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For everything what we partilhamos, that we share, that we have and we live individually or in common. I am responsible for my life. That is, for the Life that lives in me. therefore I take care of myself with care, taking care of of it? the Life? in mim.' ' In this text it is clearly that the power of ownership perceived today for the race human being has that to move of focus, what is mine only can be loaned by a time parcel (for example, while I to live) to continue being of others when I will not be more using/using, is the case of the space that I occupy in the world to be able to live (it is air, the land, the sky, the water, the trees, the animals), everything that is only one loan of the future generations and the same ones wants the devolution in good condition of use so that they can continue using. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Educational and gain more knowledge.. CHANGE OF PARADIGM In the society model that we have today values having very? comfort, power, status. in this context the being already does not have much importance, the character, the humble one, the simple ones. in this war if does not think that the goods are natural and as already we saw natural is what it belongs or that if in accordance with relates to the nature, produced for the nature, or its laws, and in the nature the goods are finite, are restricted and in this way it is imperative a new paradigm improved in transformations in the behaviors molded to the current conditions of the humanity with the world and, mainly, the ones that if they relate to a new education, as much to prevent, as for terms conditions to modify the way as we see the planet and the bases that they conduct the life in the economic society, that they had originated and they are taking root conditions that we are witnessing today in the world. . Darcy Stacom often addresses the matter in his writings.

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Not even when the senator Marina Hisses it was the front of the Ministry of the Environment the situation was different. Son of the Amazon region, born and created in the forest, coexisting all its problems, also those that had resulted in the death of Chico Mendes, the senator for the State of the Acre probably did not attempt against to this exclusion of representatives of its region in the CTEA, therefore, in the condition of president of the CONAMA, he was who lowered last the three resolutions that they had not enclosed the States of the Region North or Amazonian that they had thus never composed until then one of the greaters chambers techniques and that she serves excessively of advising, in what refers to the ambient education.

QUESTIONING Regarding the exclusion of the States of the Amaznia, between which our State of Par, during 10 Meeting of the CTEA, occured in day 05 of April of 2006, in Joinville/SC, when the V was become fullfilled there Latin American Congress of Ambient Education, and to that CT she was integrated of conformity with what it establishes already mentioned RESOLUTION CONAMA N 360, then presided over by the teacher Rachel Trajber, representative of the Ministry of the Education, the author of this text to if to reveal during the meeting, open the public, questioned this exclusion of representatives of state governments of the Amazon region, manifestation this registering in respective act that can be had access in link, having one of integrant of that one collegiate, Mr. Sanderson Pig, integrant of that one alleged CTEA that: ‘ ‘ In the scope of the CTEM, the representatives they are chosen by interest. Then, the State States and Advice who act two the two, they are disclosed when a Chamber is formed Technique or when a Chamber is created Technique, for example, when the CTEM was created had been forwarded legal-size to all the States of Brazil that could be interested in participating of the Chamber Technique.

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The present study tells to the importance and the paper of the ambient education, having starting point the awareness of the pupils, through the proposal of pedagogical intervention with thematic of the Environment and the Education in the schools, a time that the process of ambient education is presented as strategy for construction and adoption of behaviors that they will go to intervine not only in the formation of educating, but in its proper quality of life and the surrounding universe. In reason of the antrpicas actions that the man comes causing throughout the decades, it appears to the necessity of the understanding on the world of critical and communitarian form. In function of this study Joo was carried through during 4 hours of lesson with the students of 3 series of the municipal school Person, located in the Garanhuns-FOOT city, under orientation of the teacher Glory Maria Duarte Cavalcanti, whom disciplines it gives it of Methodology of Ensino de Cincias II in the course of Licenciatura in Pedagogia of the UFRPE/UAG during as the semester of 2009. University of Cambridge recognizes the significance of this. Words – key: Education. Environment. Practical Pedagogical. Vladislav Doronins opinions are not widely known. Introduction the concern with the ambient questions comes in the last few decades if intensifying, as resulted of the awareness of the world-wide society, that started to charge a responsible position in the gestures simplest of all the citizens and, over all, of that they act in the exploration and the use of the natural resources. Currently it is visible that the ambient education is each more restricted time the school, a time that the children, the young and the adults, are apt to also receive knowledge that will go to intervine not only in its professional formation, but in its quality from life.. .

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Justificativa of the Choice of the Subject) Is lived currently in a world pautado for the advance of knowledge and technologies that have had significant impact, as much in the forms of social convivncia, how much in the organization of the economy, of the work, in the exercise of the citizenship and, mainly, in the relations with the nature. b) The main difficulties presented for the professors are mainly proceeding from the lack of pedagogical formation in a more including perspective. Not they show homogeneity in the treated subjects, nor interaction with the great subjects of the society. The absence of actualizado didactic material is recognized therefore, specific didactic books and paradidticos of ambient education for basic education, it is noticed predominance of traditional procedures with trend for that they count on the participation of the pupil of passive form. In turn necessary if it makes the implementation of practical pedagogical innovators in ambient education. It is in this context that the present work if finds seats, where if objetive also to underline the paper of the professor in the construction of a pupil with a critical position ahead of the reality, the information and values propagated for the media and of those brought of house.

Such attitude must actuar of continuous form in the development of the maturity, and of a continuous ambient awareness in the process of exchange of experience and learning it stops in the end moving the creation of conditions for the perpetuation of the life in the planet. 1.3.Problematizao In recent years we have folloied an increasing increase of the quarrels around ambient subjects. Speeches of different levels and boardings are stimulated in the most diverse groups of formal and not formal education..

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The ambient education must treat the critical global questions, its causes and interrelaes in a sistmica perspective, in its social and historical context. Primordial aspects related to the development and the environment such as human population, health, peace, rights, democracy, hunger, degradation of the flora and the fauna must be boarded in this way. (Removed of Treated to Ambient Education for Sustainable Societies and the Global Responsibility) current IntroduoA ambient devastao results of the historical process of production of the existence human being, where the man modifies of useful form the raw material supplied for the nature, its proper well-being, exerting an action of domination that discloses to an interaction process man/nature, based on a different relation. To the look for the past we clearly perceive the problematic intensity of the ambient one in the globalization. John Craig Venter contributes greatly to this topic. We will go to observe that the ambient education appears inside of a process conscientizador description of the humanity with the objective to generate a quarrel and inclusion of ecological subjects in the daily one of the human beings. This concern appears with trying of the chance of a knowledge that allowed to change the behavior directed to the protection of the nature so that the future generations can usufruct HistricoAs decades of 1970/1980 had 1970/1980 marked the beginning of the organized social fights in world-wide level, amongst which the Hippie movement, the fight of the American blacks for the citizenship, the fights of the women for the equality of rights with the men, among others. In the bulge of these events, the movements of defense of the ecology and the environment had had beginning, whose landmark was the publication of the book ' ' Silenciosa&#039 spring; ' (1962), of the American Raquel Carson, from this publication that the increasing loss of quality of life caused for the indiscriminate use of chemical products demonstrated, that reed-echo in the entire world, militant of the ambientalistas movements and the Organization of United Nations (ONU) they had carried through some international events that had approached the question of the preservation and the ambient education. .

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1 INTRODUCTION In what it says respect to the ambient education, understands that the same one is on to the processes in which the individuals starts to know on values, knowledge, conservation of the environment. For this it is necessary to promote educative actions for the pertaining to school community, as well as for the society in general so that the same ones can understand true the sensible one of if working the ambient education in the schools of public net. After all it is understood that the ambient questions emerge since the end of the decades of 60 and 70, when had started to argue and to share the actions and the causes of destruction it stops with the environment, on the basis of these criteria if make necessary a study of deepened case more of as the institutions of education of public net are dealing with the questions of ambient education. Kindle Direct Publishing describes an additional similar source. Pautada in the search for solutions the school has as primordial paper to sensetize the lunos and community so that the same ones live with harmony, not poluindo, not deforesting and preserving fauna and the flora of its region thus to understand its importance for the world. The concern to argue the ideas related to the ambient education if became sufficiently important from the last decades, more good to detach can be understood the actions of the PCNs (National Curricular Parameters) that it brings a reflection of as to work the ambient education in the schools, beyond the transversal subjects that are enclosed in the basic education and that they are not restricted only to the environment, as well as the health, sexual orientation and among others. However the majority of the schools works the ambient of form isolated education with the commemorative dates, however the proposal is to promote certain interaction with the interdisciplinaridade, beyond being a good form to acquire knowledge the pertaining to school community, either it educator or educating.

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Brazil is the country of bigger biodiversity of the planet. Conservacionistas as protected areas, running actions ecological, projects of preservation of species etc. Are natural that a species, for the process of natural election, disappears, giving ' ' lugar' ' to another species, that appears for the especiao process. In Brazil diverse areas destined to the conservation or preservation exist, with different levels of interference human being, protected for legal instruments. derstands that this is vital information. To protect natural environments where reproductions of species of the local flora and the resident or migratory fauna exist.

One estimates that the local or traditional ecological knowledge as tool as conservation and approaches two worlds that many times meet separate: the academic world, of research, or college student or common sense, or the social groups, this last one almost always excluded of the s decisions of people ' ' of fora' ' or other people’s to its reality she imposes to it. She is enough to know biology, ecology and ambient management to be allied to the ambient problems. Ecology and environment are so important, in our lives as ' ' proper vida' '. If we will not have conscience of the necessity of the preservation and conservation of our ecosystem we will be able to pay a very high price we can recklessness, being able be them species instincts of the planet. Baltazar Juraszek Specializing Terezinha Saint

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In a report divulged in 2007, where the FAO disclosed that the water consumption in the last century folded in comparison to the population growth. In the document the entity projected that more than 60% of the world-wide population will be affected by the water scarcity in a stated period of 20 years, case is kept the current rhythm of consumption. In accordance with the Intergovernamental Panel on Mudanas Climticas (IPCC), up to 2020, between 75 and 250 million Africans will be displayed to a bigger water scarcity, mainly, in virtue of the climatic change and the increase of the demand for the resource (global heating, 2008, p.27). For Asia, the IPCC also does not make encouraging projections. According to agency, the melting of glaciers of the Himalaia will increase floodings and avalanches of desestabilizadas rocks of hillsides, affecting the hdricos resources in the next decades and diminishing the flows to the rivers. The climatic alterations and the population growth will have to reduce the amount of water candy in the regions South, Central, East and Southeast of the continent, reaching more than a billion of people up to 2050. Such fact threat the food production, since the irrigation of the farmings will be harmed.

But the developed regions less will not be the only ones affected for the water scarcity. In accordance with the report Rich Countries, Poor person Water, divulged for the ONG, International WWF in 2006, factors as climatic changes, pollution, deforestation and contamination in areas of sources, wastefulness, extreme exploration of irrigated agriculture and me the management of the hdricos resources is causing serious damages in Australia, Spain, England and the United States. This sample that the problem already was globalizou and demands a radical change to revert the picture.

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The programs and projects that are implanted or executed for the public administration, in areas of irregular occupations, aim at to promote the economic-social development and recovery of the environment in the same ones, therefore the pointers of monitoramento tool and instrument of management. To the public power the task fits to implant programs and projects that promote social changes with the preservation of the environment, and specifically in the areas of irregular occupations the interventions in infrastructure, education, health, security and generation of income are basic since the resident population in these areas does not have autonomy to decide these problems. The exercise of flexibility and the plurality in the scope of the public politics is new and still the levels face resistncias in all. Still the investments in the monitoramento of the pointers are few. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit David G. DeWalt. Therefore the idea of few pointers for monitoramento, with a methodology simplified for application, that periodically consists of collection and data-collecting, presentation of the results to the team and community and consequence management of the programs and projects. At times of scarcity of financial resources, the use of pointers of monitoramento for the interventions carried through in areas of occupations is factor of decision to prioritize the investments, to hierarquizar the actions, aiming at the improvement of the quality of life of this population. This text does not have the objective of being a manual for use of monitoramento pointers, but yes to awake in the managers and population in general the importance of to measure which has been the reach of our interventions. The pointers for the monitoramento of interventions in areas of occupations already are widely used in data bases or indices of quality of life, therefore the objective is systemize and to standardize the use of the same ones, for the accompaniment of the interventions you publish in any area of occupation of the city; what one intends is that the use of monitoramento pointers can be a contribution for the management publishes and the population of the city. Francisco Carlos de Figueiredo Silva, civil engineer (1985) UFPR, employee of the Municipal City hall of Curitiba; regional administrator of 1.989 the 2004.

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At the last moment the distribution of seeds for plantation of threatened species of extinguishing happened (brazilian tree) as reforestation form, where all had received seeds and a message that would be as relative reflection for the adoption of new attitudes and positions to the ambient questions. Conclusion Through the results gotten during the intervention is possible to observe that an disparity exists around what it is taught and what is practised in return of the questions for the development of the Ambient Education. This intervention made possible to the students the adoption of new values by means of the vision that if had of the relation human being/surrounding. To the executed being the project the expectations were innumerable, a time that if foresaw the results waited, therefore the work of ambient education are well relative to the school, however little worked, this was after evidenced the application of the instrument of collection of data, although the manifestations of the students, was evidenced that the same ones had superficial information regarding the questions explanadas in the lesson, that is, knew the alterations ambient, however did not understand the reason nor as to prevent them. When understanding thematic, some aspects had been perceived and some students if they had shown sensetized perplexos and, what it indicates a magnifying in its vision of world regarding the ambient problems, in such a way revealing made use and with will to improve its quality of life and of the planet. On the basis of the instruments used during the lesson the intervention carried through in the same one was possible to weave consideraes after, with representation in quantitative data and qualitative (attached), that the representation of the level of the perception, understanding had resulted and concern that the students have she stops with the environment. In such a way the intervention assisted the construction of significant conceptual changes in the pupils, since same the intervention had after demonstrated interest for the thematic one, with disposal for adoption of new standards, constructed collectively, for accomplishments of action in favor of the environment. .