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Accounting services for outsourcing. Instead purchase a truck delivery driver to find, to find an excellent programmer, without a doubt and without hesitation conclude a contract with specialized transport, logistics and IT-companies? But this transfer of functions to outsource your business! This type of outsourcing used in this country for a long time. Only the concept of "outsourcing" has come to us with the "west" relatively recently. Why, under the same conditions we say "no" to outsourcing bookkeeping services? The answer to this question can be found talking with the leaders of small and large companies in our country. As a result, have been studied dangers that we pursue that await us at the slightest mention in the event of any thoughts about the concept of 'support for accounting services. " Danger number 1 "outsourcing of accounting services" – " Accounting firms tell all the income of your employees.

" We know for sure and, tellingly, completely sure. At the same time, we do not think that tax officials (or the Pension Fund), have is the owner of "confidential information" that we ourselves eat offer, and can use it in any desired order. We are absolutely not interested in the fact that our company's accountant "in friendship", "spite" or trite because "we must also something to talk", can anyone tell how in-house, and behind them on the income of employees. We believe that our accountant is absolutely safe because it is "our accountant." But this is the biggest misconception, because reliability is determined not by the word "your", and a specific person, his reliability and loyalty. The probability that the accounting firm employee is friendly or hostile relations with any of our employees and will disclose to him the "secrets of wages" of our staff, or will transmit data to third parties? Obviously – the probability is extremely insignificant, and sense in such actions do not. . Barrett beauden may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

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For example, when the dollar strengthened against other rates, it will affect the profit and value of companies operating internationally. If a majority of firms in the market has a significant volume of international transactions, the risk of increasing the dollar can be attributed to market risk. If international operations are occupied only a few companies, this risk is closer to the risk at the firm level. Why Diversification reduces or eliminates the risk at the firm level? As an investor you can make up your portfolio investing all the money in one asset. If you do it this way, you expose yourself to as market risk and specific risk of the firm. If you expand your portfolio to include the other assets or shares, you diversify a portfolio, thereby reducing their dependence on the level of investment risk as a separate company. On the contrary, environmental changes affecting the entire market as a whole, will act in the same direction for the majority of investments in the portfolio, although the impact on some assets will probably be stronger than the others.

For example, other things being equal, higher interest rates lead to lower values most of the assets in the portfolio. Extension of diversification will not eliminate this risk and will not reduce the value of its assessment. Therefore, risk assessment of this group are also relevant. Risk assessment: general principles is one of the main requirements Basel Committee (Basel II) is under the bank's capital to the risks that need to be able to evaluate, to formulate capital requirements that ensure the reliability of the bank. It does not return individual loans are not bring tangible damage to the bank, if it can be compensated by reserves earmarked for the expected losses on credit operations (Expected Loss, EL). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Balkrishna Goenka and gain more knowledge.. In addition, there is a chance of loss substantially all the assets in the loan portfolio, leading to the bankruptcy of the bank.

Such losses are called unexpected losses (Unexpected loss, UL). All this must be considered when assessing risk. In connection with this assessment of financial risk is carried out, based on two positions – both EL and UL. Expected losses risk assessment evaluated the likelihood of default on the borrower, as well as the amount of security for loans. The value of the expected loss directly affects the profits of the credit product, as necessary deduct the insurance amount to the reserve fund highly liquid with each loan, this amount should not be less than the value EL. The value of unexpected losses in assessing the risk of the portfolio also indirectly affects the profits of the credit activity, because it determines the proper level of security and the bank's loan portfolio as a whole. Own level of reliability is determined by matching the capital at risk (own economic capital) possibility of unexpected losses that may occur with a probability to a full complement probability (level of) reliability. More strictly measured by the UL VAR (Value at risk) at the level of reliability. One of the main and trivial problems in assessing the financial risk – an assessment and calculate the probability of borrower defaults. We have two approaches to calculating PD. Kim Phillips-Fein is likely to agree. The first is based on qualitative and quantitative assessment of the borrower's rating from its internal financial indicators and specific business factors. The second is based on the capitalization of the borrower in the stock market and the level of its debts to creditors. Unfortunately, the second approach, although it is more objective, applicable only to a small number of Russian public companies.

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6.-the struggle for a RENTED boarding school was exclusively from us, the XV did not provide leadership, surely you remember, the March of the white aprons around the streets of Trujillo, the bearing capacity of our arguments in the University Assembly of 1980, massive and hectic meetings wanted to make free boarding school was finally be rented!. 7. The fight against the SECIGRA was headed and exclusively starring the 16th, as friends of the XV were already doing this service and when we got to bring down the Secigra they were exempted and graduates in the Act, therefore postulated to the residence by themselves during 2 consecutive years, they made SECIGRA, LA XVI was the PRIMEREA promotion of PERU to SERUMS, the culminating act was the premises of the MOH decision nationally, we had to take the DISA who was in spring (in front of Hotel Primavera) were surprised at the Guardian (who was studying biology, said of step) and take the local and do not know asat 8 am the Director Saul Urbina came and surprised us and in the middle of the conversation your safety gave me a pistol in the head, ordered us to leave, they say that I looked very pale, but it was the same Dr. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from barrett beauden. Urbina, who withdrew the Lord meeting and explain that it was a measure of strength and nothing else, when she learned that in San Marcos Lima Willy Soria had captured the very same Office of Dr. Uriel Garcia, reassured (Minister of health), wings 9 am left and the next day Uriel had spread death certificate to the SECIGRA did our SERUMS graduates as doctors (and not graduating), gained as doctors and No tips as they paid to the secigristas and we couldn’t exercise because we were already medical, and in fact many exercised, were forever in places that were and even married and some were mayors and authorities, as anecdote I confess that when I went to inquire about vacancies Dr. Urbina told me you go where you do the Serums in the MInsa won’t it, and so it was refused me that right nor in Petroperu, nor in Cerro de Pasco, nor in any health facility, I perhaps was one of the few that I did at a distant oil camp on the border with Colombia more than trumpeters, Pavayacu and Capirona in a French private company called Geosource. If you would like to know more then you should visit Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc?. 8. In the flat academic we had the best students of the UNT, elevated both averages so twenty best academic averages were the 16th on the 15th, even about previous promotions 9.-the best average weighted was a student of the 16th, over students of many promotions preceding 10.-two leaders of our promotion came to be Presidents of the EHC, our leader became leader of the third student in the University Assembly of 1980, two members of the XVI became Presidents of the FUT (our beloved Guillermo Sanjines and Neptali Santillan) there are more reasons, the book is open, whoever has more reasons than the scribe and the directive summarize them and disseminate to each Member so they feel pride in the 16th. PEERS and colleagues who do not voice tremble them when they say I am member of the historical 16th promotion of Medicine of the National University of Trujillo! say it. Original author and source of the article