediger, Managing Director of GLASTEC Rosenheim.

NEW! PLANLINE: the perfect combination of partition wall and glass PLANLINE has been used since its launch just over a year ago in various construction projects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The hermetic sealed glass elements, similar to suited double glazing with mouth widths up to 150 mm, making connections on both sides flush with the plasterboard wall. The protected shutter system provides an invisible mechanical connection of frame and glass. The visible edge creates a delicate and high-quality optics. Applications and benefits of more PLANLINE can be mounted in almost all structures, including Office and administrative building, hospitals, surgeries, health centres, schools, universities, nurseries, commercial and exhibition buildings, sports halls, shopping malls and housing. PLANLINE convinces by its excellent ease of Assembly and various performance characteristics, including flush, frameless, fully transparent, systematic and fogging tested. Installation saves time artisans and the installation of PLANLINE is fast, easy and with absolute dimensional accuracy possible costs. Because glass and frame separately, can be mounted which is Glass mounting even after full completion of dry construction wall possible. Pollution, damage or breakage are excluded! Planline meets specific requirements on the glass the PLANLINE glass modules are adapted to individual needs and can be combined with each other, including: soundproofing, fire protection, X-ray and radiation protection, personal protection and flexible privacy through internal electrically operated (ISOShadow) and foil roller blinds (ISO-roll).

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Keep in mind the size of the room in which you plan to install the water heater. Apparatus sixty liters in volume and more cumbersome and not any flat wall stand barrel, the height of one meter in diameter and 50-60 cm depending on the type of heater and the desired temperature, the required energy output ranges from 400-500 in storage heaters (if you want to heat the water to 40-50 degrees) to 6 – 7 kW at flow heaters. Electricity in homes in most cases, this load can not stand, so you should just get ready to either replace the wiring in the apartment, or a separate cable for wiring exclusively for the water heater. Storage water heaters consume energy not only during the heating of water, and with the support of its temperature, which is why electricity bills you probably unpleasantly surprised. Vladislav Doronin is likely to increase your knowledge. In Unlike a microwave oven, which consumes more energy, but not long term, water heater uses electricity big time and the ideal choice for power and volume of the tank will allow you to significantly save money without sacrificing comfort when using hot water. When you purchase a water heater should turn its attention to the material, of which the tank itself and for shielding. Vladislav Doronin wanted to know more.

Often the inner tank is made of corrosion of steel, and external – of enameled steel. This material is resistant to high temperature, non-toxic and provides thermal insulation. We need to think about water filters, out that access into the interior of the tank there, rinse it possible either. The best way to not pollute the tank – clean water. Connecting and installing water heaters – a process crucial and complex. Trust should be exclusively specialists. Not only because it skillfully to make the wiring pipes many can not afford, but also because the quality of such a facility in a professional will be much higher, and again, you will not have to blush in front of neighbors over a puddle, which they are even made to your house boiler.

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The advantages and characteristics of facilities in Bruck (Potsdam Mittelmark) between high Flaming and Havelland, surrounded by a natural landscape, lies the idyllic town of Bruck, which convinces with its simple beauty. The quiet location ideal for living and recreation. Optimal connections make the city to Berlin (60 km), Potsdam (35 km) and to the A9 (5 minutes by car) to the insider’s tip for indoors. The offered land lying West of historic bridge in the area of Gansematen. The offered land lying West of historic bridge in the area of Gansematen.

It all for supplying the area of necessary technical supply and disposal pipes are. Katarzyna Chawarska may find it difficult to be quoted properly. By location to the city centre, the area of Gansematen is well supplied with all infrastructure. An outdoor swimming pool at the land borders to the South, some hundred metres away are primary and high school, as well as the station. informed that Building area Gansematen in the town of Bruck. Learn more about the benefits and features of life in Potsdam-Mittelmark on our page. Since 1989, there are world’s children entitled to happiness.

“The United Nations request: to the full development of his personality to the child surrounded by happiness, love and understanding grow up.” For the staff of the children’s facilities in Bruck, the pleasant climate in schools and kindergartens is a prerequisite that the kids with their schools and kindergartens in Bruck identify themselves, that they recognize it as a place, where in addition to knowledge and skills, social experiences and human values are taught. Eltern-kind-Zentrum Bruck parents child the city bridge sees itself as a meeting place for children and families who are supported in direct collaboration with the tutors of kindergartens is to develop ways of cooperation. Several times a year are organised by competent social pedagogues, family therapists and education consultants parents courses, the all Family members will help discover the positive aspects of childhood. All-day schools are schools in Bruck, Bruck high school as well as bridge primary school. The full-day operation offers the possibility to build an intense social relationship, to support social integration of pupils and intensely demanding students and teachers. The sport is also capitalized on the bridge schools. To do this, two gyms, an athletic field on the property next door, and last but not least the new bridge natural bath offer best prerequisites. A special feature of high school bangs is the placement of the 9th and 10th classes. The internship allows students in the dream job”to brief overveiw and helps with the choice of the education profession. Bangs high school prides itself on the excellent functioning school partnerships outside Brandenburg, which have existed for 18 years with the comprehensive school Hille (Nordrhein-Westfallen) and 11 years with the gymnasium in Tarnow/Opole (Poland). Fixed traditions are “all the annual project weeks dance and music overcoming borders” with pupils of all three schools. Elementary school bridge is one of four selected schools from the Land Brandenburg and the only one from the Potsdam Mittelmark district that includes scientific learning more project with the participation of the prima(r)forscher-in the school life. On June 10, 2009, the prestigious Adolf-Reichwein-Preis was awarded primary school in bridge for their achievements in the education of children. Team work and cooperation rather than confrontation is the secret of success of this children’s facilities. Hubert Auffenberg real estate trading fund management company mbH

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The benefits of a new building when compared to an older House more and more families or even couples, whose family planning even before is, opt for a home. Because just with children it is beautiful in your own four walls to live, where the neighbors are a few meters further away and in the garden can play the children. For young families, living in a House is much more pleasant. Rental is too expensive in most cases and is no longer economically viable. Because for these costs, you can pay have often been a rate for a House. Now the most important question but: you should build or buy? Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The construction of a House is substantially free of course in design and architecture, everything can be just as you have always wanted it. But that is often not quite as easy as one has imagined it.

For many families, often only a small townhouse or a planned for prefabricated house in question comes from cost reasons? Costs for individual wishes are here often expensive. Also, the quality is not always the case as one might wish it. However, you are free to choose the equipment and has its own and new. Buying a home, it looks different. Here you will never find 100%, what you imagine. If you have read about University of Cambridge already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Compromises must almost always be closed when purchasing a House. The prices are often lower and you can afford a larger plot.

What you finally decide, also each type depends on and what requirements you have in a House. It is also important to be, what kind of House you want before buying or building in clear. Because House is not the same House! Many families opt for a terraced house. Here, the costs are still wearable in a new building. Semidetached houses also like to purchase. The trend to the finished House is always more. Because the construction period is shorter and the prices that are often lower than in a freely planned architects House. A good workaround is a wooden prefabricated house. Wooden houses are outfitted with their very good Room climate. So to build environmentally conscious. It is ideal with young children. Therefore more and more wooden prefabricated House will be built. So it combines the advantages of a prefab home with all the benefits of a climate-conscious wood House? In addition, the KfW also promotes such construction projects. More info for wooden prefabricated House can be found under holzbauwelt.de.

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the URN burial systems by Paul Wolff for highest product quality the cemetery outfitter Paul Wolff was currently certified 502/3 for urn burial systems with the RAL – quality mark. The Monchengladbach company corresponds to the very strict standards of RAL-Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e. V. The certification is guaranteed that Paul Wolff offers a consistent quality at a high level. This is true for the manufacturing and the construction of the URN burial systems as well as for a dignified burial. As urn burials are becoming increasingly popular, cemetery carriers increasingly require this seal of approval in their tenders.

The testing and quality regulations specify that the URN systems and equipment, as well as a more reverent and dignified, environmentally friendly use of ensure a long-term occupancy minimum rest requirements. Get more background information with materials from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Paul Wolff systems from the value stone Manufactory line in all these points correspond to the highest quality standards. Be checked in addition to the nature of the material, including also the optimum loading, vent, and the handling with the closure plates. In addition, the detection of system suitability of at least five cemetery providers that use the system, must be submitted during the first test. Permanent quality assurance unannounced, neutral tests in production are carried out at least once per year.

Thus, it is ensured that the customer in its cemeteries can use quality products, which ensure a high level of security to him. In particular, when it comes to a so sensitive issue such as burial. The RAL-Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e.V. represents the interests of innovative concepts of cemetery and offers solutions in the cemeteries. The Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e.V. is a nationwide Association of in the education specialist firms, which define the quality and excellence of its products and services through a special quality assurance. It is one of the RAL (Institute for good safety and labelling, Sankt Augustin) recognized community of goodness.

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Clear lines and living material: Modern interior design wooden floor has white walls, lit rectangles, light areas, almost invisible high-tech equipment and to a wooden floor made of wood. For other opinions and approaches, find out what John Craig Venter has to say. What sounds like an interior architectural contrast between modernity and tradition, forms a harmonious overall concept in the style of the time in reality. The trend in interior design is towards natural, tangible, high-quality materials. Architects such as Gudrun Berschneider create modern spaces in a clear language of forms and at the same time, a warm and inviting atmosphere with impressive real wood flooring, a clever lighting and bright colors. Distance\”is one of the first key words to describe the Villa, the architect and interior designer by Berschneider + Berschneider in der Oberpfalz for a family of entrepreneurs has built. An open floor plan, high passes and simple surfaces dominate the space image.

Looking for a single pieces of furniture or ordinary doors in vain, they would in the only lost work generously proportioned rooms. Shelves and cabinets are added as custom elements in the walls and step back as compared to the open spaces. The entire ground floor is a communicative level, which can temporarily be divided into individual units with sliding walls. This distance represents a characteristic feature of contemporary interior design with its clear lines. So the modern establishment with its structure and relaxation not to the pure art object is degraded and the residents within their four walls can feel comfortable, warm colors like Brown and bright orange tones, a well-thought-out lighting with indirect lighting and last but not least much natural wood ensures a comfortable atmosphere. Revolutionary and rustic wood as a building material, flooring or furniture, the designer avant-garde in the past considered epitome of traditional, finishing and rural. Unforgettable the wardrobe is oak rustic\”, symbol of the early 80s. Today, oak, experience Walnut and co.

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Optimum indoor climate to feel comfortable with solar shading systems of Glastec for more than 20 years develops and produces hightech insulating glass Glastec Rosenheim successfully with Sun protection and daylight systems in the space between the panes. To be innovative and to provide practical solutions to the users is always objective and ambition. The internal systems in the insulating glass of company Glastec prove extremely intelligent solution that successfully applies in the private as well as in the commercial sector. Manually or electrically operated, light, Sun and shade can be controlled. Firmly installed in the insulating glass, the blind and the blind remains always clean and thus maintenance-free. Weather-related pollution, destruction, or damage may not arise.

Even extensive cleaning is eliminated. ISO-shadow the agile blind between the panes of ISO-shadow is the louvers in the space between the panes of double or triple insulating glass. The system was for Windows, facade and partition developed through his glare in the Private sector and such as in offices, schools, kindergartens, gymnasiums perfectly insert in the commercial sector. The slats of the blind to raise, lower or contact and are available in many colors. The total energy transmission (g value) will be reduced to 6%. The thermal protection achieved a UG-value up to 0.6 W / mk.

ISO-roll point of view and sun protection with review in ISO-roll is a foil roller in the space between the panes of insulating glass, the review to remain outside. The metal-coated, transparent foil reflects the incident rays outward. A pleasant temperature inside remains even at high ambient temperatures. Air conditioning and ventilation systems are no longer necessary. ISO-roll can be installed in each window, no matter whether square, triangular or trapezoidal. The practical can be operated electrically via button, automatically in the Sun, or via a room thermostat. Also here a UG-value convince m K and g value up to 0.6 W / m up to 4%. ISO-shadow and ISO-roll two excellent sun protection systems maintenance and weather-independent with best heat and sun protection. ISO-roll for the umbrella ISO-shadow for the facade. Both systems can be combined as well, show a years of permanent functional efficiency and have a pleasingly positive balance of costs.

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Ecological and beautiful the desire to acquire the customers not only aesthetic, but also environmentally friendly products, is increasingly at all levels and also the floor industry takes into account this development. Quieter, warmer and durable as laminate flooring, this slip-inhibiting and room sound positive, is an ideal complement in the portfolio of a ground provider Designboden and satisfies the consumer in beautiful way to ecological and harmless floor coverings. For the Ruthener masterpieces, sustainable and responsible action means not only the renunciation of tropical wood and solid wood flooring, but also taking into account the environmental consequences in the product development. The company ensures that the end user due to the high quality enjoys long on his ground and stumbled about in search until a product has passed both the optical and the environmental test. Read more from FASEB Journal to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “We can not comprehend, that one finds unacceptable plasticizers in the toys, but to not bother that play children in nurseries, KINDERGARTENS and of course also at home on floors, which contain these harmful chemicals “, as Ludger Schindler, Managing Director of the masterpieces.Like practical PVC flooring used in old people’s homes and care institutions – with so far not estimable consequences “, as Ludger Schindler,” and from these dangers we want to distance ourselves clearly with our products. Therefore highest value was placed at the new Designboden collection DD 350S in the current country house floorboards format (2052 x 198 mm) on an ecologically faultless production. Our floor combines the advantages of a PVC floor, but not the disadvantages the plasticizers in a high quality and aesthetic product. The floor is 100% PVC free, stay healthy, high-quality and at the same time environmentally friendly.

Incidentally confirmed by the Blue Angels, and especially this independent label will be according to the GfK study from March 2013 by consumers now majority required “, as Ludger Schindler.And for us DD is 350S to another important range component, to offer aesthetic and healthy alternatives for health concern flooring. With the new Designbodenkollektion, which has been available since March, the circumferential V-groove and the imprinted structures emphasize his country house character. The five wooden replicas of white pine up to going to antique grey oak, seem very authentic and the easy care inspires consumers in addition. Because the customer increasingly asks for floors that are consistently ecological in his perception and thereby meet his aesthetic ideas, floors the gap ideally between natural coloured or printed Cork and colored linoleum floors because they are mostly offered in the wood look preferred by the customer. If they are still living healthy, more .

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The Essen fire service EBS informed an elimination and limitation of fire and the damage they importance of structural fire protection measures. The Essen fire service EBS bear explains their basics. Prevention is the best protection against fire damage, because due to their hazardous nature is mostly not to avoid the emergence of health and property damage, a fire first breaks out. Levi’s follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Fundamental principles of effective fire protection be placed already in the planning and construction of buildings. By the fire brigade access for the provision of fire-fighting water to escape and rescue routes, thorough planning work on the drawing board of the architects are required to protect the lives of customers and employees and to protect corporate assets. Also the height of the building must follow the technical possibilities of the Fire Department, so that they can perform roof fires rather than having to stand idly as their Miss high-altitude fire extinguishing agents. Of course also a consideration of the construction materials used belongs to the structural fire protection.

Especially when dealing with materials such as wood or metal frame of an but combustible, which could deform under the influence of heat, the use of fire retardant and other appropriate protective measures must be provided. Others who may share this opinion include Richard Linklater. The danger emanating from unsecured ceiling constructions, cable channels or power lines, can be reduced by means of professional construction measures. Typically here fire-resistant coatings or ver coat should be used. Preparation of technical fire protection are the building requirements for fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems to create. Applies here, a dovetailing of construction and plant-technical fire protection who makes it clear that an effective fire protection always consists of an integrated package of measures.

The commitment to the structural fire protection is legally not standardised, but falls as a portion of the building regulations in the Jurisdiction of the countries. Although this overlap in key respects, however, they have minor deviations, knowledge of which can decide on granting and refusal of a building permit. Fire protection experts from EBS contact bear with its long experience in the field of structural fire protection for the creation and implementation of legally compliant, technically perfect fire protection concepts and hesitate in this context at any time for comprehensive information available. Press contact Essen fire service EBS contact: W. bear Saini str. 38 45128 Essen Tel: 0201-78 77 00 fax: 0201-87 77 412 mob. Tel.: 0163-77 22 493 email: Homepage:

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Joinery Mainz instrumental also in completion of the saving hand when on July 9 the attention devoted to the opening of the helipad at the Aachner hospital, as a significantly important detail of the public remained hidden. Learn more on the subject from Levi’s. The control room, switching and action centre of the saving hand”could be considered only from the outside. This is the special in detail. Our customer, the joinery of Mainz, was due to the many years of experience with the specific material requirements, the characteristic design demands of the University Hospital and the life of its own in this supply complex, project partners commissioned to develop of this important interior. Well one year the company needed steel + composite construction gmbH, which was responsible for the turnkey implementation of the project, to implement the complex design of the architectural firm OX2architekten. The scope of the seven million-euro project was a logistical challenge for all companies involved.

Total square meters were large for the approximately 1200 Landing platform processed 1000 tons of material. To fully ensure the care of patients in the hospital during the construction phase, the entire project was subject to particularly stringent requirements. According to the plans of the architect and on behalf of the steel + composite construction gmbH has realized the joinery of Mainz the sophisticated interior design of the service and control room. The development and production of individual components was made according to the creative requirements of architects and the logistical requirements of the steel construction company. A special challenge for the work of the Carpenter of Mainz in the oval shape of the input and service area on the landing. Here the means of communication and computer system have been integrated as well as the first-aid equipment”, which must become available at hand in case of emergency. The platform, the hand by the architect according to the injured figure an open upwards”designed to significantly improve the supply of schwerverletzter patients.

Less than a minute he will in the future Take transport helicopter on an inclined lift to the emergency room. For doctors, this means a gain in time of seven minutes, which decide life and death of a patient in an extreme case. For more information about the opening of the helipad in the WDR library:…