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The project is impracticable and Par goes to lose its cultural identity, therefore a time that the territory is broken up everything is changed, and one of these changes will be the culture that will go to lose itself total. But this will be determined in the plebiscite that will happen in day 11 of December of 2011, where each person will have the right to exert its citizenship one more time, and will go to have the chance to choose what it finds better for the state. A SIMPLE ONES YES WILL BE THE SUFFICIENT TO IMPROVE OUR STATE? DYOLIANE SOUSA PEACE. GROUP: 6 TE5 The population of the West of Par, since many years comes in this fight of the creation of the State of the Tapajs. Will be 27 cities integrated to this new State. In the last days the accomplishment of the plebiscite was approved in the legislative chamber and of the Senate that goes to be day 11 of December of this year of 2011.

The creation of the State of the Tapajs is very important for the people of the West of Par, therefore it will go to bring improvement of life for some populations, will also have populations that less he will be favored. The State of the Tapajs in the region of the West of Par is more than a project politician, is a project of strategical development of national, economic and social security of the North of Brazil. The new State will also serve approximately to materialize the monitoring and the sovereignty of the wealth, providing the harmonious development of Brazil, generating 200 a thousand new jobs. In case that the States of the Tapajs and Carajs in less are created than 2 perhaps years already it can have an election for governor. With the creation of the new State, our city will go to develop itself and will have an improvement in the health, education, housing, etc. .

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It has its advantages and its cons. What we perceive is a great movement on the part of the entrepreneurs. Perhaps the small producer or the people who live in the interior of the city and distant regions, nor understands or who knows nor binds if to divide or not, they do not know which will be the benefits nor the curses caused for this possible division. Dr. A Oveta Fuller is open to suggestions. Ahead of as many propagandas, little is seen on the social and cultural impacts that will exist. Dividing the State, it will have migration for the city, that in turn, does not have pertaining to school, hospital, habitacional structure for the great number of people.

I believe that they lack resources, but also lacks a great administrator. For more information see Blackstone Group Inc.. Who does not long for development? But it does not have study that they prove that dividing the State, this development will happen. as would be the culture tapajoara? Which typical dance would be? That food typical it would be? We go to believe in the good reasons, but as Brazilian we see that it has problems in Brazil that are millenarian, dries north-eastern, destroyed malaria in the Amaznia, roads, problem in the economy, robbery in the scene politician and etc. ‘ ‘ It must have a place where strongest it does not obtain to enslave who does not have chance’ ‘ (Urban Legion)

The creation of a new state will be that really it will bring progress, an improvement for the cities that want if to disintegrate of the state of Par? The division in fact will be the best form to solve the problems faced for these cities? We who we are against this division know that it is only one strategy of government..

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If to observe the democracy of corrupt countries we will understand that the actions of the corrupt ones affect the life of that in the honesty they survive in conditions, many times, deplorable. The democratic process for Rousseau alone is possible if all will be equal. Equality in the direction of absence of differences has not occurred in the underdeveloped countries where to the democracy in many directions if it confuses with autocracy and even though with ditatoriais systems, in certain cases the government if holds as supreme, in others the translators of the democracy in me the administration and of autocratic or ditatoriais behaviors are the institutions. Many times without authorization of the body politician, these institutions abuse the power or commit way excesses to demoralize the democracy or to approach it of the aristocratic inaquality. Richard Linklater will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

To exist democracy in fact the democratization of the wealth is necessary, of the politics, the power, the society. Bobbio (1987, P. 156) says that ‘ ‘ (…) a thing is the democratization of the direction politics, what it occurred with the institution of the parliaments, another thing is the democratization of the society (…) in a society where most of the institutions, of the family to the school, the company to the public services, is not governed democraticamente’ ‘. The democracy is not possible to survive in a State where the society, the institutions, does not behave in order to fortify the democracy and in way to become it real. It is known of all of the excesses committed for service rendering, public officers, serving of the State, against the population in a general way, all the abuses that they hinder of somebody to have access to the public services of quality and the resguardos rights in law, one with lucrative ends others for me the faith, all contributing so that democracy is only one empty word of direction I practise.

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We invite our Dilma president to make a tip trip the tip of Brazil to better know the country that is governing. The idea is that this trip is carried through with bus and by the roads, with right to eat in the restaurants in way. The objective is to know the cities and towns of the states as Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Rio Grande of the North, Cear, Piau, Amazon, and other states, and if to make familiar to the reality of the life of 95% of the people. To see in fact: where these peoples all play its sewer and its garbage, as it is the state of the colleges, schools and hospitals, as the sick people are taken care of, which are the ways of diversion and leisure young them, as the feeding is supplied, as they are the roads and the transport of the population and a thousand and other aspects of the life that necessarily they need a deep evaluation. The president of a nation will only know its country when to leave the cabinet. We follow eight years the Government of Mr. Lula who travelled stops all the countries, and gave lectures in great congresses. It pronounced beautiful speeches that had impressed the peoples of the world.

But, unhappyly, it did not have time to travel for the roads of Brazil, and lost the chance to especially know the delay of our Brazil in the interior. It left the government with states and cities with the quality of very worse life from what it received. The example, of the violence and traffic of drugs that if expanded of the slum quarters of Rio De Janeiro for Recife, Salvador, So Paulo and other cities. Until the police stations they are white of assault and devastao of the outlaws.The lack of order and ethics is generalized.

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The approval of this project placed Caxias enters the first maranhenses cities to develop one empoderada public politics with a Center of Reference directed exclusively toward the attendance and shelter of the woman violence victim. The Campaign was also become fullfilled in Caxias 16 Days of ativismo For the End of Violence against the Woman through the Campaign of the Bow of the White carried through in the November month the December of 2008e subsequent years. Also projects of equipment of the City council of the Rights of Woman CMDM had been implanted, with acquisition of equipment, didactic materials, of expedient and spreading, with counterpart of the city hall defraying the rent of physical space and human resources for functioning and better development and execution of its abilities next to the using community of the public services of attention to the woman. With the implantation and operacionalizao of these projects the City department of the Woman started to have greater visibility in the government and the society. It was acquired a vehicle for transport of the team of the Center of domiciliary Reference and visit, action these that had facilitated the attendance and had provided new perspectives of public politics directed toward the confrontation of the violence against the woman. The solutions found for the municipal government, seen the scarcity of local resources and invibializao of investments on the part of the Government of the State they had been accurately in the search of cooperation with the federal government. the implantation of these services the local partnerships had after been of great importance for the improvement of the public services given to the specific population of this net.