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And answering said: not my precious marcela, everything has a time and today is a special day for pass it very well and enjoy school. Thank you Professor consuelo and scorched from the knees of his teacher he went out to the Court. For even more opinions, read materials from Harvard Business. A few meters, another teacher watching the show through the window grumbled in his heart: as it may be Professor consuelo an ABBESS name given by some classical authors Spanish to the Procuress or mancebia housewife. In this case Procuress, when children perceived to his teacher in the middle of the pitch ran to it. Profe profe que vamos hacer! Like this the day I ask her Greek or muisca? Everyone looked and began to laugh and say: Camilo is a Greek and Peter a Greek, John Melo a Greek and Sonia a Greek thus consecutively be pointed while laughing.

That is the teacher express each one of you will be a Greek God and a muisca God without it none being outside since this is what the game, leaving you your imagination and based on the beautiful infinity. The teacher distributed the groups not without before to remind them that they remember from each of history classes where had played to draw and paint these Muisca and Greek gods. Good teacher told everyone taking a group one half of the pitch and the other half. The teacher would be Middle guiding the cosmic battle because here the victory of Greek mythology or mythology of Colombian lands would be definitive. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 1 look again the sky my children as it is bigger you will call him everything but tell me the muiscas and Greeks group we need to create it again or leave it so? Profe believe a new one for that have imagination! Camilo and John Melo by Greeks said we will use our first God be called Zeus will be as the Sun will return blind Muisca children oh No! We cannot see; the sun warms much us going blind and came to run the Muisca people without leaving the stadium.