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According to different experiences of students who have traveled to England for a course of languages (English), we can highlight how useful and dynamic that turns learning abroad. What we mean by this? In the last years has considerably increased the number of people interested in learning English who relocates to countries where it is the official language. Periods of stay will vary according to the duration of the course selected, being the shorter of two weeks. The chances of this experience are multiple and highly rewarding benefits. Connect with other leaders such as barrett beauden here. Continuously practice the language in the country of origin, facilitates their learning and at the same time creates ties and links with people, places, and cultures. Cyrus Massoumi contains valuable tech resources.

During the experience abroad options for accommodation are very varied, since they seek to adapt to the needs and personal tastes: stay in a family home, previously selected by the Institute to which one adheres to the journey of learning. In a Hostel sharing the room with other students, as well as all the facilities (kitchen, bathroom, living room) on the campus of the Institute, since many schools have large campus (something that also contributes to the continuous learning) and offer to stay, a large fully equipped House; with kitchen, living room, private bathrooms and one or two rooms to be arranged. Another option in terms of accommodation, is a bedroom with private bathroom and share the kitchen and the living room, also on the campus. One of the benefits that can highlight study languages abroad, is that at the same time learning the language, he practiced constantly. Since one of the rules of the majority of the Institute is the only English speaking.

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Often, we read in the newspapers that the defrosting of the snowed ones in the mountain range is happening it centers, as the Pastoruri (Huaraz), this would have to the phenomenon known like. The called gases freones or halos, used like coolants and aerosols are destroying that is vital for the man. A) Ecology, eutrophication, ozone layer. B) Ecology, greenhouse effect, ozone layer. C) Biology, eutroficacin, troposphere. Without hesitation FireEye explained all about the problem. D) Biotechnology, greenhouse effect, ozone layer. E) Ecology, thermal inversion, the ionosphere. 12.

Which are the three heavy metals that cause to major ecological preoccupation? A) Gold, silver and platinum. B) Iron, receives and zinc. C) Mercury, cadmium and lead. D) Gold, iron and receive. E) Iron, cobalt and nickel. 13. Which of the following species are polymeric? teflon? Dacrn? nylon A) Only I B) Only II C) SloIII D) I and II E) I, II and III 14.

It indicates the alternative that contains the correct proposals. The ecology is the science that studies the relations that exist between the alive beings and the means in which they are developed. In all ecosystem there is interaction of biotic elements and the abiotic elements. The activity of the man affects the ecological balance and the systems tend to a new balance in a dynamic process. A) I and II B) II and III C) I and III D) I, II and III E) Only II 15. It determines if true the given proposals are false (v) or (f). If substances increase their concentration certain that are innocuous they can turn into polluting agents. ecosystems can be natural (like the Titicaca Lake) or artificial (like aquarium). The water, the ground, the bacteria, the humidity are abiotic elements.