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and S. Leventhal (2000), JenssenEric. (1994), White chavero (2002), Cazau Paul (2001).This document develops styles daprendizaje in base model Orion developed by Curry (1987)., since many models can be framed in one of their categories. Chevrier Jacques (2001) to cause the growth of the number of theories of learning proportionately increased models of learning styles. Curry (1987) in the lireratura there are multiple classifications of different models of learning styles: Cazau Paul (2001), Jacques Chevrier (2001),. Filed under: barrett beauden. Eric Jenssen (1994).The development of different models of learning styles is based on the classification proposed by Curry (1987) since most models can be framed in one of their categories. Learning Styles (2002-1) the Onion model developed by Curry presents a categorization of the items defines them as layers – that may explain the behavior human face learning.

STYLES of learning and ESTRATEGIASNuestro learning style is directly related to the strategies we use to learn something. A way of understanding it would be thinking about our style of learning how the average statistics of all the different strategies that we use. Our learning style therefore corresponds to the major trends with our most used strategies. But, of course, the existence of a statistical average does not preclude deviations, or in other words, that someone may be generally very visual, holistic and thoughtful does not prevent, however, auditory strategies which can be used in many cases and for task specific. CONCLUSIONExisten multiple definitions of the concept of learning style and it is difficult for a single definition which can adequately explain what is common to all styles of learning described in the literature. This difficulty is because it’s a concept that has been tackled from very different perspectives. In general, most authors accept that the concept of learning style refers basically to features or modes that indicate the characteristics and ways of learning a student.Models of learning styles has increased because of the growth in the number of theories of learning in a proportional manner.