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Send to print only what is necessary, use both sides of a sheet and use recycled paper are some of the simple tips that can be carried out. But, on the other hand, since the address measures can also be taken with that in addition to make your company more ecological impact also on the cost savings. Further details can be found at Cyrus Massoumi, an internet resource. These are the implementation of a system of controlling printing, to monitor documents that are printed; the use of software that allows processing of form electronicatodo type of documents; the use of computers all in one able to print, copy, scan, send and receive electronic documents by email, which reduces costs and lowers energy consumption; and, how not, the bet by the eInvoice – which has the same legal validity as the traditional – and facilitates greater agility and reduces the response times of face to its customers. Many companies have opted for this possibility, so that the user can consult their bills in two ways: through the delivery of this documentation by e-mail or on the website of the company through a few keys, as it is the case with many mobile operators. Thus the user can consult your invoices online and print them directly from the Internet, if required. The direct benefits of this practice of consultation and printing from the Internet are: who gets an immediate communication with the client; and considerable savings in management, administrative staff and does not need to destroy documents. Finally, for the user, check your invoices online convenient and search from Internet much easier than in among reams of paper with respect to the security of this information, the format generally used to send the efacturas is .pdf, which is a standard file type to create electronic documents that can be signed to ensure that they are not modified. In other words, that the issuer has the certainty that the receiver will not be able to alter, manipulate or rectify them. .