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Targets are an important management tool. There are some rules to keep in mind when applying. Target agreements are becoming increasingly important for us as a management instrument “, explains Egon Bretzler, Operations Manager of Lindauer DORNIER GmbH. Finally, the complexity of the tasks increasing steadily so that employees would have to find a suitable solution way independently to achieve the predetermined goal. For the success of the company is therefore crucial commitment, independently acting inner commitment to address the employees so they “, reported Anne Wegele. The Managing Director of the Steinbeis Consulting GmbH of Rosenheim stressed, however, that there is a formulated corporate strategy, before targets can be introduced as an instrument.

However to show that in many small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) initially the overarching strategy in writing must be fixed. Often, even the processes were clear structured and the Tasks to define. The Steinbeis trainer also recommends to note the corporate culture and internal communication patterns for target agreements to work in practice. If the company’s strategy, the targets for the departments are and employees derived top-down, prioritizes and concretized “, as consultant Anne Wegele.” It should be however a target system of of agreement design to take into account that more and more projects be track – and across the Department. Project Manager, often laterally, i.e. without direct authority, leading, must their opinion while keeping the goal in mind, but include also the suggestions and ideas of the employees involved.

Generally, goals after, as management guru Peter called it printer, SMART principle should be defined. I.e., a target must be specific (S), measurable (M), active (A), realistic (R) and terminierbar (T). The important thing is to convince the targets to help the company forwards the executives “, so the” experienced consultant. Unless there is already Mitarbeiterbeurteilungs and development discussions that should be given to whether it is advisable to make several calls or whether a prolonged exchange was better. At the Neenah Gessner GmbH in the Bavarian Bruckmuhl those responsible decided to include targets in staff talks, which are performed regularly for 15 years. Each target system is however just as good as is cosponsored by the executives and lived. You must be persuaded as well from the tangible benefits as the staff later”explains Mathias Hafner, Chief of staff of the special paper manufacturer. “So that the executives develop a common understanding of it, what do with goals” means trainer Anne Wegele and Steinbeis-team was asked recently to give executives how to apply this instrument within the framework of the staff talks specifically. We want to provide systematic preparation of managers achieve that all executives support this project and a positive attitude to this management instrument develop “, reported Mathias Hafner. Because he knows only too well how can torpedoed the best intentions quickly especially on the middle levels of management itself. Because most executives regularly conversations employees for years, they had to learn only how they integrate the subject of target agreement useful in addition to the reflection of the cooperation, the assessment and development in the interview process. For this task, Anne Wegele made fit the Neenah Gessner superiors in two-day seminars. This qualification need is often underestimated in your experience. However, the conversation leadership leadership Rotary and pivot for is whether able satisfactorily to target agreement calls. Require a special type of staff – and specifically target agreement discussions the conversation – and this man should practise”, the trainer know.