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I’ve seen newscasts that are alarmist and say .enemigo at home, the pet that might endanger his life, etc, etc, etc. and manage to just increase the statistics of abandoned animals. How many children are not infected at the school of mumps or measles and why not stop going, or Yes? There are often people with coughs and flu that gives us the hand and greets, and not why leave you them with outstretched hand or Yes? Or worse still, AIDS statistics are increasing and people are still without taking precautions; and this is much more likely to happen to our pet from getting us something. Then the hair. It is true that the fur of the mascot is allergen to many people, but a constant brushing almost completely eliminates the problem, also have certain areas where our dog or cat can or cannot enter. After that you can pull the dog.

If our dog normally not be us for hands, hardly begins to do so. Anyway it is always good to bring him up so he doesn’t do it, not only for safety but for cleaning, since it gives much courage out freshly bathed with our clothes clean and finish with traces of mud on the shirt. But for security purposes, when women have more months of pregnancy, can avoid the single exit a where is the Dog (in case that this is very effusive), husband or children can help give you eat and clean their feces, to prevent her contact with any bacteria or virus. In general a dog or cat does not represent greater danger, and a family that wishes to your MOM or wife, will collaborate in the House to avoid any hassle. It must be remembered that from the moment in which we adopt a pet this also happens to be part of the family. As for babies, cautions are similar but we will discuss them later, since birth should not be cause for abandonment of pets. Finally there is to remember that a pet is excellent for controlling is stress, to relax us and make us company; in general there are more positive aspects than negatives keep it. Unless there is a valid and justified medical reason, case in which the least we can do is to find an excellent home, is not fair to take a member of the family into the street by the arrival of another.