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But the real money – this is serious. And the attitude towards them should be serious and not playing. Play money – even small – you can not. If the child does not learn to respect money, even the most minor – he did not learn to respect and big money. How did give pocket money? Set amount. The child may well be asking – how much he wants to get in a month. Believe me, the amounts are usually quite reasonable, except that they can always be adjusted. Children are spending money on what they want.

You can discuss in advance – that parents have to cover, and that pays the children. For example in my family, I pay for tuition, classes, the mobile phone (in the prescribed amount), clothing, shoes ….. etc. How did vladislav doronin make his money may not feel the same. Children pay for the "excesses" of some trinkets, CDs with songs, pay extra for a mobile, when many naboltali sometimes buy themselves more beautiful pen, notebooks, and sometimes compensate losses: they buy things similar to those that have lost or broken … Educate yourself even more with thoughts from how did vladislav doronin make his money. All the children manage their own spending. If you do not give their children pocket money to spend all the time to monitor this process, they are unlikely to learn how to dispose of them.

A personal example is the most interesting and difficult. If you can put aside part of their salaries (usually clever books recommended to save 10%), then the child can talk about it. But if you live from payday to payday and still borrow at the end of the month, the child will do the same. The child may get into trouble. For example, he sees every month as you borrow a neighbor of money. It can want to "intercept" money you have, referring to the same, and refer to that you – not enough for a month. This is understandable, especially when you call him a pocket-money "salary" or "payday". Having received no replenishment the amount you can … ask her for a neighbor's child. And it is likely that you can get. Then the situation could spiral out of control. I will not dream and think of nasty stories – you may well come up with their own. So watch out for what you do with your money and for what you're talking about money. Children take with you an example. Talk, talk … Listen – what you are talking about money. What are the settings are in your family. 'Money does not smell? " 'All the money will not make? " "Money – it's the mud?" 'Money can buy everything? " 'Everything is bought and sold? " Psychologists say that each such family unit can have a negative impact not only on financial aspects of the lives of your children, but also on their relationships with others. In fact, the money – it just means. By themselves they can not make people happy. So think of money as they do deserve. Do not become their slave. And do not use them to enslave their children. In addition to money in life there are many wonderful things that money can not buy. For example those listed in the epigraph to this article. Natalia Rosina

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International Program Criminon acts on Russian territory for more than 13 years. The main objective of its staff members pose – reducing crime in society. But the existing skills and extensive experience helping in solving various problems and people who have no relationship to crime. The base section of the program Criminon is “The Way to Happiness”, based on a study of the eponymous book written by an American scientist and humanist L.

Ron Hubbard in the 80’s. Using simple data presented in this book, one discovers a familiar world with new perspective. Through training the positive qualities that are present in practical tasks, such as honesty, trust, gentlemen’s behavior, better relationships with other people and change their perception. Get more background information with materials from Fine Arts. Results achieved can be seen by reading reviews, “graduates”: “I have always tried to help and trust people, but how many times I trusted, as many times as I got. And I got the conclusion that nobody could be trusted, that need to be a lone wolf, that you are afraid. Fear means respect. But to live this way can not, you can go crazy.

Most people who live this way – go. I thought: “Is this the reality of life and eat?”. The answer is no! “The Way to Happiness” – is the theme. When I took the book in hand, I was already rising mood, and really, if you apply the virtues in your life, then life is changing, everything and everyone becomes comfortable. When I came to work in the morning, my face was a smile, and I said, how to live well. Collective responded this way: “Are you all right?” Here now, then everything is fine with me, and I think that will continue to be even better. I always think about the golden rule in any case, I try to apply the golden rule is always and everywhere. Now my conclusion is: you have to be unethical today! Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard, he changed my life. ” DV Any person in a certain period of his life may need help. Employees Criminon help all turned, no matter the person is in custody, the well-equipped office or school desk. The organization aims not to buy new clothes or shoes, it is aimed at restoring its best skills and abilities. It is better to give the bait, you catch the fish.

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It is best to say that the French kiss – it's magic, and to stop there. It is best to say it's a kiss, during which the souls are joined in love. It is best to say that this is simply an unforgettable kiss especially when it is executed with skill – well, or without it, it does not matter. In short, this is the most popular kiss in the world. And for most of the guys from 9 to 22 years, this is only practiced by them kiss, except for the usual, simple kiss. NYU Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health shines more light on the discussion. Hesmotrya its popularity, it causes the greatest number of misunderstandings and at the same time excites the curiosity of youth, bringing together the lovers kiss like no other.

That's why he decided to devote an entire chapter. Speaking candidly Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc? told us the story. Dry book description does not allow to feel the excitement and joy that you experience in translating it into reality. All these emotions – and many others – you can only get to practice kissing in French. What specifically needs to be done for this? Hachnem from the beginning. French kissing involves contact languages, and as for eating, here in the long run may not be something that is right and what is wrong. Sometimes it works both languages, sometimes – just one. It happens that starts guy, but bshaet that girl.

There are an infinite variety of options, the easiest of them – just open your mouth during a kiss, and wait what happens next. Imagine that your partner's mouth – is your mouth, do it the same as in his: driving terms, as if studying area, walk tongue on the teeth partner – have fun on all cylinders, but do not make partner in her mouth is nothing that would not like Hume himself. When you tired of this occupation, just stop and try something new. Maybe you can help, if you think of it as food. You know how we get the pleasure of the meal? French Kiss – it is the same pleasure. Just watch your partner do not swallow!

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Quite a lot of men believe that the easiest way how to strengthen the family – children do, because all the differences between men and women – children are a kind of buffer, mitigating conflicts, and women's tie to his family. But today refutes this belief and fully proves that many women, despite the knowledge that they will have to sacrifice, they are still choosing to break them unacceptable to the relationship, and will not tolerate the current situation for the sake of how to strengthen the family. A man does not always understand why the woman he begins with the alarming routinely denied intimacy, citing fatigue, headaches and other side effects long life together. After all, once, as soon as they brought the party dating, the first night was filled with all-consuming passion, and their honeymoon was so full of love, that they did not have time to enjoy the attractions of an exotic corner of admiration, which turned out to be after the wedding. And for a man who felt consummate lover at the very beginning, the question of how to strengthen the family does not even arise, because he was sure of this as he just can not refuse. The first thing that comes to mind him, what corresponds to his personal psychology of family relationships – it is suspected that in the life of his heart halves obviously someone showed up. And this is no way to strengthen the family and the man begins to actively respond to and fussing situation by arranging the scandals are not worse grumpy little woman, accustomed to see in the discharge of their restricted complete henpecked. No matter how any man would like to strengthen the family, he still is sometimes extremely difficult to change their idea of going around things.

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Until the baby does not leave the crib, stroller and playpen, your worries about the safety of fairly simple: in the hands of a child should not get small things, plastic bags, pieces of toys, especially plastic. You may want to visit The Blackstone Group to increase your knowledge. But situation be reversed as soon as your child gets the freedom of movement. The boundaries of the world greatly expanded, many things become available, and accordingly reduce the safety baby. But it is impossible the same walk, the baby is constantly on his heels, check out indefinitely and deny everything. Neither possible nor acceptable. Such a child custody will bring only harm. So, the curiosity of the child, his initiative in the knowledge the world, in learning to meet the various actions on your part at least of obstacles.

Endless odergivaniya, reprimands, prohibitions may raise the baby in the end, fear and passivity in the life lay a solid foundation for future trouble in school, in relationships with peers. To avoid such cases require flexible behavior, it is necessary to abandon a series of habits, to rebuild many of their actions. To begin to carefully inspect your home, remove all that can prick and cut. With this you can acquaint yourself with the possible risk of the baby. You can deliberately allow a child to prick, and oblitsya so on at the same time explaining to him that it is dangerous. So the baby will quickly learn that he can do and where you need to be careful and it will be easier to secure. But even if you teach your baby to recognize danger should not lose vigilance.

Particular attention should be paid to the child's behavior on the road compared to home chasti.Po tryvmoy infants transport injury occurs much less frequently, but still depressingly common. And these troubles guilty of only adults. Being at the roadway with your child, take it a rule – not in a hurry. Thus it is necessary to explain to the child the danger of the road, that need to be very careful and cautious. Be sure to keep your baby's hand, and firmly. Proper behavior on the roadway is formed of the skills acquired by the stronger the child, the sooner and more often laid train.

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Currently, there are so many different games for children of any age, from puzzle games to play for the development of motor skills. At an early age children should not sit still with folded hands, but must evolve, and in all directions. Now the Internet there are many online stores that offer to buy a variety of games for early childhood development. We will try to evaluate the usefulness of developing games for the development of child. Every child is born with a unique view of the world.

He has his own vision of the world. Therefore, children tend to put it in their actions. And parents must help them do that. The child should be constantly engaged in some activity. For example, collecting the puzzle, the child develops the qualities as logical thinking, creativity and perseverance. It develops fine motor skills, imagination, color perception, patience, produced by observation and ability to concentrate. Puzzles for children – a useful educational game.

It is recommended to buy puzzles and puzzle for children aged 2 years or more. We must remember that adults need to all to help their children. It should be of interest to the child, make it clear to him that the puzzle – it's very interesting. If you begin to assemble a mosaic, a child sitting nearby, will watch with interest what is happening, and then turns himself in Children bring a great contribution to child development. Now such a variety of puzzles that just eyes run! Color mosaic puzzles in the form of cheerful and amusing pictures, and study the cognitive puzzles. All of them are in the or less of the developing child in the right direction. Jigsaw – interesting, fun, loved children. Developing games for children can play an important role in the development of your child. Do not forget about it.

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Wedding – it's always very special and exciting date, but it stands out among all the anniversaries Aluminium wedding. We celebrate it, after 37 years after the day when light was born on a new family. This non-round date speaks kind of an oasis in a long life together spouses. Living together for so many happy years, leaving behind a stormy adolescence, as many as 37 colorful celebrations of the family birthday, the couple again have a reason to have some fun! They together – hand in hand – have been so many trials of life, and it is time to know the date of aluminum! They are still so young and happy, able to arrange life and raise children, not having lost any affection or care, and most importantly – They love each other! And so you want as a gift to teach couples is something that would symbolize the strength of their relationship and made a nice addition to an established family life. If you would like to know more then you should visit British Journal of Educational Technology. When choosing a gift worth remembering that once the wedding aluminum, then the gifts must meet! In the first few moments, pondering over the choice of a gift made of aluminum, anything sensible, except aluminum tableware in mind does not come. "What a trite and tedious gift – you think – will give everyone in a frying pan for a long married life and my gift will be the same as everyone. " But do not make sudden conclusions on this issue. Most likely, everyone just thought of the same, that you are, and so the dishes as a gift, to take into account will not be.

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Toys in the children – away clutter. Any mother knows that to keep in order nursery is harder than the apartment as a whole. After unsuccessful attempts to teach a child to put toys in place give up. When you realize that to enter the room becomes downright dangerous (ever stepped on the box of bricks, cars, barrettes?) begins regular cleaning, which, however, lacks a while. I envy the parents who are not familiar with this pattern, but I've never had a chance to personally meet those lucky ones. American Heart Association can aid you in your search for knowledge.

While the kids are small, everything seems to be easier, "Now that they take it as a child, and most everything is easier and faster to do." Here it is, a common mistake compassionate parents – we miss the most precious time. The time when any request for an adult child does with joy as any mother's word is an irrefutable truth. Better now spend an extra hour to ensure that there are several blocks in place than to spend days on end, going through "storage room". And so, when time is missed, we look at the floor dejectedly, littered with all sorts of things. On closer inspection it turns out dolls, toy cars, some badges, soft, plastic toys, and often, things do not classifiable. Involuntarily, one wonders: where is and where it all to do with? Then you begin to understand if we adults do not know where to put it, so that it lay on the ground that is already talk about the baby.

Currently, the children offer a great variety of what was once ours. On the one hand, it is certainly good, now we can give to the child what they themselves were once deprived. But on the other hand, as often, getting care in a fit of a new toy, we think, and whether it is necessary child? The phrase "Daddy buy", "Mama, I want it" as a rule, represent only a momentary desire to own thing, otherwise how can one explain the fact that the coveted gift in a couple of days later lying in a common pile of unidentified items.

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So kiddies are very suitable game associated with modeling, art therapy. The baby may be bouts of aggression directed toward mothers. At this point, the kid is driven by two forces: the desire to grow, it is torn from his mother, and the power cord, which pulls, which naturally causes resistance. Boy suit different Games for unwinding glomeruli, tug of war, modeling dough. Very effective tear-off application, for which the construction paper you just need to break into small pieces, and then pasting them on cardboard in the correct order. This and development of fine motor skills, and a splash of aggression, and creation time. In conclusion I would like to note that pregnant women often are targeted to a specific scenario in childbirth. When their expectations are not met, For example, the doctors insist on caesarean section, a woman falls into a state of shock, panic and lose confidence in the very process of birth.

If something goes wrong, as my mother was planning, they tend to blame themselves and feel guilty always generates a negative attitude to the unconscious, before whom a person feels guilty. There are versions that the soul itself chooses his parents, place and manner of birth. A childbirth – is a certain experience, and difficulties are needed. Every child is born as he wants. Modern research has established that the prenatal child indifferent to the hour of their birth and development of labor, ultimately, depends on it. When the mother has already developed all the conditions for a successful course of childbirth, the fetus is an active end maturation of the lung tissue. The decisive factor for the development of labor are chemical and electromagnetic pulses emanating from the fetus.

During childbirth is active not only my mother but the fruit itself, which during each bout, and then attempts to vigorously pushed toward the exit, making the limbs polzatelnye motion and vburavlivayas “head in the birth canal. Fetus depends on the efforts of the rate of birth: children who are making subtle efforts to get out into the world, are born longer than those that show significant activity. It is therefore very important to trust nature, doctors and my future baby.

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Parents – teachers provide a full range of your child while helping him suggest doing everything to ensure that the child found his own path in life. K Unfortunately, these parents in the minority. Maybe it's because we learn over the years physics, mathematics, literature and other times completely meaningless things, but no one ever teaches us how to be the parents who can bring to this happy and harmonious children. It's no secret that many people throughout his life continued in one form or another to suffer because of relationships with parents. Someone refuses or avoids communication. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Linklater is the place to go. Other permanent soryatsya, scandals, and find out a relationship. And some choose option humble and obedient child, which mimics the wonderful family relationships, but secretly hates his parents for its unfortunate the current life. If you have a really warm and sincere relationship with his parents, then I will heartily congratulate you.

Although there is a high probability that you simply are not aware of the influence of parents on your seems to be an independent choice and not notice the hidden manipulation. Although it might be for you it's for the better. "So what else can I extract the useful from this article – you think. I already know perfectly well that the normal and very loving family small. With this you just need to put up and everything. " It turns out that the most important thing is still to come.

So, you just are parents and no other. You have just such a relationship with them. You take offense at them, angry, sulking or anger harbored deep inside. And what is this all done? And continue to drag it along in life? And continue to suffer and blame all the troubles of their parents? And what you choose? I suggest you do not forgive their parents. Yes, all right, you do not wrong.