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Now it is evident that this ideology leads only to bankruptcy and poverty. The Argentine delegation was headed by the Secretary of agriculture, livestock, fishing and food, Carlos Cheppi. Assured that our duty is to fight hunger and poverty and enable many developing countries can carry out an efficient agriculture enabling to sustain its population and asserted in this regard agriculture international trade must be consistent with that purpose, therefore, emphasized, the negotiations of the Doha round should modify the current state of Affairs has led to the gradual reduction of the participation of the developing countries in the production and international agricultural trade. He later said that the outcome of the Doha round must exceed the status-quo, that is a clear disappointment to agricultural production in developing countries, be they importers or exporters of food. Only the hunger problem be resolved when developing countries have incentives to expand its agricultural sector.

Anything they would serve as stimulus policies to the production, research and support for improving the infrastructure if persist multilateral rules that defended the current state of things. Does not serve to hasten the conclusion of the Doha negotiations continued Cheppi only by the fact of completing the round. This would be just a media result, because the problems that today we call would remain unresolved and with a social situation still more serious. We should point out that multilateral decisions effectively open the markets of the countries of greater economic weight, to significantly reduce domestic subsidies and export subsidies, removed assured the Secretary of agriculture. He finally stated that agricultural issues are not in international trade, but a trade fair is essential to progress in all other aspects that make for sustainable agricultural development. Definitely, the first meeting of the G8 on agriculture ended and produced a final declaration that not only supports its own failures in the past, but foresees a future filled with contradictions.

The G8 not may never relieve hunger in the world making decisions behind closed doors, in the absence of the main actors in the global debate on agriculture the millions of peasants and families of farmers, men and women, which feed the world the assertion of the G8 that the peasants must be the main actors sounds particularly empty when meeting this weekend was explicitly planned to limit the access of peasant organizations and reduce their visibility. The G8 held the meeting in a castle isolated in the mountains, and the Italian Minister of Agriculture refused to meet with representatives of civil society organizations Italian and international who wanted to express their opinions. The document end of the Summit, preparatory to the Summit of the G8 leaders that will be held in July on the island of La Magdalena, in Sardinia, ends up underscoring the determination to defeat hunger and ensure access to healthy foods, to present and future generations sufficient and nutritious. References to the countries in development, food security and the fight against hunger are very numerous in the document, congratulated the Italian Minister of agriculture, Luca Zaia, who served as President of the meeting. The members of the G8 and guests agreed that the free market is also positive for agricultural markets, so it stressed its commitment to achieve a conclusion balanced, comprehensive and ambitious Doha round, in which a further liberalization of world trade is negotiated.