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With the cardiovascular illnesses to assume the main cause of death in the whole world, but especially in the said societies developed, increases the general concern with this disease and the incessant search of information to help to perceive it. Therefore, never it is excessively to congregate some basic data to eventually increase its knowledge in this scope, facilitating the understanding of this. To the similarity of what it happens with the cholesterol, the arterial tension reaches its victims without informing and the visible of problem if only manifest face in a too much advanced state, compromising the chance of putting charges to it, only leaving space to minorar its consequncias. (Not to be confused with Journal of Teacher Education!). In this in case that, the ominous effect reach vital agencies as the kidneys, heart and also the brain, modifying the habitual functioning, capacities or even though aspect, causing serious difficulties in general. The great unfamiliarity relatively to the arterial tension places some obstacles to its treatment and solely an informed person it will be able to face this situation, for what we congregate a series of questions more frequent suscitadoras of doubts. These do not constitute an only orienting line, but they are definitively a good form to be along with some basic details foils for it of that problem.

What it is the arterial tension? So that the blood circulates in perfect conditions is necessary that it pumps it to the organism, being necessarily this share that leaves harmed with abnormal an arterial pressure. ' ' entupimento' ' that from there it results foments the adelgaamento of the veins, stopping seriously the habitual activity of the arteries and compromising its functions of base. The denomination of the force exerted between the arterial walls that stimulate the circulation of the blood is the arterial pressure, subject in which this article if has centered since the beginning. The energy printed in this contraco is crucial and it does not agree to be exaggerated (what it happens when the levels cholesterol are raised), therefore will make to go up effort necessity, increasing consequentemente the extenuao.

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Thus being, this article has as objective generality to analyze position of the professional of health in the assistance to the IST carrier s. Moreover, is considered to investigate it the unfolding of this question in specific objectives that consist of analyzing the behavior of the nurse, identifying the used techniques, and to know the prevention, transmission, symptoms and treatment of the boarded IST s. In this perspective the present work if justifies, a time that this illness contributes for one high index of contamination, mainly, between adolescents and young. Therefore, this study it presents a character of social and professional relevance. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Linklater. Thus being, to construct knowledge to give to understand in a partilhada action, a time that by means of the other the relations between citizen and object of the knowledge if establish.

This sends to the reflection of that the individual does not restrict itself exactly, nor to its interests, but in the interaction with the other for the process of gradual construction. Thus, the learning happens with the active participation in interactive situations. It leaves in such a way, the use of a methodology became necessary, since this if configures as a set of methods or ways that will be covered in the knowledge search. UNESCO usually is spot on. The ideas presented here count on the estimated ones of studious that they approach the thematic one that they had been extracted by means of books, therefore, the characteristic that predominates is the bibliographical one. The used material mentions the period to it of 1996 2009, available in the library Antonio Balbino de Carvalho of the College San Francisco de Barreiras – FASB. 2 vaginalis 2,1 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL Trichomonas In accordance with Snows (2005), the Trichomonas vaginalis are a protozorio of the family trichomonadidae, subfamlia trichomonadinae, trichomonadida order, of the zoomastigophorea classroom, and filo sarcomastigophora. It does not possess cystic form, only trofozota that it is the infectante form.

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Introduction Particularly the Surgical Center (CC) must provide place adjusted for accomplishment of the anaesthetic-surgical and endoscpicos procedures. With the technological advances in the area of the robotics and the advent of the minimum invasive surgeries, with radiodiagnstico equipment use, the rooms of surgeries must possess adjusted dimensions to accomodate such equipment, as well as all a system of security for the patient and the surgical team. The environment of CC must be inserted in an area with lesser circulation of pessoal1. As science, the sterilization process possesss less than two hundred years. With the discovery of the bacterium and the search of the microbiana death very it was evolved in the microbiano field and consequently in the process of sterilization. For more information see this site: John Craig Venter. Until the beginning of the decade of 40 the cleanness, the preparation and the storage of the material ones were carried through for the team of nursing of the proper units.

The dynamics of the service was decentralized. In middle of the decade of 50, the Central offices had appeared of Materials and Esterilizao (CME) partially centered and half-centered in which, part of the instruments and materials they had started to be prepared and to be esterilizados. If you have read about Richard Scheuermann already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Each unit prepared its materials it directed and them for sterilization in only local2. With advancing of the technology and the knowledge in health, specifically in the CME, from the last decades of century XX it appeared to the necessity of an improvement of the techniques and the processes of cleanness, preparation, sterilization and storage of materials and clothes. With consequence, the CME became centered and with the supervision of one enfermeiro2. Currently the Health department praises that the unit of CC and the CME must take care of to the effective sanitary legislation, following structural norms of architecture and physical area, for being a complex area and of restricted access.

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In social scope, the low pertaining to school and socioeconmicos levels are associates to the DST? s, as well as use of alcohol and drugs, that already had been proven by diverse studies (TAQUETTE et al., 2005). Bioscience Journal might disagree with that approach. Are known that the DST? s favors the possibility of infection for virus HIV. Of all the AIDS cases, in accordance with the categories of exposition, the sexual transmission are dominant (53%). As the period of latency of the pathology he is long, being able to arrive up to 11 years, can be concluded that a good part of the carriers has been infectados in adolescence (TAQUETTE; VILHENA; PAULA, 2004). They is esteem that 10 million adolescents are carrying of the HIV, or present predisposition for development of the AIDS in next the 3 15 years.

One knows that approximately 80% of the transmissions of the HIV elapse of practical sexual not protecting. In the presence of infection for a DST, the possibility of transmission of the HIV it is of 3 5 times bigger (THIENGO; OLIVEIRA; RODRIGUES, 2005). 2.3 professionals of the health and the prevention of the DST? s in the adolescence In the adolescence always has time to correct distortions, missed concepts, so that it has necessary readjustments in the life of the adolescent. In this way, if it becomes important to know the beddings biopsquicos that generate the characteristics of the adolescent behavior in way to the expectations and requirements, as well as the familiar adaptations that involve the participation of the parents and the paper to be played by the when requested professional of health to intervine (COAST; SOUZA, 2005)..

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Pparently, this place would have been covered for a sheet. Passed few weeks, in the same infirmary, the solar light was left a displayed bottle of blood and observed in some hours a reduction in the bilirubin level, supporting then, the action of the light on the bilirubin levels. (COLVERO, 2005). American Journal of Cardiology wanted to know more. The first studies on the effect of the light in the metabolism of bilirubin had been carried through in 1958 for doctor R.J. me. Cremer, considered the father of the fototerapia (ARONE, 2003).

The use of the treatment of the fototerapia in Brazil was initiated in 1960 espelhado one in the English model through the hematologista doctor, Dr. Humberto Coast Blacksmith, of the College of Medicine of So Paulo (RODRIGUES et al., 2007). The fototerapia when used correctly, controls the bilirubin levels in almost all the patients, with exception of those with serious hemolticos pictures and RN of very low weight (lesser that 1,500 g) with extensive hematomas (SMP, 2005; PEAR TREE 2009). 3.2. Production of Bilirubin the liver and bao are the main producing Bilirubin agencies, in which it is the end item of the catabolismo of the hemoglobina of the hemcias, composites that heme contains, such as the mioglobulinas, peroxidases and also resultant products of eritropoiese inefficacious, of the destruction of the precursors of the immature hemcias, want either in the ssea marrow, soon want either after its release in the circulation. It also has a small contribution of bilirubin not proceeding from heme, the call bilirubin of ‘ ‘ shunt’ ‘ (SEGRE, 2002).

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The infection of the sanguineous chain represents an importance threat for the customer and institution with the prolongation of the internment, increase of the risk, the infection, reduction of the availability of stream beds and increase of the hospital costs, generating a bigger cause of morbimortalidade. The objective of this study was To identify the infection risks during the puno of the central access in the intensive therapy. Methodology Is about a systematic revision of literature, with the intention to congregate the existing knowledge on the risk of infection related to the puno of the central venoso catheter. It’s believed that Yale University School of Medicine sees a great future in this idea. The following steps had been followed: election of the available resources (bibliographical databases); election of terms to use in the research had been: central venoso catheter, asepsis, infection, risk. After that a reading of the headings for confirmation of its relevancy was carried through. The research was made in bibliographical databases on line (WEB, BAV, LILACS, SCIELO, BIREME), during the month of March of 2010. Learn more at this site: Gerald Weissmann.

That it resulted in the election of 15 articles that fulfilled the criteria previously definite, being that 15 articles and of 2001 the 2009 that it contributed for the development of the article. Quarrel conclusion the 15 searched articles had pointed given excellent that aim at the prevention of the infection of the central venoso catheter. Being that 1 (6.7%) of articles tells that to the infection this related the gravity of the pathology of the customer, 6 (40%) had presented an alarming focus with the professionals of health due to asepsis of the hands, during the puno and in the exchanges of dressings, 2 (13.4%) indicate the increase of the morbimortalidade of these patients, 5 (34%) had had prolongation of the internment and increased the cost of the assistance it medicates. According to Rev Bras (2008) the Infection of the sanguineous chain associate the insertion and maintenance of central venoso catheter and one of the most serious complications, the prolongation the internment and increase of the cost of the assistance medicates, each year more than 6000 patients develops this intercorrncia in the English Hospitals (15).

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Auto Examination of the Breasts and the Examination of Mamografia in the prevention of the Cancer of Breast Ctia Oliveira Tainara Camila Baptist Dos Santos Talita Portela de Miranda Summary the breast cancer is the main cause of death for neoplasias between Brazilian adults, over all enters oldest. The prevention of the breast cancer can be primary or secondary. The paper of the primary care is to modify or to eliminate factors of risk for this cancer. In the secondary prevention the diagnosis and treatment of the precocious cancers are fit. One is about a research of bibliographical character. that the mamografia is considered the method most efficient for precocious detention of the cancer, having had to be made annually.

the auto-examination of the breasts does not have to change the clinical examination carried through by professional of health qualified for this activity. However, the examination of the breasts for the proper woman helps in the knowledge of the body and must be contemplated in the actions of education for the health. The women must be always intent changes that can I came to always occur in its breasts, searching one I diagnosis precocious through the mamografia, of the clinical examination of the breasts and the auto-examination of the breasts, always looking to aid of a professional of health and an adequate treatment.

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With respect to these wills to mean of that the referenciados authors speak above, Lucimar Bello Frange Pear tree (s/d) clarifies that the significao if of the one for the construction of the direction, and that the direction emerges of a copresena, demands a reciprocity, the adjustment, the contact, the direction if it constructs in a theory of the actions, the states are not fusionais, but relationary. I infect it is the procedure. The presence is the direction (FRANGE, s/d, P. 113). Ana Lucia Boynard (2002, P. 283) also alert who as well as fairy stories, the livened up drawings of the TV must be considered as instruments of enormous importance in the moral formation: First for facilitating the development of the personality and stimulating a healthy canal in the resolution of the daily problems. Later, as form of evaluation and analysis of the contents that they transmit.

After that, for compelling the formation in new ways to understand. Everything this, through the identification with emblematic, that exactly simplistas personages of drawings, its behaviors, characteristics of good and bad, certain missed e, badly and well. This dichotomy, repeated exhaustingly, episode after episode, is not enfadonha for children of band of 04 the 08 years. Before, they are reconfortantes and predominantly pleasant. this if verifies in day-by-day of the children, rank who argue between itself, in the school, on the attended episodes or its preferred personages; they argue with the parents for the search of the necessary knowledge for the purchase of plus a thing any that brings the mark of the preferred hero; the subjects of each series dance, to the alone times, in front of the device; or same situations register being capable to use them in analogy, what it restores a true receptive process that is not depleted at the moment where if they attend the television.

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Summary the AIDS is the advanced clinical manifestation of the infection for the virus of the imunodeficincia human being (HIV) and is characterized for the depletion of the cells with fenotpico marker CD4+, mainly linfcitos T, what it takes to the imunodepresso and the consequent development of opportunist illnesses and other complications, such as complications in the central nervous system. The main objective of this study is to identify from pertinent literature to the subject, the AIDS in the aged one. One was about a study, with bibliographical character, based in pertinent literature to the subject, developed in the bibliographical quantity of the College Saint Emlia de Rodat (FASER), as well as in other sources, such as reviewed and sites indexados of the Internet, based the light of pertinent literature to the subject. Related literature approaches that the Syndrome of the acquired imunodeficincia (AIDS/SIDA) is not more only one illness of the young people. Each time is recognized more than the AIDS does not save the aged segment of the society. The number of confirmed cases of AIDS in patients with age above of 50 years grows in Brazil as in none another etria band.

The survival time is much more short in the aged patients who in the young patients. The possibility of an elderly to be infectada by the HIV seems to be invisible to the proper eyes of the society and the aged ones, since the sexuality in this etria band still is treated as taboo. Moreover, the increase of the life expectancy, the social chances and the disponibilizao of medicines for ertil disfuno, has stimulated the sexual life of the aged one. One concludes that, as well as the young population, the aged population not to be exempt to contract the AIDS, and, therefore, does not have to be exempt of programs directed the promotion of the health and prevention of such pathology. References 1.

IT HISSES, M.C; GOMES. F.S. Profile of the aged ones infectados by the HIV/AIDS: A revision. VITTALLE, Rio Grande, 20 (1): 107-122 2008. 2. VIEIRA, E.B. Manual of Gerontorologia: a manual theoretician-I practise, stops familiar professionals, cuidadores and. 2 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Revinter publishing company, 2004. 3. PASTORE, A.R. Extreme in gynecology and Obstetricses. Rio De Janeiro: Revinter, 2006. 4. SMELTZER, S.C; BARE, G.B. Treated to Surgical Medical Nursing. 10 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, 2005.

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SUMMARY ROLIM, Francisca Marqueza Aquino. Analysis of extreme the ponderal profit in gestantes taken care of in a unit health of the family in the city of Adobe – CE. Work of conclusion of Bacharelado course in Nursing. College Saint Maria, Cajazeiras – PB, 2009. (67 pages) In the last few decades, with the increase of the amount of individuals with obesidade, the number of women who initiate a gestation with overweight even though or obesidade also increased very. Others including E-books, offer their opinions as well. With this the obesidade materna has been associated to the increase of the taxes of complications during the childbirth work.

Quantitative study with qualitative boarding carried through in a unit health of the family in the city of Adobe – CE, whose central objective was to analyze the evolution of the profit of extreme ponderal weight during the gestation. The data had been collected in a structuralized form, gotten directly with the gestante and in the handbook of the same one. The collection was carried through with the same ones to the measure that appeared for the prenatal assistance in this Unit of Health, being collated with the analysis of the handbook of the same ones, thus to conclude this study. The research was developed with 47 gestantes registered in cadastre in the basic attention, the gotten results indicates the inexistence of appropriate methodology for nutricional evaluation of attended gestantes, what it can be contributing for the depreciation of this procedure in the services of prenatal assistance. It was proven ahead of the result, as it is the ponderal evolution of this group of gestantes, therefore comparing the nutricional state daily pay-gestacional and during the pregnancy, it is observed that before only 04% of the gestantes presented low weight increasing this percentile for 11%, a total of 55% of them before engravidar presented adequate weight what it diminishes this total for 40% gestantes, 30% had overweight before engravidar, now only 25% present in an overweight picture whereas only 11% of these were considered obesas and with the gestation this value increased for a 23% total women. .