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The Challenges of the Education Honduran in the 21st century Professor of Social Sciences Marlon Kings Hernandez Thanks, Cel Lempira. 96110590 the education has been in the course of this century and all it makes think that it will the future continue it being in one of the most important instruments with those than there are counted the modern societies to fight against the inequalities, to make against the phenomena and processes of segregation and social exclusion, to establish, to extend and to deepen the civic and democratic values, to impel the economic and cultural development and to promote the personal development and the improvement of the quality of life of all members. Nevertheless, there is few doubts that, like he happens to other aspects or scopes of the life and the activity of the considered people not less important and crucial in the modern democratic societies health, house, occupation, social welfare, etc. To read more click here: William McRaven. The way as the educative systems to the set of the population are organized at the moment, and even the same conception of the education that sustains to this organization and these solutions, will have to undergo changes in depth to do against the challenges of the new economic, social, political and cultural scene that has begun to be outlined in the course of the last decades and that stand out already with clarity in the horizon. In fact, none of the elements that conform this scene the changes in the systems of values; the changes in the structure of the labor market; the changes in the familiar organization: socialization deficit produced by the weakening of the institutions of primary and secondary socialization, especially of the familiar nucleus and the school; the progressive introduction of the new technologies of the information and the communication and its repercussions on the ways and the relations of production; the economic globalisation and the globalisation of the markets; the increasing cultural homogenization; etc. .