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12 metering & Billing/CRM Europe in Vienna focus on ‘green’ devices in the field of home automation Copenhagen/Vienna, September 09, 2010 transparency in domestic energy consumption is becoming increasingly important for consumers. With the current prices demand at the same time for products that make your home something greener. The Z-Wave Alliance (www.z-wavealliance.org) is an expert in the field of radio-based smart metering solutions to the exact measurement of the energy consumption in the home. On the occasion of the 12th metering & Billing/CRM Europe, which will take place from 22 to 24 September 2010 in Vienna, the Alliance members Aeon Labs, InterVideo and there Corporation stand C26 present their new products and trends in the 3.4. The global portfolio of home control devices, which are equipped with the Z-Wave wireless standard, has grown since the last metering Europe in Barcelona around 380 home control devices from more than 170 manufacturers. The Alliance members have further stepped up in particular the production of crosslinkable smart metering products.

It aims to build an environmentally friendly energy management system for the local budget. The metering & Billing/CRM Europe is one of the major international conferences in the smart-metering segment. Here, the Z-Wave Alliance presents their new home control solutions at stand C26. Aeon Labs: transparent energy consumption in the home of Z-Wave Alliance-member Aeon Labs paves homeowners with a new series of wireless products pioneered an environmentally friendly smart home of the future. Home energy meters (HEM) is one of the novelties of the based on the Z-Wave technology. When the HEM is an efficient instrument for the domestic energy consumption. Here, the system can be installed quickly and easily without requiring technical skills. Wirelessly, it transmits values like Watts and kilowatt hour consumption at a central control station (gateway) that the user can clearly see. Furthermore, Aeon Labs at metering Europe presents following Z-wave devices: a door / window sensor, the Minimote remote control, the Z-stick, the Z-Wave micro motor controller, one multi sensor (motion, temperature, humidity and light capture), the smart energy illuminator (light module with dimmer function) and the smart energy switch.