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The hospitable pedagogy is the school in the hospital, but also playful and the attention to the families of the hospitalized children. At the moment, a specific formation for these professionals does not exist, when the demand is very strong (Lizasoin, 2006). The paper that carries out the school in the hospital is compensatory. The attempt of normalization is fundamental from the life way of the boy. The hospitable pedagogy is socializing, and for that reason the recreational activities are also important that they are possible to be organized in a hospital, from a painting contest to a magazine of plant written by the children.

Each European country works with criteria, and the seminary is conceived like a putting common of objectives. Referring the legal one is the European Letter of the Rights of the Hospitalized Boy, approved by the European Parliament in 1986. Soon each country has elaborated its own legislation. In the leasehold Community still it is much to do because, at the moment, the hospitable pedagogy is not legislated (Ochoa, 2006). Within existing Literature around the educative attention to the young patient, the references to the necessary coordination between the different institutions are constant by which this one journeys to be able to offer a good educative action. Lately, nevertheless, and had, partly, to the changes that have taken place in the treatments of the diseases, that not of the ill people, this necessary coordination has become doubly essential. Thus, at present, more than to speak of a period of hospitalization, we spoke of a period of treatment, characterized by the continuous entrances and exits of the hospital, by the periods of convalecencia in house and by the possibility of going to the scholastic center of reference when the physical training conditionses allow it. All this implies that it is not only the own school of the hospital the one that works with the young patient, but the origin school must accept the challenge to give capacity to the ill student when one is in treatment, and the familiar home must abrir like educative space of relation offering its daily surroundings like schooling context in which we come drawing domiciliary attention.

The young patient, in this way, journeys between different institutions and, during a same process of treatment, he lives in three scopes: Clear questions in the relation can be seen that exists between each one of the institutions. How is realised the passage of the hospitable support unit to its school of origin? Receives some type of formation the teachers of the reference school to take care of the ill student correctly? Who is in charge to carry out it? Who is in charge of the domiciliary attention? How it is realised and, mainly, who carries out the pursuit of the young patient by the different spaces by which it journeys. Really, how the educative system in the period of treatment is organized that the boy lives. It is necessary, therefore, to ask themselves and to study how the pedagogical discipline considers the educative attention to the young patient, remembering also the organizational question like essential part of the formative processes.