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In the subject of the self-esteem, to transcend itself is the transformation and expansion of itself. " The man is not only material body but he is constituted by something that it extends to the senses, to the physical dimensions of the space and the time. The sin more clay is the ignorance of brings back to consciousness, of that it brings back to consciousness of limited horizon that it has in him and in front of him. This inconsistency is the source of all the evils that the man sufre" (Dr. Raul Gutirrez Senz To all this it is necessary to consider appointment Jose Surez, who is taken into account that all have good attitudes and not so good, weaknesses and strengths, no human being is perfect. Click online education for additional related pages.

" the somebody better or worse one will always be than yo" for that reason he is not positive to make comparisons, to judge, nor to judge themselves. It is possible to be improved and to be transforming what it is wanted, but " the one that I am as well as I am deserves all my respeto". He is not better or worse, it is only different. It must be valorized here and now. One is not due to hope to be respected when it is better. There is a experience that would seem idiot but it is very good: To watch itself at the mirror (that nobody sees it, they do not go to label it as crazy person) and to say themselves, using its name: " I respect to you *referencias: Ribeiro Lair, " IT INCREASES HIS AUTOESTIMA" , Edit. URANUS, Barcelona, 1997 Original author and source of the article..