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Worldwide, there are a total of 1.1 billion people who are confirmed as smokers. Follow others, such as David G. DeWalt, and add to your knowledge base. The majority of people who start to smoke is not fully aware of how addictive and dangerous can be cigar. In some schools there are programmes to inform children about the danger of cigarette consumption, as well as the warnings that come on the cigarette packs, but this is not enough to give you an accurate idea of what is really happening inside your body. One of the problems of the warnings that come on the cigarette packs is really not giving a full picture of the terrible things that cigar is doing to the body once it is consumed directly or indirectly. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cyrus Massoumi and gain more knowledge.. Not keep saying that you still have much time to quit. No te enganes thinking that by smoking a few (at your discretion), these except the terrible consequences that smoking causes or worse yet tell that that ever going to happen to you.Those lies will not do more than prolong the terrible things that will happen to you at your body and will be more difficult when you decide to stop doing so.

It is of vital importance to know the consequences that cause cigarette consumption and the valuable thing may be to quit smoking forever. The majority of smokers started when they were in middle school or in high school, in fact, before having 18 years. When they decide to quit, it will cost them more work since your body is already totally dependent on nicotine.This will make it more difficult to quit. It means that when they decide to quit, will have already begun to experience the havoc on his body as a result of the tobacco smoke. They will learn first-hand why it is so difficult to stop smoking. They will realize that it is difficult and will be willing to accept the support of friends and family to help them quit smoking forever. Do you feel identified with what we are saying? Then you are not alone. If you are thinking about quitting smoking once and for all, we have a site to recommend now: Original author and source of the article.