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We were talking and he says if you do not pass this audition, I give you the news that you are looking for members in the group where I sing, if it is of interest to you. That day, to the audition against the jury, Ricardo Montaner told me, regarding my interpretation of a ballad: I’ll say something that told me when began to sing ballads: ran out of Teardrop. Actually he was right, I went to sing so that my voice, my pitch, my diction, everything was in place, and so it was, but I forgot to feel what he was singing. Once again I was on the road, but this time with a feeling that my deletion had not been unfair, I felt that the appreciation of the jury was correct, much to my regret. But not only I left there with that, also I went with the information of the hearings would be carried out in the events of this College companion group. The same night I came to my house after that strenuous day of hearing, looked on internet group name and so came to your web page. The next day I called and they told me the phone number of who conducted the hearings.

Obviously I called him and he told me to go to the next day.So I did and after singing this person tells me: I’ll be honest, just you are the second person who auditioned today and I don’t want to get ahead of me, but you are what you are looking for. The result of this hearing: my income to the group more important, with more presentations, best reputation and better paid in the country. There singing since 2007 and I have managed to grow as a singer but above all as an artist. I have presentations on average 2 per week and months as December we may introduce ourselves until about 20 times, including the 31st of December.