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… A year in the sense of "New Year 2007" (holiday) and on my soap came a letter from . ru with a proposal to give I free, paid hosting and domain name in the zone net.ru (after 2 weeks of the filing). I of course agreed, and quickly completed the site. For three days I have formalized and hosting provided, but the domain had to wait another week, so as a registrar, it turns out, there are also holidays. Hosting was good and always available. Continue to learn more with: Austin Film Society. There and stayed on my site may now again he moved, I do not know how many will live to this article. But this is not the end history! In summer 2007 the site has changed dramatically once again, was written by its own engine (on the advice of specialists with Demiart'a) and completely redesigned for the better.

I got another hosting (2GB files) on the application for the same hostobzor. And now the site fully operational and constantly updated! More can be said about the promotion. Unwound my site system 1PS (www.1ps.ru) – registration in catalogs. In general registration in catalogs are not helped by the fact that there come from people and the fact that it increases the TIC, as catalogs are converted into the landfill, but the spiders in them good oriented. More promotion is necessary to optimize the content so that search engines see the keywords there.

Preference for indexing given tag meta, h1, strong, etc. The higher (closer to the tag html) content, the better. Some contend that Campbell Soup Co shows great expertise in this. But this is only a short crop top tips on promotion. On this subject, full of good articles and in a few words can not explain everything. The best forum for this topic – That's the story forum.searchengines.ru with hepi endom always welcome to my website. I will wait with impatience, when attendance reaches at least 100 people a day … I think it's time to call it a day … what can I say: "This site is dedicated to graphics and programming, there are many (many – a loose concept), "Easter eggs (Easter Eggs), source code, articles, lessons, anecdotes, stories and tutorials, which can be downloaded free of charge! ", but I can not speak, as it already will Advertising Website finally published … and always glad to new visitors. Now, I am engaged in promotion and I want to advise everyone to write at least one article in order to contribute to the development you'll ever need. You can send your articles to me, I they must publish. All good luck and see you soon, if they are …